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Goodwill’s Free Car Repair Program

How To Get Goodwill’s Free Car Repair Program? In recent times the automobile industry has been in the limelight, the U.S car industry has sold more than 15 million new cars. The demand for new and old vehicles have increased and thus everyone requires a car for various purposes. After getting a car, most individuals face a basic problem: the cost of repairing the car in case it goes through any damage. Car repairs are quite expensive and the average repair price in the United States is around $600. Fortunately Goodwill does understand the basic problem of the local people and thus runs a car repairs program to help them out. Go through the article to know everything about Goodwill’s Car Repair Program.

What is the Goodwill Car Repair Program?

The Goodwill is a non-profit organization that runs the Goodwill Car Repair Program. The main motive of this program is to help out the individuals and families. Many individuals and families need a car for various purposes like employment, education and medical needs and for that it is necessary for them to maintain the car. The Goodwill Car Repair Program offers free car services so that the people do not have to struggle to maintain their new or old car. As you know, repair shops charge a lot of money for car repairs for car maintenance. However, the Goodwill Car Repair program will offer better services at an affordable rate. There are also Goodwill free cars Programs that offer used cars at an affordable pricing.

There are also programs that offer Free cars for Poor and free cars for low income families, all you need to meet the eligibility criteria of the program.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements for Goodwill’s Car Repair Program ?

If you want to eligible for the Goodwill’s Car Repair Program, you need fulfill the criteria that has been listed below:

  • You must be residing in an area where Goodwill offers their service. Thus, you need to show your residential proof.
  • Your income proof is much needed as this program is available to only those individuals whose household income is at or below the federal poverty level.
  • You must be employed or have participated in the job training program to participate in the Goodwill’s Car Repair Program. Therefore, you need to submit your proof of employment or training program.
  • You must have your own vehicle or you are leasing a vehicle. So, be prepared to show your vehicle ownership papers.

How To Apply for Goodwill’s Car Repair Program?

Once you are eligible for Goodwill’s Car Repair program, you need to follow some specific steps for the application procedure.

  • First thing you need to do is contact your local Goodwill office and know about everything about the program in your area.
  • In the next steps you need to provide all the detailed information and submit the application form. It must include your vehicle details, financial situation and your current employment status.
  • Then you need to submit all the documents to prove that you are eligible for the program. It includes your proof of residence, proof of income, proof of employment, your vehicle ownership papers etc.
  • Once they approve your application, they will schedule an appointment with you and might ask you a few questions. Further they will access your vehicle and service it from the participating repair shop.

Things To Know About Car Repairs

There are a number of things that you need to know about car repairs. Maintaining a car can be really difficult as it incurs a lot of expenses. Under maintenance service you might need to replace OEM car parts or make minor repairs like scratches or dents.

The number of maintenance services that is required by a normal car includes replacement of brakes and pads, transmission fluid replacement, old battery replacement, installation of new tires, engine oil filter replacement, other maintenance based on your mileage and wiper blades. It can be really difficult to repair or maintain your car, but to make your car safe and secure you need to properly maintain your car.

Tips To Repairs and Maintain Your Car

We have provided a few tips that will help you in repairing and maintaining your car.

  • Schedule Maintenance – The first thing you need to do to make sure that your car does not face any issues is maintaining it for an interval of 2-3 months. Maintaining your car will help you in eliminating the risk of any damage. So, if you do not maintain your car your repair cost might be double. Therefore it is ideal to keep maintaining your car on a scheduled basis.
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) – It is highly important for you to know about basic repairs that will help you in saving the labor costs in repairs. Minor repairs can be fixed by yourself, nowadays there is a lot of help on the internet. You can use the internet and learn how to fix minor issues. It will surely save a lot of money and you will keep on learning more about your car. Minor changes like putting new tires, changing oil filter can be done by yourself.
  • Conduct a Research – Before repairing your car, it is important for you to visit the local repairs shop and ask them about their rates. Different shop charges differently, so you choose the best one for yourself and thus you will receive quality service at an affordable rate.
  • Know about Car Repair Programs – You need to stay updated and know about car assistance programs that are offered by the federal government, non-profit organization and other sources. Car repair programs or grants will save your hard earned money and you can easily repair your car without paying much.
  • Parts Sourcing – Another way to save your money is purchase car parts from supply stores rather than getting them from auto repair shops. The auto repair shops generally charge more price for the car parts in comparison to the supply stores.

Know About The Working of the Wheels for Work Program

Goodwill is a well known non profit organization that offers car repair assistance programs to the low income individuals and families. Apart from that they also offer help to the disabled individuals. Remember that Goodwill does not offer cars for free but they might offer cars at an affordable rate. They also offer better financing facilities for the applicants who are eligible for their program. They financial options that are available to the individuals are listed below:

  • Cars Grants
  • Credit Check Free Purchases
  • Gas Vouchers
  • Free Repair Services
  • Interest Free Payments
  • Affordable Monthly Rates
  • Transportation Assistance

Why is a Car much needed for Employment?

When you are looking for a job then you might need to get a car. Your location might not have access to public transportation and therefore you need a car to travel. A personal vehicle is much needed for finding better job opportunities. To get a good job, you might need to travel further and a car can be really helpful for you. If we compare public transport with a personal car then it surely offers a number of benefits like saving your time, eliminating train or bus schedules, waiting for hours and much more.

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What are the benefits of the Goodwill Car Repair Program?

The Goodwill Car Repair Program offers a number of benefits that has been listed below:

  • Empowering The Youth – Affordable car repair program by Goodwill helps the youth to easily maintain their car and repair them. They need cars for mainly employment purposes and thus offering them these facilities can be a blessing for them.
  • Affordable Pricing – Goodwill’s Car Repair Program helps the applicants to repair their cars at an affordable rate. The rates are quite low in comparison to other local auto repair shops.
  • Supporting the Community – The Car Repair Program can help in strengthening the community so that local individuals can create job opportunities for them by opening small businesses.
  • Qualify Service – The quality of service that is provided under the program is quite great. Certified technicians perform the repairs and therefore your car is in good hands and you do not have to worry. These techniques are very experienced and they will do the best for your car.

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How To Contact Goodwill Car Repair Program Locations?

There are a number of locations that offer the Goodwill Car Repair Program. Once you have qualified for the program, you can seek into some of the locations that has been listed below:

Goodwill Industries in Northern Michigan

Address: 2279 South Airport Road West

Traverse City, MI 49684

Contact: 231-995-7718 or 1-877-488-3449 ext 218

Wheels To Work Oneonta in New York

Address: 3 West Broadway

Oneonta, New York 13820

Contact: 607-433-8000, 1-800-986-5463

Goodwill Industries in Ohio Valley

Address: 10600 Springfield Pike

Cincinnati, Ohio 45215

Contact: 513-771-5800

Goodwill Cars For Work Auto Auction in Kentucky

Address: 962 E. Chestnut Street

Louisville, KY 40204

Contact: 859 277-2277

Goodwill Cars For Work Program Office in  Kentucky

Address: 909 E. Broadway

Louisville, KY 40204

Contact: (502) 585-5221, (502) 259-0430

Goodwill Auto Sales & Vehicles Donation Center in Florida

Address: 3333 Fowler Street

Fort Myers, FL 33901

Contact: (239) 936-4861

Bottom Line

The Goodwill Car Repair Program can be really valuable for you as it offers you better options in repairing and maintaining your car. Individuals and families do struggle a lot in maintaining their vehicles, however this car repair program comes handy and is cost-effective.

Apart from that it also makes them more self-sufficient, offers them financial stability and also improves their life. Under the Goodwill Car Repair Program discounted services are provided and they also do not compromise the quality of service. However, to get benefits from the program you need to meet the eligibility criteria and then apply for it. To know more you can visit the local Goodwill office in your area.

To know more about car related programs and information visit 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a few frequently asked questions on Goodwill’s Car Repair Program. Check them out below:

Is it possible to  get a free car?

There are a number of non profit organizations and charities that provide used cars to low income individuals or families. However, to qualify for the program you need to meet the eligibility criteria.

What is bad about the Goodwill’s Wheels for Work Program?

The only thing that is bad about the Goodwill’s Wheels for Work Program is that it sells or leases second hand cars to the eligible participants without any warranty. If the buyer faces any car related problems then they have to bear the repair costs.

What types of repairs are covered under the Goodwill Car Repair Program?

The repairs that are covered under the Goodwill Car Repair Program includes electrical work, suspension repairs, brake services, engine repairs etc. But remember that they do not cover cosmetic repairs or any other modifications of the vehicle.

Do all car repair shops participate in the Goodwill’s car repair program?

No, all the car repair shops do not participate in the program. There are a number of participating car repair shops that have collaborated with the Goodwill’s car repair program. To know about the locations you can visit their official website or local Goodwill office.

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