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Government assistance That Can Help You With Car Repairs For Freehow can i fix my car with no moneyi need my car fixed but have no money, how to pay for car repairs with no money, The government car repair assistance can help you, if you are also searching for any of this kind or help. Car was initially considered a luxurious commodity but now it’s a necessity. Along with owning a car, one also has to look after the maintenance that it needs from time to time. If you own a car, you might know that car repairs are expensive and not everybody could afford them. People have to take loans just to maintain their cars. Low-income families cannot afford to give a big chunk of their salaries into car maintenance. So, instead of not using the car, one should search for better options that will fund them with their car repairs. If you are looking for some charities or organizations that can help you with car repairs, read the entire article to know more about them.

list of organizations that can help you with your car repair

Here is the list of some of the trusted and well known organizations that help low income people with car repair assistance, you can find any one of them to get participate.

  1. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

As the name suggests, this organization looks after the safety of cars and passengers sitting on the roads especially National Highways. You might have heard of the various accidents that occur on the National and state highways. Most of them happen due to non-serviceable cars. Sometimes the doors are not securely closed, issues in the secondary latch, etc. All these issues occur because the people don’t service and repair their car from time to time. That is why to make sure that people drive safe cars, the organization provides free car repairs to the people in need.

In order to obtain help from them, you can visit their official website. Click on

“RECALLS” button and enter the VIN of your vehicle. The VIN of the vehicle helps them to decide if you are eligible for the grant or not. If your car is listed, then you can get your car fixed for free. If you want a detailed view of the process, visit Was, a Recalled Car Fixed? for more information.

  1. Career Connection

This program runs for the people residing in New Jersey to help them with the transportation to work. In a way, Career connection offers transportation grants to help you get to work with ease. They also provide discount automobile insurance to the drivers who pass the eligibility criterion. This program will not directly provide funds for your car repairs but they will assist you in making your travel from your home to your workplace at absolutely no cost.

If you want to get assistance, check whether your state offers the transportation grant. You can contact them by both online and offline means to get more information.

  1. Workforce

The workforce will take care of everything from the emergency car repair to the funds for your car maintenance. The United States of America has the Workforce program that aims to help the citizens in getting them back to work. They make sure that the daily problems do not stop people from reaching their work on time. They try to eliminate all the changes that can hamper people’s work. One such chance is of your car breaking down the midway of your work destination, they help to fix the vehicle so, that your work doesn’t get disturbed. It also pays all the money for one’s car repairs. If you are a student who is also working part-time or on job probation, then Workforce provides grants to such people who fall under this criterion. The grant money differs from city to city. In New Jersey, the grant money offered is $ 10,000 while in Pennsylvania it is about $8000.

  1. Job Access and Reverse Commute (JARC)

JARC is a service agency that was established in 1969 by a small group of parents in Oakland County. It is a government program that can provide financial assistance for your car repairs. You can avail the services that involve the maintenance of the car for free with the help of this organization. In a way, they provide the facility of transport in the rural areas thus helping the ones in need. If you want to seek help from them, you should suffice their eligibility criteria.

  1. churches that help with car repairs 

United Methodist church organization believes that service to humanity is service to God. That is why there are on a mission to help all the individuals in need. They provide various programs. One such program involves helping low-income families with their car repairs. For the ones who cannot afford to maintain their car, United Methodist Church come to their rescue. They understand how difficult it gets when somebody doesn’t have a good medium of transportation. So, they help struggling families to make their transportation means ready to use.

  1. Veteran’s Administration

If you are a senior citizen residing in the United States of America and are facing some service-related injury, then you can get help to buy a specialized vehicle for yourself. This organization works towards helping Disabled veterans to get a specialized vehicle for themselves that might meet their requirements. This is to make their traveling job a bit easier. A veteran can get funding up to $21,488 if he/she wants to buy a vehicle.

However, there are certain eligibility criteria for passing the grant. If the veterans suffer from any of the following disorder like loss of limbs, vision 20/200, ankylosis, permanent loss of one or both knees, severe burn injury, amyotrophic lateral Sclerosis, or ankylosis in knees or hips, he/she is considered as handicapped and would be eligible for the funding.

  1. Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program

This program is available for low-income families residing in Arizona. They are provided help with grants for emission repairs of their cars. In order to get the benefit of this program, you must be registered in Pima County or Maricopa for at least a period of 12 months. Once your application has been approved, you will get funding within the range of$500 to $1000. This funding depends on your vehicle’s year and repair. The amount of $150 should be paid by the owner as co-pay.

In case, you failed the emission test and the vehicle is 12 or 12 years older, then you can contact them on the helpline number 520-628-5395. Once, you get approved; find an ADEQ approved repair shops facility to get your car repaired. Click here to apply for the program.

  1. Lift Garage

It is a non-profit auto repair shop that helps low-income families in Minneapolis, United States. If you are finding it hard to make amends for your car repairing, then visit their website to get the desired help. This organization was established by Cathy Heying who saw the needs related to car repairs. It is a great place to get your car repaired if you financially qualify for the service.

  1. The Carpenter’s Garage

Carpenter Garage is an organization that works with the federal government. It is a non-profit organization. Carpenter’s Garage is a federally administered government assistance program that provides funds for car- repairs. It is a shop that gives assistance programs specifically designed to help the families who find it hard to do the car- repair works. Less-fortunate people are benefitted from the program.

Although the program is designed to help the families it is not entirely free. The charges are reduced to minimal to help them in every way. The shop believes that helping the citizens is the service to Christ. The shop also offers several services like engine tuning, oil inspection, and many others. These services are provided at very minimal rates. They only charge you for the labor who was involved in fixing the car. Just, one thing, make sure that you fit the eligibility criteria before applying for the program.

  1. Women to Work

The name itself describes the work of the organization. Women to Work aim to empower women and help them reach their workplace with ease. They also assist with childcare, employment opportunities, scholarships, and clothes closet to the women who are working or single mothers. Transportation assistance is one such facility that is provided to working women for free by them. In case you are a working woman, you can reach out to them with the mentioned contact number. Phone no: 412-742-4362

  1. Consumer Assistance program

This program is aimed to help the residents of California with their vehicle’s repairs. For people who are financially weak and cannot afford a maintenance service for their vehicles, CAP comes to their assistance. The repairs provided by them are limited to Star Test and repair stations. You can receive funding up to $1200 if you pass their eligibility test. The eligibility criterion is such that the applicant’s care must be 1996, in order to receive the given amount. If your care lies between 1976 and 1995, you will receive $900 as assistance.

There are also certain programs available that will help you in times of need

Goodwill Used Car Program

Goodwill industries are a reputed name in the United States that help poor families with the facility of transportation so that they can reach their workplaces without facing any difficulty. These programs give a chance to poor families of fulfilling their dream of sitting in a car. Goodwill Used car donation program provide free used cars to some families that they find need them the most.

Free Cars- New and Uses Car Programs

This program is for low-income families. They perform Car Donations that can change the lives of disadvantaged families.

Gasoline Assistance Program

Low-income families need help with their supply of gas too. With this program, they will be able to get free gas vouchers for Low Income Families. In this way, they can avail themselves of a gas service at their household for free.

Government grants for auto repair shops

Government assistance are always to help low income families those who are unemployed and seeking for help, low income families or an individual can apply for various welfare programs and can get benefits from them, these people can apply for federal transpiration assistance such as free cars programs, free used cars programs from federal assistance programs as well as from non profit organizations near me. There are various Loans and free money assistance that is helping unemployed low income family members to start their own business. you can easily find more information near by employment office or you can contact with federal grants and assistance offices for further information.

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