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How To Get a Free Car From The Government (Apply Online Here)

Free government car program & grant program - Get a Free Car From The Government - I Understand How Hard It is to Travel Without Owning A Car. Do you Know how to get a free car from a government..But Before I Start I Need to Ask Few Things.Which Will Help you to get a free car today, This post will cover "how to get a free car", how to get free money from the government for a car, i need a car for free, how to get free car from government

Get a Free Car From The Government: Free government car program & grant program and free cars government assistance program is the easiest way to Get your own car. Do you Know how to get a free car from a government, or even are you aware of the government car assistance program, or Do you Know How to apply for government car assistance. Car is The Real dream for not all but many and I am also one of them, Sometimes life doesn’t allow to get what you all want to have, In this world, Almost all People Travel With Family, Without Family, With Girlfriend, With Friends, With Relatives I Understand How Hard It is to Travel Without Owning A Car. Do you Know how to get a free car from a government? Public Transits Don’t work all the time, Some time they are over Crowded too.Sometimes you have to visit such places which don’t have public transport.I Will Tell You everything about how You can get a free car But Before I Start I Need to Ask Few Things.Which Will Help you to get a free car today

get a free car today
Government Free car program , free used car

Do you That You Can Have A Car Even Though You can’t afford to Buy It…..?

Do you Want to Own A Car without Paying Anything for that….?

Do you want to travel with Happiness only without headache…..?

I Know Your Answer… If you Want To know How to Get a Free Car Read this post till End.

Apply for government car assistance
how to get a free car from the government, apply for government car assistance

I Still Remember How it was terrible for me to Walk Here and there without car with Parents and 3 sisters, That time I Used to think that Yes, I need a free car now, But still Couldn’t buy this so next question came in my mind can I get a free car Even I don’t have money, I Used to search on the internet all the time that are their ways to get a free car, If Yes how to get free car  Finally One Day I Found My Answer and that was miracle for me, Actually I Was Not Focusing on free cars near me, But things Were Not Ended Here I Knew free cars Can be Found But Still It Was a Question for me how to get a free car from charity, Or how do I get a free car, I Knew I was Very Close to my need but still I was stuck on how can I get a free car. But Moreover I was happy that I Was standing somewhere.

If you need Low-Income Car Help signup Below.

I started searching again more I spoke to many people about how do I get a free car, I was Fortunate Enough that one of my uncles work in USA Public Transportation department and he Told me about government help to get a car.

I was also shocked like you are now and I asked the same question as that is in your mind now And that was REALLY…..?

I need a free car now And Rather Suggesting ways to get a free car Your Making fun of mine.

He smiled and asked me “

Do you Know About free government cars…….?

Have You Heard about government car assistance……?

Are you Aware About car government program………?

Apply charity program from government
how to get a free car from charity, Government Free car program

My answer was the same as your’s now NO !!!

He Explained Me About government programs to get a car, He also Explained to me how to get a free car from the government Not only Free Cars , He explained to Me how to get a free vehicle.

I Know You are curious to know now as I was that time. I request you to read this post till end so you won’t make any mistake. I will Explain everything here what I did to get my first free car from government. Before that, I want to ask you

DO you Know Government helps those households, Students, Single Moms to receive a used or new vehicle…?

Do You Know How Non Governmental organizations &  Non-Profit Organizations ready to assist those People ?

Do You Know How To Get a Free Car From Government…..?

NO !!  Don’t Worry I Will Help You to Own a car and that is from government program to buy a car

Need Car Help For Low Income
get a free car now, how to get a donated car for Student

The Government Car program is to help those who really need to receive a free car. free government cars will be your own cars and the government will not interrupt in any case later. government car assistance For Needy is really helpful. I will also guide you through how to get free money from the government for a car.

The government has some standards for providing a vehicle that is free. You may get cars that are free from Authorities if you’re under those standards. The Part is that they do not check credit score even if you’ve got charge money’s score nevertheless, your petition is accepted by them.

Eligibility Criteria For Free Cars From Government Free Car Program

  1. If you belong to low income group
  2. If you belongs to Veterans / Military Families
  3. If you or your family is Victims of natural disasters
  4. If you or your family is Victims of domestic violence
  5. If you or your family is The medically needy
  6. That also include Families transitioning from public assistance to work
  7. If you or your family is The working poor
  8. Or If you are a Student
Cars for Single Mom
Free Cars For Single Mom

Free Cars for Single Mom: Being a single mom is not easy at all. I have seen my mother, where my father used to help him all the time, whether it was household works or any other financial issue. My sisters were always there to help my mother, even all family used to support her at the end of the day she used to felt tired or I say was not able to do anything. Single Moms can use for Transportation that is free from Government free car Program.  Government Provided Cars for Single Mothers who need and have low incomes a Car that is free and to take care of her baby. To manage her daily office and home life, even it allows single mom to visit kinder gardens by using these government free cars if their kids are a small baby.

Government free cars for Veterans
Car donations for disabled Veterans

Government free cars for Veterans: Veterans are the backbone of USA. I know how they spend their whole by compromising with their own personal life. The Cars for Veterans Program already running to Provide Descent life for veterans.  The Government takes action as soon as possible if the issue is related to Veterans in USA

Students govt car program
how to get a donated car for Student

Students govt car program: Students are totally depending on Families, as they cant do more too, I know my college days when I used to bring money from my family, Students like me who belong to low-income families or poor family, NPO Provides a vehicle and can help them. Already many organizations running Free Cars for Student Program. They are helped by this Organization with transport and Study fees. Pupils apply for These Free Cars Programmes.

Disabled Peoples government assistance for cars
Disabled Peoples government cars assistance

Disabled People’s government assistance for cars: Free Cars for Disabled People Program Is a part of government assistance for handicapped, Charity Program can be applied to by People they’ll find the vehicle that is instant. Those Peoples Who are disabled or handicapped they will get the automobile to their Pain for the Transportation & hill. You Will Need to Provide Disability Certificate with the Records.

Free cars for senior citizens
Government Free Cars for senior Citizens


Government Free Cars for Senior Citizens – Government is always consider and concern about senior citizens. Government has a separate Grants category for senior citizens i which government is offering free cars to people over 50 or those who are super senior citizens.USA.Gov has all the grants and funds details which government is offering to senior citizens.

Free car help for Cancer patient – Cancer is a worst disease. it takes Free cars for cancer patienteverything from a human, his health, his wealth, his life. to visit doctors and hospitals it is very hard for a cancer patience Without a car. The government grants for a cancer patient or Government Free cars grants for breast cancer patient helping cancer people in getting free cars as well as some charities are working which accept car donations and sell your donated cars to help cancer suffered peoples.

Free Car Help For Breast Cancer Patient

There’s absolutely no ideal time to provide a present or donation for cancer.To give your car you simply need to complete the online form or may directly call to concern charity or organization and schedule a date to pick up the car and send your tax deductible receipt.

Donated Cars for Cancer Patients
Donated Cars for Breast
Cancer Patients

Your car donation will help the Most of those charities and associations continue its mission of encouraging families and saving lives and it’ll be helping lots of the Ladies with the breast cancer and households of those with the cancer patients.

Your contributions will be tax deductible, finance research, treatment and life threatening maintenance and would mean a lot to somebody fighting cancer.The Breast Cancer and Cancer Charities offers countless opportunities for individuals to get the treatment they really deserve. Doing screening tests raises the odds of finding cancer when it’s more likely to be curable.

Now I am coming to the best part of this post and I request you again to read this post carefully to avoid any Mistake. Now I will guide through How to Apply & Submit Document for Free car From Government & Get a free car today

How to apply For Free Car From Government

I Know Now you are curious to know the last phase to own your free car from government. Before I explain The Process of government free car program , I Want to explain you how to get free money from the government for a car , Government doesn’t provide cash, government help buying a car by giving  cheque or credit money directly in your account, government help to get a car But follow a proper process too and to get your free car you have to submit document to government. Once they accept it they will transfer fund from  $10000-50000$.

Submit Document For Free Car From Government

And one thing I would like to let you know and I know you will be happy to know that to get a free car government you don’t need to do so much paper work, also you don’t need to wait for so long it will take only 15-20 days to complete the process and respond them on your application for free car.

How to apply For Free Car From Government
free cars given away

One Important thing which you have to make sure while applying for free car from government, clearly mention In your document Why you need a free car. Later in this post I will also explain you to your question “where can i get a free car”

If any point of time if you find any difficulty in applying for free cars, comment below we will help you. Now the next question should come in your what if your application for government free car gets rejected ,

Dishearten now, Now I know what is running in your mind …..

Still can i get a free car?

Application Rejected for government programs to buy a car….Now what?

how to get a free new car Now…..?

Any more ways to get a free car Now……?

Is there any other government program for old cars?

Is There any other government program to buy old cars if government programs to buy a car Rejected ……..?

I will Say don’t dishearten now There are still one more way to get a free car even though your application To free car from the government Program rejected.This will help getting free Cars

There are many non Profit organizations and non-government organizations which run these kinds of free car programs, and Help getting a free car. Which provides For Various Categories of people.

How to Get Free Used Cars From Charity Programs

How to Get Free Used Cars From Charity
How to Get Free Used Cars From Charity

Applicants who are willing to donate a car for free should also note that there are some charitable organizations and non-profit organizations which offer free transport facilities and automobiles to those that are sick or in urgent need. The charities which need car donation and hold such programs you can find out about them from the web and fill the application form.

There are many such independent charities on car donation which offer the car to the needy and the poor people like students, single mothers or for business etc. You can find out about them through your local church. Prior to making any contribution please ensures that they are not charging you any money for the process. This can lead to a false charity group also. So, better stick with the well known names only.

Your grants for car donation or the free used car can only be approved after the organization has gone through your application. There are some well known organizations to which the federal government offers funding. As per the States/Countries, you will have to get to the administration department for the application for your grants for car donation. All the welfare organizations work for betterment of the society and they are ever ready to help anybody and also support anyone who wishes to contribute. Below mentioned is the list of such organizations but please note that these charities offer the car and repairs for various reasons like transport,, emergency, work etc.

This Section is Useful for Below Category of People.

  • free cars for low income families
  • free car programs for the needy
  • free cars for disabled persons
  • free used cars for the needy
  • free cars for poor people or poor families
  • free vehicles for the needy
  • free car for family in need
Who is eligible for free car program
Charities offer Free Cars , I am In Need Of a Free Car

Charity that offer free cars

Charity that offer free cars
free cars from charities

There are Organizations which are offering free cars through their charities we are listing these organization below you can directly apply for this charities for free cars.



  1. Cars4Christmas (Visit Site) – Cars 4 Christmas, also referred to as C4C, is a nationwide non-profit organization that operates primarily in the Midwest areas of Kansas City, Wichita, Omaha, St. Louis and Springfield. Cars 4 Christmas has been beginning to provide free basic transportation to less fortunate families and individuals who are not able to obtain it in any other way. Cars 4 Christmas is a not for profit that offers free of charge transportation to folks that are disadvantaged.
  2. Cars4Heroes (Visit Site) – Cars4Heroes Offering automobile gifts for veterans, anybody who’s applying for cars4hero car donation VETERAN, ACTIVE MILITARY OR THEIR FAMILY.
  3. Good News Garage (Visit Site) – Car donation is accepted by them Vermont Southern Nations on a Base, from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, The Good News Garage is a program With was founded in 1996, of Lutheran Social Services. Good News Garage has given to families desiring far over 5,000 cars. Any wishing to give a free car Can call toll-free 877. GIVE Call (877.448.3288)
  4. Donate A Car Today (Visit Site ) – They’re listed if qualified you Will Get a vehicle that was donated and in Several states Donate A Car Today is a excellent website to when seeking to obtain a vehicle to apply. Donate your automobile to charity with our industry-leading car donation processing solutions available in most locations near you. Choose your cause. It is fast, free and tax deductable
  5. 1800-Charity Cars (Visit Site) – 1-800-Charity Automobiles is a nationwide program that provides Automobiles to low-income families.This non-profit organisation accepts donated vehicles and Provides them to the less fortunate, This organisation provides them and accepts vehicles. Go to the criteria page on their site.We will Discuss This In Detail below
  6. Online Car Donations Auto CharityVisit Site) -Those people that are homeless and those that are self-supporting,This charity business accepts donated vehicles in exchange for tax deductions to encourage battered women and those that are challenged physically, The Motive of internet car Donation Automobile Charity is Car Donation Charity Program — Donate car online. Charity vehicle Donations — Fair market IRS tax Deduction.
  7. Vehicles for Change (Visit Site) – Vehicles for Change serves families the District of Columbia, in Maryland, Virgina, and Michigan by supplying cars at low prices. Vehicles accepts donated vehicles to aid the tax deduction is received by the donors. The cars go but are currently struggling with transportation. To qualify to purchase a car have funds available to cover the taxes, title, and tags and you want to be employed at least 30 hours.
  8. WithCauses.Org ( Visit Site ) With Causes Charitable network recognizes the needs of others, both great and small.It might be a single parent who had at one time needed support and found it, wanting now to give back.WithCauses.Org helps low income families by allowing them to apply through their online application form.
  9. Modest Needs (Visit Site) Modest need supply short-term financial help to individuals and households in temporary crisis,Modest Needs is a excellent site Working with the motive to give help to families and individuals in need,since they’re working and reside just above the poverty level, are ineligible for many kinds of conventional social support,in addition to Modest need Helps people who return to Their communities and nation such as public school educators, first responders, veterans returning from service abroad and active duty military members.The thought of the website allows people to post their hardship prior to asking for a modest quantity of funds in return.
  10. United Way Worldwide (Visit Site) United Way Worldwide For over 125 years, United Way has evolved to fulfill the requirements of this times.United Way is participated in almost 1,800 communities across over 40 countries and territories worldwide. United Way improves lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities across the world to advance the frequent good.we create for communities across the world go beyond short-term charity for a few.
  11. Free Charity Cars – Free Chairty car has merged with 1800 – charity car

1800 Charity Cars Donation Program

1800 Charity Cars Donation Program
1800 Charity Cars Donation Program

“Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back”…

The only way through which I can find free cars near me is through this program. I would also like to remind you that it is written in the Bible, The spirit in which we give is the Spirit in which we will receive’. We can only find inner peace after we give generously. So, through this program I encourage you this Christmas to follow the word of God and kindly donate your old car to the needy that needs it. Be it a college student, poor person or any individual in need of the vehicle. The good deed which you have done of donating a car shall be taken into consideration by the government and in return you shall get a grant for your new free car.

‘God will take care of all our needs’! , so you do not have to worry about it that if you donate your old car what will you get in return. But you do not have to worry as your deed of donating is a charitable and a good one and it will recognized by the government or organization, which will reward you for donating your old car. There are many kinds of different reward along with the grant for a new free car. And after your valuable support which you have made in the society, you will feel to be a proud donor. So, now you have that one chance to bring about a huge difference and change in the society i.e. by donating your old car for free. Don’t miss this opportunity and take part in the 1800 Charity cars donation Auto Program this Christmas and make it even more joyful.

Take part in the 1800 Charity cars donation Auto Program event and with your priceless service you can also represent your country in Olympic Games also. You do not have to bother about money, every time you do not require money for taking part in events. All that you can do is a bit of researching and finding out solutions to the problems, become the apple of every one’s eye (i.e. get noticed by everyone) and this will largely help you in getting your car for free. You have to work hard for it. And make yourselves known especially in the areas where you are not known. And this will help your name in getting acknowledged by many people all around and this will in turn help you to get your new car for free.

Get Free Cars From Donations And Charities

Applicants who are willing to donate a car for free should also note that there are some charitable organizations and non-profit organizations which offer free transport facilities and automobiles to those that are sick or in urgent need. The charities which need car donation and hold such programs you can find out about them from the web and fill the application form.Here is the best organizations to donate your Car.

There are many such independent charities on car donation which offer the car to the needy and the poor people like students, single mothers or for business etc. You can find out about them through your local church. Prior to making any contribution please ensures that they are not charging you any money for the process. This can lead to a false charity group also. So, better stick with the well known names only.

Free Cars Given Away

Your grants for car donation or the free used car can only be approved after the organization has gone through your application. There are some well known organizations to which the federal government offers funding. As per the States/Countries, you will have to get to the administration department for the application for your grants for car donation. All the welfare organizations work for betterment of the society and they are ever ready to help anybody and also support anyone who wishes to contribute. Below mentioned is the list of such organizations but please note that these charities offer the car and repairs for various reasons like transport,, emergency, work etc.

Donating cars a fantastic deal for the Donator or Organizations and you. Free Vehicle that is donated will be Reused and the donor eliminates from the IRS. That is the perfect approach. You may try to get used and New Car Dealership if you can not get a car. Non-Governmental Organization and the Non-Profit Organization will Offer the cars or New cars that are free for families.People Donated their cars to find a tax deduction.ways to get free money from the government Didn’t work for me but I need a car, how can I get a free car now.?

There are Other Alternative ways to to get a free cars Now I Will Explain you that part

How to Get A Car From 1800 Charity Cars Donation

Your one act of kindness will have many effects like if you research well on how to get a free car from the government, you will also know that there are many kinds of tax benefits and tax exemptions which the government offers to the donors.  Plus, the charity organizations also take a note of your act of kindness and they also send many kinds of gifts to the donors as a reward for their generous act of giving. There are some top former donors also who also send gifts to the other fresher donors in order to encourage them and help them to continue their act of kindness. Besides, that there are many well off people also who have seen your contribution and your devotion towards the welfare activities of the society, even they reward such donors.

Please do not be bothered about money. To do charitable work you do not need money, rather you need a heart which is generous all the time. Besides, donating your old car, or if you have any other things to donate like the old books, old clothes, furniture of your home which is no more in use, utensils or crockeries etc. you can now easily donate these items also. This act of kindness of giving shall also be noted down by the organization. Whatever service you can, you can offer it and also you can actively participate in the charity programs. All that which is needed by you is a true charity. It should come from the bottom of your heart, and then only you will be able to find true inner peace and a sense of freedom.

You can also check the official website of the government to check about the give away programs which the government offers on certain National Holidays. Under the government car assistance, you can now get a free car if are a citizen who has represented the nation and achieved things like a world record/world champion/Olympics champion etc. If you are a accomplished citizen or proficient person in these fields, then there are chances that the government may reward you with home, air conditioner, cash, scholarship, and free car. Talented citizens like then athletes, actors, artists, dancers, musicians, and others are also honored by the government. If you come under this category then there are chances that you will also get honored. If you are talented in specified fields you may get rewards for sure.

The only thing which can help in one establishing one’s self esteem is these kinds of awards to the talented people. After which the talented individuals tend to feel happy and they also encourage other fellow mates in contributing towards the society. Apart from rewards, there are also other benefits which they can take from the government. For example, substance rewards like car, and financial rewards like bulk amount of money. And in order to get this you do not have to do anything, you just have to be a good citizen and do whatever contribution you can towards the welfare of the society.

Get a donated car from goodwill

donated car from goodwill
How to get donated car from goodwill Car Donation

goodwill auto auction are among who are looking for How to get a free car from goodwill car donation.Are you interested in purchasing a donated car or other items that have been donated to Goodwill.That old car you’ve got sitting in the driveway or taking space in the garage doesn’t have to be such an eyesore — if you no longer need it, give it to Goodwill Car Donations!, Good will Car Donation accept most cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, boats, RVs, campers, motorcycles.Usually, when people donate their cars to Goodwill, the cars are taken to Capital Auto Auction, which is located in Northeast Washington D.C. But if you don’t live close to the auction, you can still purchase a car that was donated to Goodwill.

How to get a donated car from goodwill car auction

As the ideal car donation charity, Goodwill Car Donations specializes in making the process as quickly and easy as possible. If you’re thinking about purchasing antiques, artwork and other collectables which were given to Goodwill, shop is a superb place to start. From picking your vehicle up to sending you a tax receipt in the mail, our team handles every detail so that choosing to give a car to charity is now a simple, seamless process that’s simpler than ever. Towing of your vehicle is free for you and the IRS allows you to maintain a car donation tax deduction. Donating to Goodwill is the simplest way there is to do something great on your community.when you donate your old car, you essentially let us provide critical job training, life skills, and employment prospects to hundreds of thousands of destitute individuals. To Get a car from goodwill automobile auction you Want to visit Capital Auto Auction’s Website and sign up for the Goodwill online auction.

Here are few of the goodwill representative offices where you can visit Direlctly.

goodwill lexington ky, goodwill traverse city, oodwill bangor, goodwill greenville nc, goodwill augusta maine, goodwill florence ky, goodwill cars, goodwill albany oregon, goodwill jacksonville nc, goodwill union city tn, goodwill charlotte mi, goodwill marion il, goodwill delaware ohio ,goodwill marion ohio, goodwill lexington nc, goodwill albany ny

Welfare car voucher

Transportation is often identified as a substantial barrier to finding and maintaining employment for low-income Families. A grant is a sum of money given for the purpose of performing functions or offering support to a agency. Studies on families leaving welfare for work find that many don’t own cars and don’t have adequate transportation to and from work, child care, and other activities.Grants may also be given to individuals through public and private agencies and most often include grants for education, medical help or home assistance.Although employment may be plentiful in certain regions, a growing number of jobs are located in suburban areas which are inaccessible to employees who reside in cities or in rural communities. Public transport — especially in rural areas — can be non-existent or inadequate.You can also find grants to help finance the purchase of a car. Public transport can also be problematic when a parent’s occupation and child care provider can be found at some distance from one another.

welfare car voucher
programs to help get a car , welfare car voucher

There are thousands of grants available through the United States authorities at the national and state level. Car ownership can be a solution to a number of these transportation challenges. The huge majority of available grants aren’t specifically earmarked for a car purchase, but if you are eligible for a grant to assist with living costs, business start-up expenses or education tuition, you might also have the ability to use some of that grant money to finance a car purchase. Research has revealed that a parent with a car is more likely to be used and to work more hours than a parent without a vehicle. A trusted automobile can provide parents with access to a larger array of employment opportunities.In many cases, you must seek the help of an organization set up to assist families in need. Also, using a car can mitigate some of the scheduling complications that arise in child care arrangements.If you will need a car to get to work, by way of example, contact your neighborhood vocational center to learn what assistance it could be able to o

ffer.States and counties can use a range of funding sources to give low-income families with transport supports.

Getting a donated car from a Dealership

Dealerships With Car Donation Programs
Dealerships With Car Donation Programs

If you’re facing financial difficulties, write a letter and explain your situation. If you will need a car aand do not have the cash cover it, this is worth a go. You may get lucky. . From time to time, you do hear stories of dealerships donating an old version won’t know if you do not ask, although car dealerships do not donate automobiles ! But still there is some hope alive to have a free donated car from a dealership

Other alternative Program of Free car From Government

If you missed a free car from government , Don’t know how to get a free car from charity, Don’t know how to get donated car. No worry hold tight here is the final solution and I hope this is gonna work for you. Read This carefully

Get a Free By  Request Letters & Email :This is the best way to get a free car, without much effort , I will guide you now what you can do to get a free car using email method. The first thing which you need to is to prepare a list of wealthy people around you, Wealthy I mean to say who are financially strong. Those can afford or have old cars to donate. The next step to write a emotional appealing story to them by telling that why you need to get a free car, Why you want a car. And don’t forget to add emotions. If they are not melt with your story your chance to get a free car will be difficult then, Also Mention in your mail that how this free car worth for you, and how this donated or free car will change your life. Once you get good response you can ask them clearly that “ Where can I get a free car” that will help you to receive a free car easily. This Is How you can get a free car now

Get Free Used Cars From Charity Programs
Ways to Get a Free Car from the Government

How to Get a Free car from the Auctions: How can I get a donated car, if this your question read it. All Old Cars will Not be sold. The Auction Car garage has automobiles that are interesting to get it. There are hundreds and hundreds of cars auction arranged every weekend.You may chat about these cars with the Auction Manager. Ask them you want a car that is free. They will provide you that car for free.

People commented and send us Email and send the Queries So we will cover these Questions, after Posting this article. Our Free Cars for Charity team. We try our best to receive a car for Folks. We make the World a better place.

Get a free car

If you are needy and need a free car there are only two ways to get a free car, which are legit, the federal government and state governments run such kind of free grants programs, which are helping people in getting Free cars.

  1. Free cars from federal and state government Free cars Program
  2.  Free cars from charities and car donation Programs.

Free Car Given Away –  Crowdfunding

On crowdfunding platforms, you can set up a page that individuals can donate to.You could consider setting up a donation page on a Crowdfunding platform.So even though donations are only modest, if you receive a good deal of them, then it truly adds up.Crowdfunding permits you to raise little sums of money from a high number of people.

A few crowdfunding platforms to try are:

  • GoFundMe – GoFundMe (Site) is an American for-profit crowdfunding platform Which Enables people to raise money for occasions events such as To challenging circumstances, graduations and Parties such as Be the first not to be concerned about bills. For Speedy collection, a procedure, dealing that is transparent. Raised. No payback liabilities. Dedicated managers. Zero Setup Fees.
  • Kickstarter – (Site) Kickstarter is an American public-benefit Firm based in New York, brooklyn, that maintains a crowdfunding platform focused on creativity and merchandising. The stated mission of the company is to “help bring creative projects to life”
  • Fundly – (Site) Fundly is a site for fundraising. It allows Non-profits, charities, politics, clubs, schools, teams, churches Money to be raised by Other reasons online from friends, coworkers, family, donors, and other supporters via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and media networks that are social

Does government need help buying a car

Government is always concern about the social welfare, government always wants the equality in society. Federal government Free cars grants help to those who are seeking for how to get a free cars from government. Either the recipient is getting free cars, or government has some programs too in which recipient has to pay some money to lease a car

How can I get a free government grant?

Federal government’s charity program the best program to get a free government grant, we recommend you to participate in it. You just need to submit the form for Free government Car Program & Grant Program. Government centralizes information from more than 1,000 government grant & Free Cars programs to help states and organizations find and apply for grants. You can Find link Button Up for Fill form. This will answer your question How can i get a free government grant?

Where can i get a free car – Ways to get a free car

Government has Various Online Portal and offices where an individual or families can go and ask for information about  free cars from government grants. is the official government site which is sharing quality information about all the free grants and donations about the federal and state government grants.

The Introduction to govt car program Was basically to those people who really need car to avoid any issue in Transportation. government is offering free cars to single mothers, disabled, Low income disabled people, low income families, people in need, veterans and disabled veterans.  If you fall under any of the category you can go and apply for free car from government grant.

Government programs to buy a car is offering some credit using bank account. the government usually donate , used cars , in case no donated cars for long time government also have Government programs to buy a car to needy people.

How to get a free car from charity

Those who are not lucky enough to own a car from government , for them there are various charities which are offering help. Charities are nonprofit organizations which also get funds under Government grants for nonprofits. Charities like Goodwillcars,Ways for Work.Working Cars for Working people.grants to fix a car.already we have shared above the list of charities offers free cars.

Who can Apply for Free Car from Government Program?

This is the top asked question in out list, many people who mailed us asked the same question that Who can Apply for Free Car from Government Program? Here is the answer for this,

Any person with a valid driving license from usa transportation authority is eligible to apply for free, this is especially for single mother, low income group, veterans, Victims of domestic violence, Needy Person who want a free car, they can apply for free car Program.

Where Can I Apply For A Free Car?

There are many organizations which offer a variety of assistance solutions. Application for a free car are found with non-profit and charities organizations. There where will get a vehicle that has to be used for the purpose of employment, groups which run charity applications that are different. Some organizations will have the ability to provide a low interest auto loan at which the car can be bought by the customer while others will give access to a credit counselor free counseling, or other services.

How to get a Delivery of Free Car from Government?

The government allocates any officer of your region once your vehicle Application will be chosen. They will take you to the car Dealer & there, after it based on the rules. Even you can get a Free Truck from Government Too.

What is government free cars grant scam?

The government doesnt ask for money, government grants are free  and has no hidden cost, some times government may ask some processing charges but that they clearly mention in the application forms. the major source of government grants is tax payers income.  So if some one ask for money or any third Party you want to choose  for free cars grants ,it is always suggest to check them GuideStar, Charity Watch and Charity Navigator.That can prevent you to be a viticm of government grants scam

How Should I get Free Truck from Government?

There are various organization, charity, non government organization who are working towards social welfare passively, you can request for  free Truck from government under small business helping programs or you can connect with charities which are running government free truck programs. The government always works for society welfare with its free grants. government also take all the possible action to help small business units and entrepreneur, by offering free trucks to make their transportation easy. the free cars from government program also is to help people who really need this.

How to get a free car from the government

In this post we have shared all possible ways which can help you to get a free cars from government. government free cars grants &, assistance is always to help people in society. free government cars programs is one of those grants which has helped many of the needy people from society. to help you we have explained above how to get a free car from government, if you read it carefully you can own your free car from government. You can also learn here How to get a car donated from a dealership

What to Do If I Can’t Get A Free Cars From The Government?

The reasons as to why people donate their car are to get the various benefits of the government like the tax deductions and exemptions. So, there are many charitable organizations to which you can donate the car. But a person in need getting this car depends on after his qualification for it. Most of the time people do not require paying for to get the free car especially when the vehicle is used for employment purposes.

So, do not worry about getting a free car. Governments, NGO’s and NPO’s i.e. non- profit organizations offer free used/new cars to the people in need. You can reuse the vehicle and the donor will get income tax benefits. So, this is one of the best methods for both donor and the applicant. What the government organizations do is that they offer the vehicles for schools, transport and support for education in the rural areas. Plus, there are also orphanages where the vehicle is donated in order to help the lives of the children.

There are giveaway programs of governments also for which all you have to do is fill the application form and submit it to the organization and wait for the approval. It is unlimited and not restricted till the firms and businesses. The similar situation arises in the charity where you can contact the organization & tell them about your current status and ask for a free car. It should not be an issue whether the car is a used one or a new one. Whats important is that you are getting a car and that too in times of most urgent need.

Can you really get a car for free?

Its not so hard to get a free car from government if know the right way and have knowledge of how to get a free car from government, government has different criteria and eligibility for different free grants as per their importance and you have to understand that these all eligibility criteria to get a free car from government, are to help the real needy people who really need a car. many of the fake persons also apply claim free cars, and resell them to earn money or misuse them in this case the real people who really need free cars from government,  run out of free cars grants.

If you have proper documents with you , its not impossible for you to get free cars from government, government has very strict documents check procedure to verify the real one who need a car, they cross check everything before offering you a car, that is why they have a separate department which is taking care of all these parts. they verify your identity, your documents and then they decide who is really eligible to get a free car from government.

How To Get A Free Used Car?

To apply for free cars from government you have a procedure to follow, which start with application, and end with a free cars. not everyone is eligible and not every one who apply get free car from government.But what you need to do is Fill the application form of how to get a free car from the government carefully, read all the instruction carefully before you fill form and submit  all the documents (which we have mention above), so that the government accept your grants for low income families to buy a car.

We wish you all the best for your first free cars from government,We Hope, after you claim your free car, and hopefully you will get it. The car will help you in multiple ways, you can use it for personal use or for monetary purpose too like cabs, can contact offices, schools to drop people and kids with your free car which you have got recently can build a strong financial way too.

Conclusion : Here we have shared all the best possible ways to get free government cars through Federal government Grants,Free cars from federal government database and free cars from donations and charities , we have shared all the best possible resources you can use to won a free car from government.As we have got warm response for this post, everyday 100+ people are commenting personally or mailing me to know more about their queries about free cars.We have already discussed here I would again make a list of queries which I have covered so far so if you are new you can easily understand what I have talked about above in this post.

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  1. Wow! This can be one particular of the most useful
    blogs We have ever arrive across on this subject. Basically
    Excellent. I’m also a specialist in this topic so I can understand your effort.

    1. Please help me to get a bigger size like 2;06 Chevy Tahoe please I’m asking not telling you what to do closed mouths don’t get feed please I have aback injury ain’t worked for 6 year’s please help I love you God bless.

    2. I earn minimum wage but am in desperate need of a car to get to and from work. I take the bus everyday and it takes me 2 hours to get to work and get home late at night. With a car it would take me 17 min. It’s also really hard grocery shopping without a car.

      1. I totally understand Melissa. Having to catch 4 buses to and from work is hard not to mention the 3)4 me let walk to the bus in the dark but. No complaint. Thank God it’s no worse

    3. My name is John Belt I’m disabled since 1997 I am on a disability and that isn’t much and after I pay my rent and utilities I have next to nothing left I am 54 and can’t get a loan for a car or truck can’t even afford a down payment at a buy hear pay hear car lot my income is less than 11 thousand a year and trying to raise my grandson I have custody of I hate asking for help but I have no choice and I will be more than happy to try to work it off my old explorer broke down a little over a year ago and I been having to walk everywhere to buy food and pay bills as well as to doctors appointment’s I’ll be happy with anything that runs and drives

    4. Please help me with a car credit for I am financially under the poverty line by 100-400%. I have been financially unable to support myself since 2011 and rely on friends for help and support. I am a felon and I have no family to help nor support me so this is exactly what i need to get my life on track. Please help me Asap! Thank you

  2. Please help me am a student and I need a car to help me go to university . I trust you please help me am in Uganda, Kampala.

  3. Penulisan artikel ini berbeda dengan yang lainnya.

    Sehingga mudah untuk dipahami berbagai orang.

    Terima kasih atas informasinya ya.

  4. I enjoyed going to your webiste. I leave comments rarely, but
    you definately up deserve a thumbs!

    1. My name is Barbara I’m a 57 year old Army Vet. I have a lot of medical issues, so I have alot of Drs appt, which I rely on my friends to take me, when they work it’s hard. I would take the bus but can’t lift knees high enough to get into the bus. So please help me get a donated car.

  5. My name is Brandon Gaiter. My Car is a 97-2005 Chevy Malibu. It is an older car. The axel is broken on the car. I don’t know how to explain the problem to the mechanic. It may be a problem that cannot get fixed. I thought the wheel may fall off on the Highway.
    I’ve always wanted a new car. Any car that’s a 2008 or better. Between a 2008-2019. I feel that the new cars are very convenient.. And the steering is a lot better with new cars. I am unable to afford a new car. I want to use it to get back and forth to work. My Parents are unable to afford a new car. It hurts my feelings not to have a new car. I see people driving new cars all the time and, I have never had a chance to get a new car. I am terrible with financing.

    1. You have to be really young or the most ungrateful, spoiled, selfish person to walk this planet. It hurts your feelings not having a new car!!! Try not having one at all and walking to and from 2 jobs and NEVER COMPLAIN ABOUT IT. I feel sorry for the person that gets stuck married to you!!

    2. Im a 60 yrs women in Disability it hard for me to get to the store or Doctors appointment, i understand people get busy i stay with my parents my Mom has diabetes and she is in dialysis and my dad Eagles out of the way to take her to the store sometimes but there’s times that he’s not able so I heard about this program and I wanted to know if it was true can you call me at 214-282-5483 or how else can I get help I live in Grand Prairie and there’s nobody to see here I’ve even had to miss appointments cuz there’s no one that can take me and it’s hard I have a broken ankle and I’m a diabetic myself and I haven’t been able to make it to my appointments so if this really I need you please help me I hope to God can you hear me in here Young please I need help at least transportation thanking God bless you

    3. I need a car to get around I can’t go and keep my doctor’s appointments I can’t go to the grocery store to get any groceries I don’t have the means to do it I’ve got to have surgery on my knee I have a hard time walking around I’m on disability my husband died a year ago of cancer we were married 47 years started in the lymph nodes went to the prostate and it’s in cut into his bones he fought it for 13 14 15 13 years he bought it for it was a hard struggle for me and this is my second Christmas without him and it’s going to be harder than what it wasthen what it was the first year I lost them I guess just hit me harder now because he’s not here I have my son that is living with me he has schizo bipolar and he can’t make it on his own and he has doctor’s appointments and things to that has to be taken to him he has to be taking to them please help me it is hard very hard he can bring it in your hearts I appreciate you please help me out thank you and God bless

  6. Hi my name is Judy and I’ve fallen on very hardships. I’ve lost my house which I was living in for 11yrs. They sold and only gave a few month’s to get out. During this time I’ve had a shoulder injury on anither job 2 and half years ago and surgery. So i couldn’t work for a long time. But I had to find something to do part time cause that’s all i could do. Between that time my daughter got sick and lost her leg to diabetes. I had to help her with her emotional ups and downs. But nevertheless keep trting to find somewhere to stay with my vehicle going down and can’t afford to fix it now. I am the youngest of five and only my sister and brother are left. My brother has bone cancer and sister has so many elements that they can’t help me either. They are both getting disability! I’ve always been the one who.. has helped everyone in my family. And always are helpibg other’s That’s my calling from God to help other’s unfortunately I can’t help myself and I need help now and I don’t have it! If I could get some kind of HELP to keep my job and find a house and get back on track with a new ir used car, I would be so great and ease to have some of this stress off of me. I’m seeing a psychiatrist and sometime i feel like I can’t handle it. So if anyone could please help me get a car to take care of myself and my daughter’s going to need me because I’m all she has to help get to doctors appointments and keep uplifted amongs myself . I just don’t know what else to do. Please can someone help me?????

    1. Hi my name is Amanda I am a single mom and I’m homeless in need of a car I’m trying to get up on my feet and I have no way around if you can help I would really use it thanks 5304431037

  7. Hi I’m a 52 year old single mother of a 13 and 20 year old girls. I’ve been out of work due to medical issues for about 2 years. I’ve now got a job at Dodge Co Hospital and love it, been working g for about a month now. But Im afraid im goung to loose it because I have no transportation and no reliable people to take me to and from. I’ve already called in once and been late several times. I’m so trying g to better our life.. Im so scared I’m going to loose my job if I do t get a way to go soon. I’ve tried everything possible me so this is my last hope to ask for help. Please help me. It would mean so much to us.
    [email protected]
    478 231 6662

    1. I’m a widow for2 years . I lost my house and my car was relied.I’m living with my daughter and need a car for part time work.All I do is sit in theIlneed to go. bedroom walk to whereor

    2. Disabled 56 yr old woman. Want to start working part time just to make ends meet.get to Dr appts, get son to school and be able to get to grocery store when needed.

  8. Im on remissio. From 2 types of cancer disability has stopped and still under treatment i have no way to get to my apointments. Ive been trying to work but because it was in my pelvis its hard to stand too long or walk. I have also developed neuropathy bsd in my hands and feet. I really need to get to and from to my appointments and work if you could please help.

  9. I need a car to get my son and my mom to the doctor my mom will be starting radiation I would like to go see my brother who is fighting cancer and go look for a job please help me

  10. James h. Fletcher jr.
    [email protected]
    I can sincerely say since my family and I moved here to Texas, getting around has been a hassle. Just release from incarceration 11/2013 of 12 half years. I meet my fiance in the end of 2013 through a transactional program in Baltimore, Maryland.
    As of July 2017, we decided to move to Texas. There were three reasons we moved to the Lone Star State 1). My wife has a brother that live here in Houston. 2). Looking for new surroundings. 3). And what the store has to offer. We were surprised how massive the state was and liked the modern/rural ambiance.
    No longer moving here we were caught in Harrican Katrina. My wife brother, you can say lost the house. So we all had to find places to stay. So with some of the funds we came down with for our place has to be used for hotel and food. Fortunately, I was able to acquire the hours to make up some difference yo move on our own.
    After that we face another problem, we have no car and the metro here is rough on us city folks. Lol. For almost 2 years me and my family pushed to not let this be our crutch. Now its effecting some process. Like my wife loosing her job and us not being able to afford a car.
    If it’s possible can you guys please assist me and my family with this. We would be very greatful.
    James Fletcher jr.

  11. I work hard and seems luck is never on my side. When I got my first car I was 22 and it broke down after 2 months after I worked so hard to get it. And I havent since. I have my drivers license and yet its hard for me to get a car with my income situation. I’m not asking for money or a expensive car anything will do for me. Id be so grateful for even anything that drives. I have 2 yr old and 4 month old daughter me and my husband are trying to work hard for everyday we do our best. Not trying to make my life look bad. I love my life. I have two beautiful kids a husband and a roof over my head. But this car situation has become a big problem. I may not be rich and never really grew go with the finer things in life but I was raised to apreciate what I have so like I said anything will bring a smile to my face. Thank you so much.

    1. My story ,I hope someone sees ,I need a car,son and myself walk to his school in the winter months,(in Indiana ) where it’s cold ,need transportation due to inclement weather,need a car to go laundromat,need a car to go to doctors appointments,need a car to take son back and forth to his bbgames

  12. I’m a single disabled mother that has been having bad luck. Lost the only car I had in October due to someone not paying attention when I needed help on a busy high way when my car just died. The insurance company didn’t even give me face value of my car to get another one. I need to get back and forth to doctors appointments and my son also has appointments. We can’t survive on asking people to drive us. And I don’t have any money for a car. Please help us?

  13. I’m a single disabled mother that has been having bad luck. Lost the only car I had in October due to someone not paying attention. I need to get back and forth to doctors appointments and my son also has appointments. We can’t survive on asking people to drive us. And I don’t have any money for a car. Please help us?

  14. Hi, my name is Regina and I’m in desperate need of a vehicle. I do own a home well bank still owns it. I have $6000 left to pay on it, but payments are $1023 monthly until May 2020. Went to bank for equity loan to pay off mortgage and get car but was denied. They said I can’t afford 2 loans. My car broke down and can’t be fixed. I really need one to go work. I told bank I intended to pay mortgage off with the loan that way I would only have one to pay but they still said no. Wells Fargo sucks. They own my mortgage and don’t want me to pay it off.

  15. I’m a widow for2 years . I lost my house and my car was relied.I’m living with my daughter and need a car for part time work.All I do is sit in theIlneed to go. bedroom walk to whereor

    1. please help me get a free car im a single father with 3 children so I can be able to get them to doctors and be able to get to places without having to walk and so i can try to find a job and get back on my feet i live on government funds right now and its very hard to do anything without a car or a way to go thank you

  16. I’m a 71 yo woman and have lost my house and all assets. I am greatly in need of help as i live on SS. I am living with friends at the moment but need help with getting housing and a car so I can find work. I have severe anxiety and will get better when my financial issues are resolved. I am clean and do not use drugs and do not smoke. SandOccasional glass of wine if I’m lucky. Please help me

  17. I enjoyed visiting your webiste. I rarely leave comments, but
    you definately deserve a thumbs up!

  18. I am in.need for . I lost mine car in the huracan in Florida 2017 and we had to move because a huge tree destroy part of the house we where living.i need a car to take mine wife to doctors appointment and Olso myself,yust a good transportation,is very difficult for buses,especially in Florida and.cabs and Raytes are expensive.any help greatly appreciated.god blessed and thank you.Orlando

  19. Hey my is Simona Ashe I’m a single mother of young kids. That need to go the doctors and school, but I don’t have transportation, to get them there. I stay in Blackshear Ga, where we need transportation. They don’t have public transportation… I really need some help bye getting a car, to get my three back and ford to school and doctor visit as well… Please help me. I don’t know what to do, I really need help… Please and Thank you…. Sincerely Simona Ashe

  20. Hi. My name is Shalaura McKinney I am in desperate need of a vehicle. I have 3 children to care for and i am single mom. I can not work because child is premature and needs special care to be taken to the doctors.. I am so grateful and thankful when you choose me. God bless you ALL.. thank you..

  21. Hey I’m a single mother with 3 kids an in need of car we can’t get around to doctor appointments or I don’t have away to get my kids to school I just moved to Birmingham an I have no help with transportation an its hard for me to get around without a car can you help me please

  22. Hello. My name is Brandi. I am 29 and partly disabled do from a car wreck I had when I was 19. Do to a drunk driver. I also have a 3 year old daughter. I am the care taker of my mother and mother in-law. My mother is fully disabled and extremely diabetic and on dialysis. My mother in-law suffers from alzheimers. I have a 2006 dodge ram truck that I have had for 10 years now. But it no longer runs. So that leave my mother and mother in-law without a ride to their doctors appointments and to the grocery store. They both live out side the city limits. So most public transportation doesn’t come to their houses. I am in GREAT need of a new vehicle to be able to take care of them both and to take care of my daughter. I am part of a low income family and I can not afford a new one my self. Any help would be most appreciated! I do not want them to have to pay someone to come get them and take them to their appointments. Cause they already suffer though so much. So PLEASE help!! Please!!

  23. My name is Roberettet Rector. I will start College
    In the fall as a Paralegal llke to become a part-time student I am just finishing up my GED. I am disabled and would like to continue my education!
    I’ve been in in domestic violent situations and unable to take the commute due to my health. I don’t allow my health to keep me from getting a better and more elaborate education. I am 49 years young and as long as God allows me to be on this earth, I love to learn because “Education is Power!”
    I would just like to be given the opportunity to move forward with my education and I’m walking everywhere right now. I do have to depend on others but they are not always available. I would so much appreciate the help and opportunity.
    Thank you
    Roberette Rector

  24. Good Morning,

    I hope everyone is well especially the ones that are doing it rougher then others…For every negative there is a positive we just need to look hard enough to see it..
    And this is why it’s so hard for me to ask for any sort of help cause I’m normally the fixer…
    However my daughter and myself have been homeless for nearly the last year, my car has been taken for you rides and smashed whislt I slept. Now the key & immobilizer has been stolen. Most of our property (just concerned about my daughters) has been taken from ppl that just don’t have a heart.
    My gorgeous angel also suffers depression, anxiety and has tried to end her own life. She has ended up in hospital due to this. Without the use of a car getting to appointments sometimes is actually impossible.
    I have had no choice but to push my pride to the side and reach out, and ask for help.
    And if there is anything I can do for anyone, even if it’s just a ear you need feel free to touch base with me..
    Kind regards

  25. My name is Jessica. I’m in desperate need of getting a car. I was in a car accident a couple of months ago and lost my car and my job. I haven’t been able to get a job. My mother in law lost her car and she needs help getting to her treatments for cancer. I also just found out that I’m going to have a baby and I don’t have a way to get to my appointments. It’s really hard trying to get a car without a job, and I can’t get a job without a car. I’m living with my mom right now and she works full time and can’t take me to work. Could you please help me get a free car.

  26. My name is Betty and I am looking for help to funds a non profit and to get some church vans and community outreach

  27. Okay I would like to get Free Car and I am not working due my health reasons and it’s hard for me going to Dr appointment including my son errands, hate to depand on my friend ride..I am mostly missing my family very much.. They are missing my son growing up..Hopefully something come up getting car without paying loan..

  28. Hi my name is Brittney I am on disability I am 31 years old I have 4 kids. Couple of my kids go to school I really need a vehicle to drive them to school. I struggle so much of walking. I also need a suv of my own to go grocery shopping, go do what I need to do. I also need an SUV for my kids. No matter how much I try to save I can’t I have to use that money for rent, extra diapers, wipes, formula and other bills by the end of the day I’m broke. I only get so much in SSI money. Please help my family!
    thank you!

  29. It’s been so long for my dearest friend,father if my children to catch a good nce in a lifetime miracle. .this Man has gone through so much .12yrs I’ve witnessed a man .be the best man he could be to a women who isn’t the easiest to please .raise . provided . financial support our daughter n two children he did not conceive.all the while in all that has had 4stage cancer .he thank God has gotten in remission there was trails.heaetache.struggled . beyond words .he will forever have a coloscopy. Poo in a bag .today he struggles to walk how he finds strength. Is beyond me
    He has an surgery he has a dozen kidney stone s
    I simply putting it in the best way possible in hopes u find a way to help .my husband help our family

  30. Hello.This post was extremely fascinating, particularly because I was browsing for thoughts on this subject last Friday.

  31. Single mom of 4. Separated and just given divorce papers after 7 years. Taking care of my disabled mom solo 26yrs. Just got a denial for disability, must do the long appeals process . No income. Mortgage 4 months behind. I’d let a lady and her kids live with me 2yrs ago, and let her use my 2004 vehicle , and she tore my SUV to the ground! I’ve been through Hurricane in 05, a tumultuous abusive marriage of 18yrs, I’ve already filed bankruptcy, and to top that off , one of my tender little grand babies accidentally drowned last summer. He was only 6! I sent my vehicle to the shop right after the funeral and prices were so high that I couldn’t get it out. This is a year later and I’m so overwhelmed… Loss my transportation, threatened to lose my home. I suffer in silence and hard to raise my kids, and even can’t enjoy the 3 other grandkids I have. Locked in the four walls of hell. Depressed beyond words. Help.! Somebody.! Anything.!

  32. Hello, my name is Barbarina Johnston. I am 54 years old. I am medically disabled and I do receive a small disability check monthly. I was married for 28 years to my husband to which ended due to fact he became severely addicted to pain pills and it cost us every thing we had worked for and had. So I had to end that and try to start a new life and try and look out for my health and stability. The only problem that I have continued to run into is the car I purchased with my disability lump sum when I first was approved for disabilities my then husband had me forced into a title pawn. So I had to make the choice to make him finally leave. He was causing me to lose it anyway so I chose at that time to have the title company come get it so I could pay rent and utilities each month. Now this happened 10 years ago. Here it is 2019 and no car for any medical necessity I have needed for these 10 years. It really might not of been so hard to get to appointments but I found that I’m alone and really can’t pay a cab don’t have any friends can’t rely on others they aren’t dependable won’t show when say they would. I’m in no way close with any family so couldn’t turn to them. I ended up having a man move in with me 6 years ago hoping that would get me in a position to maybe get a car or some transportation maybe through him just for doctors, hospitals, grocerys. You know help. Well instead it turned out to be 6 years of immortal hell. They only way I’ve been able to get away from man was to finally have him arrested last year for aggravated stalking and sent to prison. But unfortunately sending him to prison for the aggravated stalking didn’t work either. He was sentenced to prison June 3, 2018 to 5 years to serve 1 in prison. Well while he serving his sentence he continued to contact me from prison. So when he was released June 3,2019 they rearrested him again and now the District Attorneys office are pursuing aggravated stalking charges again. They said they now do realize the danger he could represent to me so their going to give him a adequate sentence so I will be safe. So I’m now having to deal with that again. Turned out due to the abuse from that man for 6 years I was alienated from anyone that I could of bonded with to get transportation help wasn’t an option due to fear of what he would do to them or me. So here I am still trying to figure a way out so I could get to doctor appointments doesn’t happen. Even trying to go to grocery store just once a month is a hit and miss. Sometimes I have to order food delivered from restaurants just to be able to eat because I can’t get someone to take me to grocery store. I can’t afford to do that because the cost cuts into my rent or utilty bills and then don’t go far either so sometimes I’ve gone hungry for a few days or so. I’m unable to get to a food bank to even get food. I tried walking to the closes grocery store ended up tearing up my feet so I can’t do that. I just know if someone could donate a car to me I could get back on track with everything. I so need the help and never thought I’d have to resort to this but I need help. I just need a little help please find it in your hearts to realize the necessity of a car to me. I’ll never be able to buy one myself. My check is now $931.00 monthly. Rent $634.00 power bill $120.00 monthly. I will never be able to make a payment plan for one. I even receive food stamps thank god but only $154.00. With a car I can go to the food bank also. I could make it so much easier. It will bring the stability that I need to get back to monthly Dr visits like I’ve missed for 10 years. I truly need this. I have been abused severally, I am disabled and require regular Dr visits. I’m not quite considered a senior but I am 54 years old. I know what you said meets some of the requirements for these program. I truly believe I do meet the requirements.
    I’m so this message turned out so long but I didn’t know how to shorten it any less. And believe me I could continue if I had to. This is just some of my hardships I’ve been faced with. I just need a little lift.

  33. I’m disabled and need a car to get to doctor appointments and to try and find employment. So I can return to work someday

  34. I’m 54 and and I lost my husband in 2009 he was a veteran. I need a car to get too doctor and to get to other appointments. I’m a 8 times cancer survivor. I also have copd, I keep on ending up in the hospital because my calcium bottom out last August I ended up being inkabaited and in a coma fro two week.i now use a electric wheelchair and Walker so I need something to transport my wheelchair I get $808 dollars a month with all my Bill’s I’m sinking but I’m wanting to try getting back too work. But I can’t do that without being able to get there without my wheelchair. If I could get back to work I could get back too nursing like I was doing when I got sick in 2004. I want too go back too work help me!!!

  35. I’m in need a car or SUV PLEASE. My son has to come to live with me and he is mentally disabled. I work 2 miles from home but have 2 slipped disc and pushed nerves. I wish i could walk but I tried and can’t. I feel totally hopeless and helpless can anyone help me ? God is good and hope someone feels the same .

  36. I’m living in Barstow ca without a job no way to even get to work when I get a job I have a wife and four kids on welfare luckly we have a home to live in we r renting rent is 700 a mo. Plus about 200 in utility’s and we get 891 from welfare it’s really hot here and it’s Hard just living we need a vehicle please help if there’s any way u can God bless u

  37. I am a single dad with two kids in need of a vehicle i work 35 minutes away and have to take the bus an hour and half each way takes alot of my day if you can hlep in anyway that would be much appreciated thank you.

  38. I am trying to help my friend whose is 48, lives alone and is on disability and unable to work. She can’t go anywhere because she can’t afford a car. Her family won’t help her and I help her when I can. She has doctors appointments and wants to help others and volunteer but she is unable to without being able to get around. Our town here doesn’t have much for public transit. She is on a waiting list for housing. She just can never win. . . can you help get her a car? We are working on bldg her a HUD home as well.

  39. Hello I need help to get a car I work fulltime till I pay my bills out of each paycheck I don’t have enough to make a payment an my truck is on its last leg it breaks down once a week

  40. I am a us citizen….worked and paid my taxes for 45 years….my husband had open heart surgery 6 months…..our broke …we have a old van which we never know if it is going to get ther …we serveral dr.appts. all the time I still work pat time….we still have morgaage ….light bill over 300 …..we have never asked for federal assisstance

  41. i need help i am at the end 9f everthing i can think of to do i am in need of a car but dont know how to apply for the government help program i am a single father to a 4 month old son and the primary caregiver and dont have a way to get to work to just make ends meet to take care of him I just need help in applying to see if I can get exempted to maybe get a car

  42. i need help i am at the end 9f everthing i can think of to do i am in need of a car but dont know how to apply for the government help program i am a single father to a 4 month old son and the primary caregiver and dont have a way to get to work to just make ends meet to take care of him I just need help in applying to see if I can get exempted to maybe get a car

  43. Hi, I am a single lady who is in such need for a vehicle, I would give anything for a vehicle. I’m so tired of walking, running to not miss a bus, asking for rides.
    Last Febuary 2018, I started getting very sick with infectious drainage from sinuses, headaches so severely, nausea(became daily). This sickness caused me to lose my job of 4 years due to the tardies and absentees it was causing. I had insurance through my employee but had to mert a $8000 deductible due to a few years ago I had a mass surgically removed from behind my eyes, along with sinus surgery.
    I had began going from Dr to Dr using what little finances I had left. Dr’s would continually place me on antibiotics not knowing what was causing my infection. I was on antibiotics nearly 3 years straight. I knew there felt like something that kept feeling like it was trying to emerge I began rubbing my face/sinuses with warm tissue to relieve the swelling, my face and head would swell so big that it would make my face distorted! This past Jan 2019, the efforts of my rubbing paid off! A peice of wire came out of my sinuses which had been inside of me since I had that surgery. It looks like a piece of one of the surgical instruments that was used during surgery. I nearly died from this, hospitalized for cellulitis behind my eyes, so sick, losing from 125 down to 90 pds, while living hiding myself in a car garage, bathing in a small sink or showering at the car wash. I became so broke I lost my apartment, my car, my hope, my joy turned into sadness, pain, loneliness, fear, and I became very broke. Today I am so grateful to be here, so grateful to God. This has been the most devastating in my life. I need a vehicle please I have specialist to go to now bc the antibiotics destroyed my immune system causing autoimmune diseases. Also have a boney defect around the base of my skull, along with a artery only producing 50%, that’s requiring a nuerologist. I need vehicle for trying to get a part time job for visiting my g babies, going to the store, Drs, I am so tired of not being able to go whenever I need. I ask you to please help me.
    Thank you so much,
    Suzie Landreth

  44. Hi

    My husband and I are disabled. My husband was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer in May of this year. The cancer has spread from the spine to his bones stomach liver spine and Pancras. Before we changed doctors ee couldn’t get to most of his appointments mainly because the ride didn’t show up. Now its to late for him the Cancer is TERMINAL.If we could have made those appointments it probably would have saved his life. PLEASE HELP US with a vehicle.

  45. I’m vary pur people.i don’t purches bycikal.please give me free car..i reqiest you..please sir..please please… i pray for you and your family everytime..please sir give me car..


  47. Oh my goodness! an amazing article dude. Thank you Nevertheless My business is experiencing trouble with ur rss . Do not know why Struggling to sign up for it. Possibly there is any person getting identical rss problem? Anyone who knows kindly respond. Thnkx

  48. My Name is Mary Frances Parker..I am on diabilty and I am 67 years old.I so need a car to get my groceries and dr appointments.I can’t make some of my appointments because my sons have to get off work to carry me.I don’t want them to get fired so I just don’t tell them.I sit at my house 7 days a week with no way to get out at all.I rarely get out of the house and it has been this way for about 4 years now.I would really appreciate a car to drive..God bless you.

  49. I have a valid driver’s license from the State of Illinois with a pretty clean driving record. I think I had a speeding ticket like 4 or 5 years ago. I need a car so I can find work which is really easy because I have lots of work experience. I need a vehicle to drive to and from work and go out to concerts. I’m a nonalcoholic. I need to educate myself as well very desperately. I am 39 years old and there isn’t too many places around where I live that are hiring. I can start driving for Uber and Lyft part time as well. I do exercise regularly as well too. I eat around 3400 calories to fuel my exercise as well. I can be reached at 708-407-9526. Thank you for your time and have a great day. I could work off the vehicle if needed. Please and thank you!

  50. Hi im a single mom with 2 duaghter who are college students.
    I really need a car because I am a home health aide and my car just stopped running.
    Please help!!

    Thank you

  51. Hi, my name is Angela, I’m single mom, I have two beautiful girls, I born in Delaware USA but all my life I lived in South America Colombia, my mom died for cancer, and my ex-husband cheated on me and hit me because I can’t forget, I am divorce, now I want to start over again my life here in my country and I no have anybody here, I don’t have any relationship with my dad, I am lonely single mom, my daughter have 6 and 10 years old, I lives now in Florida, one friend mine give me your help, I find job closer ,35 min road but I don’t have car, no have anybody and no have money for buy a car, so I don’t know what to do with this situation, is difficult go to my new job I star this Monday and I don’t know how. Please. Help.

  52. I am disabled and have low income i desperately need a car and can not afford to but one myself i have alot of appts and physical therapy and i could really use a car to get where i need to go can you help please
    God bless

  53. I have a very limited oncome from disability and cant afford to buy a car can anyone help me with this issue. I need a car by the first of October

  54. My name is neddi Sanchez am 65yrs old I love it same one help .I have a problem with walking I have surgery on my hip is very hard to walk please. I need a old car to get around can same one help me please

  55. I am in desperate need of a vehicle, I’m on disability and cannot afford to buy a car. I have many dr. appointments with many drs. It is extremely important important that I keep up with all my drs
    Not only keeping up with them ,I’d also would love to be able to go see my father who is not well at all. And my grandchildren that live 1hr away and 2 hours away. I’d greatly appreciate any help I can get. thank you

  56. I am a disabled female that was a police officer for 18 years. I can no longer work because I have MS. Please will you help me with a car. I have many doctors appointments and no way to get there. Please

  57. Hello my name is Barbara Dougher and car badly. I a years old and am on Social Security and SSI.It is a terrible , to be without I cannot get to Doctors,Grocery Store, Hospitals for MRI ,Drugstores,and other necessary places I need to go.I suffer from back pain, depressing, and aŕthritis.I would appreciate >if you could tell me where I find the application form.Thank you so much for this opportunity to understand about getting a free car.

  58. Please help a single dad with 2 16 year old daughters. I only have grade 6 education. So all my life all I had was labor jobs that took me no where’s .all I want is a reliable car that can get my daughter’s and I where we need to health is not very a recovering alcoholic and been on methadone for last 4 years .PLEASE HELP ME AND MY DAUGHTER’S.

  59. hi there is reside in south Africa and my wife has been diagnosed with kidney failure and she has to often go to hospital for treatment , we often rely on a friend to take us and it is a whole day process at the hospital which is quite far from where we live and I would appreciate it if you can sponsor a car to help me take her to hospital , instead of us relying every month on friends and family , you have to take us at 4:30 am in the morning, please help.

  60. Hi, My car keeps overheating, we changed the thermostat, radiator, but still overheats. I am really need a car to get get my sister back a forth to the Doctors, as well as myself. I have been looking for a Ford Escape, it would be up higher then a car, for my sister to get in and out of. I have anxiety, and my sister has diabetes, bad back, and a few other things wrong with her. She depends on me for almost everything. Now without a car I haven’t been able to get her grocerys her or me to Doctor appointments. I am on Social security disability, I get $1356.00 a month. I have tired for loans, but get turned down. Thank You for your time.

  61. Hi I’m Isaac and am 26 year old single staying alone I’ve been out of work due to school issues for about 2 years.
    I’m a system engineering student, its a 2 years course am offering but due to the fact that i don’t have transport i failed some exam
    So I’ll plead with you to offer me a small vehicle for my transport…
    God blessings will shower on you always ❤

  62. I had formed to leave a comment, man do I’ve a difficult time writing
    a blog. Im endeavoring to kick start one on my website and I have to say
    its not easy at all. I do admire people like yourself who are
    able to write about anything with ease. Keep up the good

  63. Hello my name is Gene and I’m a disabled person who needs a car very badly I have animals that need my care everyday and it’s hard taking care of them and me walking miles to go to the store and I applyed with other places for a car and I’ve been waiting for years now and still no car and I hope you can help me out espeicaly for my birthday in December I’ll be 63 and I hope to hear from you soon but like the others I probly won’t and so thanks anyway

  64. Hi I’m Maria I’ve had the misfortune of becoming a widow to the greatest man in my eyes he was a MP in the Army he passes without warning Ten and a half years here it is 2019 and I’m still crushed to be without him. The seven years ago I had to start kidney dialysis Three days a week for the rest of my life! I drive a big heavy 1989 Mercury Grand Marquis with a host of non working features. No heat no air conditioner oh with no heat also comes with no defrost, two back Windows won’t open the headlights are rigged to work while driving on bright at all times and it seems I’m putting in every other day also no gas cap no radio front bumper or grill. No cruise control just to name a few. I’ve worked a a mule Skinner ( someone who works a mule in the woods taking out logs.) When I was 11 years old. Most men wood never consider that kind of work! My body is racked with osteo and Rhuematoid arthritis since age 12. You know it gets worse every year I’m on a meager disability income that thanks to meals on wheels and commodities. I have food. The gas bill to drive to dialysis the utilities insurance and some medications gets the rest! Please help my old car worries me when it quits
    I’m in serious life or death situation!!!

  65. Im in of a car im disabled i cant take my medical rides now because im homeless i lost my apt due to calling building codes on the landlord i need to get to my drs and stores when needed hank you kindly

  66. Hy. I need a free car. I leave with my mother, my sister and my nephew. My sister has a child 1 years old. I need disperate wish to get a car for go to work. Thank you!

  67. Hello my name is dembo Touray from the Gambia west Africa. I am a student at the Gambia College studying English and education is actually disturbing due to transportation difficulties from my destination to the college which I can’t afford daily transport to further my education. I am from a a poor family whereas my parents cannot by a vehicle for my transportation. That is why with this hardship i decided to ask for your help with a car to ease my movement at the Gambia College. My WhatsApp is +2202552004.Dembo Touray.thank you

  68. Hello, I’m a single Dad and im on disability and SSI, I don’t make alot I make enough to pay my rent, I don’t even have $100 left to buy food so let alone of buying a car, anyway I need a car to get back and forth to my Dr appointments, and to see my kids and grandkids, I can show proof of anything u need to Kno, IAM really desperate for a car I’m not picking what kind just something that will get me back and forth, I also have a nerve disease and I have a nurse come and gives me infusions now he’s wanting me to get a port put in my chest, IF ANYONE CAN PLEASE, PLEASE HELP ME IM IN VERY MUCH NEED OF A CAR!! GOD BLESS U ALL AND MAY GOD BE WITH U ALL!! HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERYONE!! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, MY PHONE NUMBER IS (304)218-5170 IF NO ANSWER PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE,

  69. Hello,to it my it concern,me and my wife are homeless,we been living place to place wherever we go lay our down out to sleep and eat.we ask friends family for help, know one want help rather no funds or just say no.We been on the streets now for going on a couple of months.The vehicle I did have was a 1994 Honda Accord.The fro nt passage side axle broke and got towed to a garage,I lost my job no way to get to my job now or get the car fix or get it out the garage.without a ride i
    Me my wife are totally screw,no home no nothing.Asking for a vehicle don’t have to be anew one just away for us to get around to doctor visit and for me to work.any vehicle would be great.
    Thank You and God bless you ??

  70. Hi I list list my job and my car I have know way of getting around to find a job I also take if my 76 year old mother and I need transportation to fer get back and forth to get appointments

  71. Hi can anyone help me with a car I’m a single mother of 2 kids I’m about to be homeless on the 18th November an I need a car to go an inspect houses so I can apply for them

  72. My name is Victoria and I am 42 years old and I am very sick and I have to go every where by walking and when I get back home I am in so much pain I cry and I have no way to ease mypain. The only way ihave to go to the doctors or the store is to walk and I have COPD and astma and sleep apnea and I crippling arthritis and I can’t really walk that far but when I do I am in slot of pain and I get really sick after words.

  73. I am a former firefighter for 26 years..I have been on Social Security Disibility for 15 years.I have Severe Asthma,COPD and am on O2 24/7.I do my best to not use the O2 that much cause I wanna work a part-time job.I haven’t had a vehicle for over a year now and gotta walk everywhere,can’t get to the doctors or store..I can’t afford a vehicle which a pickup or so is easier for me to get into and out..Thiis is all true what I said above and have proof to back it up..(I NEED A VEHICLE VERY BAD)I have applies for work and many called back for interview but have no way getting there..I live by myself and have noone to take me where I need too..I know its probaly IMPOSSIBLE TO SEE. THIS COME TRUE!getting a vehicle or even take forever to even get one.I rely on myself and no-one else but I can’t take going without a vehicle anymore just gotta have one..(MAY I ASK AND SAY CAN YOU HELP ME GET A.PICKUP OR BLAZER SOMETHING EASY TO GET IN AND OUT??)there are no places to help and unless you have gone without a vehicle you have No Idea What Its Like..PLEASE HELP AND LIKE I SAID I HAVD PROOF TO BACK ME UP..Thank you and hope to hear back either way.

  74. I have worked for most of my life but have recently fallen on hard times. I was run over when I was a young man and it has plagued me since. I lost my vehicle and subsequently lost my job. I am unable to continue in my previous occupation but I still want to and need to work. A vehicle of any sort would help me intensely. I have never had to do this and I am humble Blessings to you and your family ?

  75. Hello.

    I’m a student walking every day from home to school sometimes miss my lectures because of transportation and i’m from Africa I have spent 1year and 2month in Australia Qld cairns and life is real hard so am asking for help. My dad, Mum and grandma they are all sick which is hard for them to work and every time bus to go hospital which is no easy for them, this car won’t help me alone but my family too. Thank you waiting for your help

  76. Hi to all,

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  77. I have lost my job because I have no car so that means no income. My girlfriend and our 1 month son have to be out of our rentaland we will also be homeless. I am so stressed. I always wanted to be the best father ever and feel like a failure because I don’t have a car to be able to keep a job because of no vehicle. Please please help me to be able to support my 1 month old son. I am desperate we don’t even have anywhere to go to live because of this situation. My disabled mother l can’t help me with a place to stay because her landlord said no. She told me I could use her email because I don’t even know how I’m going to get on the internet. Please help my family. We live in a very small town in Alabama that really has no help for the needy. My mother’s email is [email protected]. thank you in advance for any prayers we need them. God Bless
    Johnny Lewis

    [email protected]

  78. Hi im a disabled single mother with 2 very young and beautiful kids. Eversince my dad died, my life has been very hard. I tried to work but couldnt find transportation and due to my mental illness, it was hard to remember things needed for the jobs. Now im just a single at home mom. I need help. I need sumone to pull my hand up so i can try to do something in life. Not for me but my kids. I need a car for their doctors appts and other appointments needed. I have been homeless most of my years and so as you can see i just wish and prey to be like everyone else. I want too have normal things like everybody else does. But with my tight financial problems, its hard to even get a reliable car to drive me and my family around.if you can, please consider me in your mind and hearts. Thank you.

  79. I’m Phemelo Makhele i am 19 years old, I live with my grandma and siblings, My mother passed away 10 years ago. it’s been a struggle for my grandma to raise us. Now she’s grown and getting older, it’s hard for her to walk now. getting this car will help her a lot coz I’ll be able to take my grandma to the hospital for her montlhy checkups.

  80. Hi my name is Ron it’s me and my dog roster well am disabled have a really hard time with walking aney long distance I really need a car to get to the store and to take my dog to places where I can leave him off the Lish so he can run and do his biasness I pray someone can help as out we really need help so we both can have a better quality of life

  81. My name is Tonia seacrest I am 44 years old I am disable and only get 500 dollars a month to live on I have been homeless and without any tranpertashion for four years after the death of my 14 year old little girl I lost everything my home my car and even my son he is now 23 years old and lives with his father I am in debt and uneducated I need to go back to school and get my GED but I can’t seem to get help to get anywhere I desperately need a car so I can get my ged and a job as a teacher for kids like me I ask for help in Hope’s that someone in this world will have mercy on me and help me so I can get back on my feet and finally get out of the debt I am in and become unhomless and self dependent once again thank you for your time and god bless you all

  82. I have tried to make a difference in the lives of people who are need of counseling for the people who have been involved in domestic violence both in mental and social justice. Every day I think about those who have been in trouble with the violence and mental struggles of their families violent and all around horror able lives. Sometimes just a little more attention to show them they are somehow a
    Werthy individual. At times it is just a matter of time and attention just to listen to them.
    Without a friend who can do anything for them to go out for lunch or coffeehouse. This is way for me to pay it forward. Like people have done for me.

  83. I am in need of a car and I am looking for a job but I need transportation for it also I can’t afford to buy a car so I really need help.

  84. Need vehicle front of my car rusted and broke it can’t be fixed dangerous to drive nechanice said if I drive it I could be killed please help in on disability not able to work

  85. I have back trouble hard walk in 65 to old try walk 10 miles to town to Dr and grocery store my car rusted out can’t be fixed to dangerous to drive need car bad

  86. In need of a car.I’m under doctors care and have to get back and forwards to doctors appointments and I have no help or family support. I’m widower and lives alone.

  87. Im a single mom i fillen on hard time in need a car to take my baby back in fron yo daycare in doctor appointment and me to work i really need a blessing i get a car. Into get a better job

  88. I am a single mother of a 5 year old son and a two-year-old daughter. my vehicle broke down and I’m having issues transporting the children to daycare in school and going to work. I have been using Lyft To get us around. I am spending approximately $40 to $60 a day trying to us around. my daughter is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and autism so we have a lot of doctors appointments to try to make it to as well. and spending all this money in transportation using Lyft I’m not able to save any of my check to pay our rent. We desperately need a running vehicle. I’m also 5 months pregnant

  89. I am in need of a car Tobe able to get a job. I have custody of my 2 granddaughters, 4 and 8. I lost my previous job due to my husband’s health and in the hospital a couple times. Therefore I fell behind on paying my car payments so it got repossessed. I am a nursing assistant for 28 years. I need to get my life back on track and with a car I can do that. Thanks.

  90. I am a senior with disability. I am living in a sub- par conditions. I’m trying to get housing. I live in rural area. I need transportation to and from Dr.s appointment. Grocery. Government appointments. Eye appointments. And so on. I do not have help. I’m in desperate need .living on 857 .00 a mounth does not bode well for me

  91. Please i need help my mother has stage 4 lung cancer and i also a breast cancer survivor she went cancer free for 3 years before she got the lung cancer. She is only 57 years old. Im the only living child she has left my 2 brothers, Kris age 22 (2009) and Rocky age 40 (2019). Both passed away. I need a car to help her get to her chemotherapy treatments and to doctors appointments along with helping her get around and do things. Im on food stamps with 4 children 2 of which are on there own now. But i need help doing all this. So can you please help me to help my mom and family.

  92. My family is in desperate need of a good economy. I am the mother of 4 boys and the girlfriend of a disabled person. We are a low income family. I am responsible for driving my kids to and from school, they are all in different and widespread out school’s and we live 17 miles in the woods.
    I am drowning and I feel like I’m struggling to stay a float.

    PLEASE HELP! I spent hours on this site and I was unable to make any progress finding a application for free government car or grabt.

  93. Mother of two teens recently separated sleeping at a friends. My x kept both cars. I lost my job recently and the new job I start in December. I am enrolled in a BS online program as well as taking a nursing course. I am a veteran and could simply use a hand up right now.
    I had $1900 saved for a new place to live but Paula Besett from carlsbad took my money rented the place to someone else and kept my deposit!
    Any help you can provide would be appreciated

  94. Hi I’m a disabled young man without alot of resourceful skills .I’m looking for help with a car to be able to get around if there is any person or program that can help me please could you help me out ..thank you in advance

  95. I am a single mother struggling to find a vehicle and winter is coming…I am homeless as of right now and in need of a vehicle fast I been researching things but not getting anywhere. If anyone would be willing to help me figure out what I can do or even help me with a vehicle please let me know. I only make less than 130$ a week as of right now and I’m walking to work so anything would be much appreciated. Thank you

  96. I take care of my disabled mother it’s hard to get her to the hospital and to her doctor’s appointment with out a car she has had brain surgery and can’t walk she is on oxygen all the time a cab or the bus gets expensive can you please help

  97. I have been single mom since 2004. I have 3 children and been working at my job at Subway for 6yrs now and I have owned 3 vehicles but they seem to always break down leaving us walking all over again. I have to take the city bus everywhere and it doesn’t really help me when I’m late for kids appointments and getting them to school and not able to take my kids to do fun things as the buses do not run after 630. Please help

  98. My mother is on disability she can’t walk she had brain surgery that’s why it hard to get her to her doctor appointment with no car I can’t find a job because I have to take care of her

  99. I am a 49 year old female..i have disabilities and have no way to get to where I need to go..i also have custody of my 13 year old grand daughter and I have no way to take her to appts and school functions..i have been trying to get my disability ssi started for 6 years and keep getting turned down because I can’t afford to see a doctor on a regular basis..i need a car bad but can’t afford one..i do have a friend that would pay for insurance Rand tag fees for me until I can get on my feet..please if there is any assistance to help me have a car it would be a blessing..thank you and God bless

  100. I have been disabled for 6 years went through agonizing physical therapy, have two spinal cord implants one I in the neck one in my lower back. Went through locational rehabilitation services through SSI found a job been there 7 weeks and completely separated my bicep from the bone. Tendons and muscle snapped. I will be down for 5-7 months and allot of physical therapy…. I could use help

  101. Hello, My name is Michael. I am a 44 year old disabled male. I have degenerative disc disease, arthritis, I recently in the last 7 months or so got a bioness stemrouter in my leg/thigh area. All my back problems affect my legs. I have spasms. I do have a back doctor and I am on medication. I am on full time disability as of 2012. I can’t work. Our van we had bought 2 years ago is done for. And all the car lots we’ve went to say our income isn’t enough. Or that our credit is bad. Or no banks will approve us. Having troubles finding rides to all my appointments. I am the only one who drives. My wife suffers from mental illnesses and gets help, and medication. But her anxiety is too bad that it scares her to drive. We also have an emotional support dog to help her. She has many anxiety attacks. We have no family to help us. No transportation. No money for a down payment. Could you please consider helping me? I also am a volunteer Chaplin at the Jail. I do bible studies, and visit the guys, and minister to them. I’ve been doing it for 6 years now. And it’s my passion. All volunteer.

  102. I’d like to know how I could get a car. I’m on disability, and I don’t get enough, to be able to buy a car. I was wondering if there was a ay to get a free car ?

  103. Hello my name is Debra and I am disabled. I have severe arthritis in both knees and my lower back. I also have other medical issues. I am in need of a car to be able to get to doctor visits and other places. I am on disibility and cannot afford to pay a lot for a car. If anyone can help me I would greatly appreciate it. I live in Memphis Tennessee.

  104. Why do you need a car very badly I can’t go back and forth to the doctor I can’t go to the grocery store I can’t go to church I don’t have transportationin my family they don’t have a car cuz I can get them to take if I have to go anywhere it has to be public transportation and they can always take you where you need to go and I have trouble walking I have bad knees I need car pretty badly you never know how much you need one until you definitely don’t have one and you can’t get around so please if you will help me with the car my husband died a year ago he had cancer started in the prostate when it’s your lymph nodes and then finished it in to the Bone and it’s kind of hard this Christmas in my being here that if he was here we are out he would already make sure I had a car but I don’t have it I want a fixed income a very fixed income I’m on disability I couldn’t afford one beef and try to get a car so I don’t know what in the name of Jesus I’m going to do I really don’t so if you can find it in your heart please help me to get a car thank you and God bless

  105. I’m a sine mother of 2 boys and a baby girl. My oldest son is disabled he has autism cerebal pause epilepsy and spastic ankles he doesn’t all very well we need a vehicle to get him back and forth to his appointment 3 hours away medical transportation is to much for him and he can’t handle it. He has severe emotional problems due to the autism we just need help 🙁

  106. I’m disabled, I work 32 years in sewing apparel as a seamtress, until the dye & lint got into my lung , I got really bad lungs problems because of that, I’m not able to work anymore, I’m on disability, the car I got now need a lot of repairs, but I can’t afford to get it fix. Need a good car to go to the doctors appointment.. please help me ,,

  107. [email protected] i am a Cancer Survivor and a Phenomenal. Survivor from Domestic Violence and i had Triple Bypass Heart Surgery. I am in need of a car.threw all my trials and tribulations i decided to have the strength to Live an take back all my Power back. And i am planning to attend College at the age of 56.most individuals don’t Survive and don’t have a Voice. I would be Grateful and Appreciate if your Agency bless me with a car in order Pursuing my goals to maneuver around.Sincere. V.Neuble I reside in Nashville Tn where is Empathy and Compassion for Less Fortunate.This World has got less love and No Heart

  108. Hey my name is Simona Ashe, I really need your help on getting a car, to get my kids to and from school. The county we stay in is called Blackshear Ga, where we need a car to get places. There No public transportation down this way. I’m a single mother of three small kids that need transportation to get to school on an everyday. Sometime My 83 year old mother-in-law take my kids to school, even though she have health issues. So I’m trying to do it all on my own, but now I’m getting upset because my living arrangement… Please please help of you can!!!

  109. Great blogger, to be kinded, you did a great job to compiled this superb article, you really deserve an accolade. I a boy with poor financial background which has affected my financial lifestyle to extent that afford going to school, please i need car/bus for transportation business.Thanks.

  110. Hello I am a single Parent With a That has problems and goes to school on the other side of town There are many times I’m called to the school to help calm now I lost my transportation to vandalism and now I’m not able to make it to the school when needed it’s very challenging I need help I’m Also On a fixed income It’s been very hard since I’ve lost my truck

  111. Hi my name is Tasha I am recently separated from an abusive relationship my soon to be ex husband sold my car one night while I was sleeping for his drug habit he also sold my brand new laptop that I was using for online school and come to find out for about a year of me working and giving him the rent money he was not paying the landlord my ex got arrested last year for drugs In that time I lost my job because I had no transportation I lost my schooling because i had no laptop then I lost the house with nearly everything in it because the rent was not being paid we have 3 beautiful girls together that I currently can not have because I dont have a place of my own that is close to their school and because of all the other factors they currently reside with his sister and mother and now him since he has been released.

  112. I am in Texas, I am handicapped and I need a van, it has to be tall enough to drive my power wheelchair up in using a ramp.
    I am on Social Security disability so I have very little money and I’m at my wits end trying to find a van in order to be able to make doctors appointments and such, Social Security offers rides but half of the time they don’t show up so I need to find something that I can fit into in order to make my doctors appointments, grocery store and such.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Dave Squibb

  113. I Don’ t know If anyone could help or even want too.. but my situation is.. I had gotten a car loan though my bank ..paid a few months on it, so I Thought.. I had to leave my old Job which was the next town over, because my son was being bullied on his school bus, and I needed to be close to him just in case anything happened to him..I fell into a financial situation before getting a Seasonal JOB.. A week into my new Job my I must of drop my work card, some where, and found out it was being spent..and I had to dispute it.. it took about a month to get a new card, as the company that handles our pay kept telling me that they had mailed it out and it should be there by next week..but it never came..and not say but my job was adding my pay onto that card that I didn’t have anymore , and with in that time limit I had to pay rent once the replacement card came in .I did’t mean to get behind on any of my car payments and Now I’m walking to work… I asked for help through a certain family member but they said I was only looking for a hand my car gotten repo on Monday and now I need to pay the full amount in 10 days which is $14,157.35 to get it back..

  114. I am a 59 year old single women still in very good health willing to work and even have work out there just waiting for me to get my own transportation again my last car was a hand me down twice in my family to years ago it seen its last days when it would not go any longer and lost my good job because of no way to get there, so in order for me to go on with my working life i ask please someone to donate me a car any car running good, I would be so appreciative if I can get this accomplished, I don’t want to live on the streets please.
    I really look forward to someone responding asap.
    Thanks Tammy Herrin

  115. Hello my name is Crystal Farmer and I am a Christian and love God. I was involved in a hit and run where the drive fled the scene Jan. 1, 2020. I was coming home turning with my signal on, less than 100 feet from my house. Driver comes from behind me not paying attention from the inner side trying to pass and hit my car from the right front tire and knocks off my bumper. He leaves the scencw and I have no name or tag. My insurance will not pay for it because I do not have no info about the other car. So basically I am without a car living in California who have to come out of the pocket and pay for renter. I done spent 400 for two weeks trying t me get to work. I am totally stressed out trying to get by. I need a car or help with trying to get it repaired.

  116. I leave alone I have no parents and I’m 28 years old now
    I have been trying so hard to make a living but it is hard if u don’t have my dream is to get a car so I can start my own business I have a business plan for all I need is a car to change my life.
    Who ever is reading this who can help please I’M FROM SOUTH AFRICA

  117. I’m a widow leaving a facility into hud housing being in for a stroke. I lost my apt car job last Aug because not stroke.i need a car will only have ss to live on money to buy a car. Please help me. I have spinal stenosis too need ho therapy is more easily on my spine than bus.

  118. I am disabled and I have cancer, I don’t have a way to get around .I had a car but I don’t get enough Social 6 to pay for it .Please help me.

  119. I’m disabled sciatica in back. Need car to get back and forth to work part time, and tio get to doctors appointment s, and grocery store.Mainly to get to work. Thank you

  120. I am a proud mother of irish twins. One girl who is seven and a boy who is 6. My daughter was born and had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic they gave her at birth. Seven long days later she was well enough to come home. She has special classes because she is a very slow learner. My son was born. Having seizure like activity and was transported almost 200 miles from me. He came home on his 7th day. After tons of tests and ups and downs with weight while on feeding tube. They went soo far as to teach both the father and i infant CPR. Went to local pediatric nurse practitioner almost weekly with him. Many trips to St.Louis and tons more tests and many missed milestones later and physical therapy and speech since a year and a half old it took switching from cardenal glennon to childrens to find a few answers. And more tests. We go every other month for appointments. We try to get them all on the same day. Sometimes 3 appts as many as 6. Its 386 miles round trip for us. He was diagnosed with severe spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. He has to have hip surgery. We were told at age 2 to enjoy every moment with him cause they didnt know if he would make it to 3. He may be 6 but he functions as a 9 month old. We live on a gravel road full of potholes every time it rains from the buses and other big trucks. I really need something reliable. 4 door pickup for winter trips. My son doesnt walk or talk or feed himself. He sleeps in a crib drinks from baby bottles and is still learning how to chew food. Doesnt sleep but 45 mon intsrvals. He is my earthbound angel and i want him around as long as I can. He smiles and laughs. Grinds his teeth soo bad every 6 months he has dental surgery. Still goes to physical and occupational therapy therapy 2 times a week and speech therapy once a week besides his therapy he receives at state school. I have to ride with the fathers mom for trips to st louis cause she has a four door truck with the legroom he needs. I worry every hour of every day wondering what i will do if anything happens and its an emergency how do i get him where he needs. I cry nitely knowing i am trying my best to keep him with us. My kids are my moon and moon. Without one how will my day run. If anyone could help ease one worry from my mind and heart I would be really grateful. Thank you for even reading. Thank you for helping if you do

  121. Hello, my name is Heather. I’m a 31 year old mother of two toddlers. My husband is incarcerated. I am in desperate need of a vehicle. I work twice a week due to limited childcare. If I had a reliable vehicle I would be able to get a full time job and pay for daycare on my own. I’ve been struggling since September and it’s been tough. Please, if it be the Lord’s will, help me.

  122. i am a single mom with 3 kids one who is disabled we live in a domestic violence shelter and i just need a car to get to point a and b i just started working and a car would help me so much. where can i go.

  123. I am in a wheelchair but I am able to drive. I need to find a new job. I was severance out of my last one. I need to get to dr appts, grocery store, etc. I am going back to school to stay employed in spite of m;y disability. Help would be appreciated

  124. I am a 61 year old widow, who has fallen on hard times. I just need a good running car so that I can get back and forth to and from work as well as running errands. Thank you.

  125. Yes, too bad you don’t put your disclaimer as the opening remarks of your website as being informational only… would have saved me a lot of time and heartache, as you’re offering people hope that someone is going to see their pleas for help with a car, and actually respond to them…… sad……..and MY need isn’t anywhere NEAR the people’s with cancer and severe illness…..I read through much of your site, thinking that there was an application somewhere to fill out, and NOTHING………BIG dissappointment……….btw, you need someone to proofread your sentence structure and fix your grammar issues………..

  126. Hello I Vanessa Jarmon have a car. I really need help in paying for my insurance and inspection and my registration for my vehicle. Hope you all can help me in some kind of payment for these needs and thank you all so very much for understanding.

  127. Hi my name is Nathaniel Anderson and I need a Vehicle to get my mother, to and from Dialysis she’s in a wheelchair.

  128. Hi I’m jorge my car broke down 4 months ago and i need one to get my job back I have no job now I’m staying in a trailer cabin. That’s all got to say please give me a hand

  129. We are poor family we need family vehicles that I able find job and able take kids to doctor too and able go food store for family needed please help me I only on ssi income and food snap I not have a job cuz no ride to able look for job please help me any free vehicle to help me

  130. Good day. My story is a very long story. Lets just say i gave my ex husband my car and business so that i could just take my child and move. So it happend. Two months later he went and stole my child at school. I stuggled 16 months to get my child back with me. In the meantime he sold the car and business (which i am still co-owner of because we are still getting devorced). I pay literilly everything. So almost devorced, not fighting for anything because he sold everything and my child has been placed with me through court. He does not pay the maintenance he is suppose to (court order). So im litterilly starting over and struggeling to keep head above water. I live in a town where you dont get much paid. Minimum wage. I want to move and start over somewhere else but im in urgent need of a car. Pritty please can someone point me in the right direction of a helping hand ? I just want to make a better living for my son and give him a better future …

  131. In need of a new car recently got kicked out of my house moved In with my partner neither of us have a car we earn minimum wage we usually have to take the bus or walk to work in every weather condition we live with my partners mom as well shes not of age where she can’t be walking around in really cold weather anymore please help us out we don’t car what type of car as long as it will get us from home to work and from work home please and thank you god bless.

  132. I’m a single male on disability I am 60 years old living in Southern California. Over the years it’s become very hard to make ends meet with rent to high even for a one bedroom apt. The price of gas among the highest in the nation I need a car that can get good gas mileage and a tank of gas last up to two weeks something new/used would help me get to my doctor’s appointment right now I depend on public transportation and it takes 5 plus hours to get to and from my appointments not counting the times I miss my bus by a few minutes I have to wait up to 90 minutes for the bus. You don’t know the issues I go thru with public transportation. Yes I am in need of a car know walking to the grocery store up to two miles there and back home is taking it’s toll on me I get to tired and have to stop and rest I hope someone here’s my plea for a vehicle I here about government free car programs and checked out some of the programs but I don’t know how to apply for the programs. So if there’s someone who has a new/used car they don’t need I’m really in need of one now. Thanks and I hope someone in Southern California can let me know.

  133. I’m in desperate need of a car to get back and forth from work. Need to keep my job to pay my bills and keep a roof over my head. Good paying job and if I can maintain it if be more than happy to be paying for a vehicle even but I have no credit history and at this very moment no money for down payments so I haven’t been able to get a loan or whatnot. Please please the help would be tremendous

  134. I am a single mom of 6 kids due to this coronavirus I am out of work I don’t have a vehicle to get to my kids doctors appointments or even work when j get to go back I am desperate I dont have any family or friends my 4 month old cant even get his shots cause I cant get gonna to the doctor or my 19 month old.. we have been thru so much in life I just got out of a abusive relationship and he destroyed the only car I did have … please I pray to god someone anyone can help us

  135. I never own a car in my life till now I really wanted something in my dream I drive a car but when I wake up it was nothing sometimes I feel very very sad please help me to get a car please please please.

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