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Cars for single moms : we are here to help single moms to get a free car, free cars for single moms charity programs are emerging as a helping hand for single mothers , pregnant mothers. They are offering free cars for single mother through various government and non government organizations,which are exclusively for single mom

Cars for single moms: Free Cars for Single Mom Programs are very popular programs. we are here to help single moms to get a free car, free cars for single moms charity programs are emerging as a helping hand for single mothers , pregnant mothers. They are offering free cars for single mother through various government and non government organizations,which are exclusively for single mom. in our last post I have shared How to Get a Free Car from the Government. Because many responses were based on single moms, many single moms pinged me directly and got many mails too, and all were asking the same thing how to get a free car for single mom. In this post I will help single moms to get the free car with very popular, free Cars for single Moms Programs. Many Government grants and scholarships are available for those single mothers who wants to study and take care of their kids and family. you can find here information and can apply Easily Apply Free Grants For Single Mothers Program

Cars for Single Mom
 Get car vouchers for single mothers, Grants for cars for single mothers

Life of a single mom is not easy, they have to manage multiple works, they to manage office, a single mom has to manage baby too. A single mom face the big big challenges the most one in financial issue, and another one is transportation issue. Let’s say your office is 10 kms away from your home and your kids school is 5 km away from your home but in opposite direction the major challenge here is now you have to travel 15 km to reach your kid and if you don’t have a car that is like hell.There are numerous programs offering free cars for single mothers . When mothers is put into perspective, this effect is compounded. Studies on the effectiveness of programs giving away cars for moms have proven that the beneficiaries are likely to find and hold on to their jobs. The research and the time management of mothers link, as a result of their mode of transportation. Single mothers, Low-income households, Pupils , etc. are all beneficiaries of government plans to acquire a new or used vehicle. A perspective is covered by this manual on the programs that provide cars for mothers .Donating cars are based on several standards where the credit score of one is not part of it.

Free donated car for single mom
Free cars for single mom , habitat for humanity cars for single moms

I know the condition, my neighbor Lucy who was separated from his husband with a 5 years baby girl and decided to stay in California with her own family. She suffered a lot because it was tough to travel with a child and especially when she is single and she does not have any reliable vehicle to transport. Public transport isn’t favorable all the time, particularly. A mother makes enough money as that of two members in a household. Obtaining a car is difficult for groups and single moms fall under this category. Nonprofit organizations offering free cars for single mothers , having a car is made simple and extremely affordable As a result of this programs run by Nonprofit Organizations. Automobiles being offered to mothers come to the rescue here. Public transportation is in the stage, not every job for mothers. Nevertheless, locating such programs for single moms can be challenging and so here is an extensive collection of charity programs that donate cars to single mothers. There are ways to be eligible for free cars for single moms.

As per My Opinion only superwomen has power to manage entire things in this world except it if you are a women you should participate in free cars for single moms program. A car would really help a mother to fight her everyday life challenges such as taking the children to school and other activities, going to work, going to the grocery store, a essential appointment with the physician and maintaining a job, private and social life balance. Proper transportation will certainly help single mothers to juggle between their job, children and social life.

free cars for single moms program
Who Donate cars to single mothers

The Major challenges for a single mom or it will not be wrong if I say major challenges for families is to manage financial freedom with today conditions where cost of everything is increasing this situation if someone ask or even plan to buy a car, I am sure, she has to think twice before it. So what if you can’t buy a car there are multiple ways which can work for you one of them is Free donated car for single mom , which can help you in daily struggle with Transportation. In this post in will help to know how to help single moms to get free or donated cars for single mothers.

Many organizations are there which help of Free cars for single mom charity, are coming forward to and moreover it’s not a long process to get a free car. If your application is approved for free cars for single moms program, you can own a car within 10-15 days easily. Due to high concern with single moms they have reduced the paperwork’s and all. So here I am going to help you how to get free car for a single mom.

Free Cars For Single Moms

Free Cars For Single Moms
Vehicle Assistance for single mothers

Earnings are lower than average. Mothers don’t work. Single mothers’ families are characterized by a large proportion of unemployed and financial situation. On the dad, the household maintenance function rests in most households. It’s rare that over a man would be earned by a girl. These are exceptions, although There’s a certain proportion of women opting for motherhood. The picture of a woman deprived of obligation and life azimuth perpetuated In regards to the status of a mother. The perception of mothers in this manner is unfair and unfair. Girls who raise their children become lonely, since the law and the state aren’t on their side. It’s not now that having a child is treated in luxury terms. Women have to hide their problem. Young mothers have career prospects than women. Availability is a necessity on a possible employer’s part. Young working moms have discomfort associated for their family and their child. The mother is left alone, Whilst in the case of a family, parents can look after the kid . in this Case There are many charities and non profitable organization are feeling pain of a single mother and working towards this pain and resolving the issue for transportation for single mom so at least they can manage their work life with ease. Free cars for single mom programs has helped Lucy one of my neighbor in managing is office and kids. Lucy is easily helping her son to take and drop from school or kinder garden. free cars for single moms programs has helped her. here are various ways to participate and get a chance to own a free car for single mothers few of them we are suggesting below

Free Grants for Single Mothers in the USA

Under various donations and pr For Single parentsograms, the federal government offers free cars to a single mother. Single mothers who fit into the criteria can apply for it. The US government also offers various grants for single moms, apart from the free ca For Single parentsr programs. Look at the list and take benefit of it. Government Free Cars

  • Government Personal Grants For Single parents
  • Government Free Rent Grants For Single parents
  • Low Interests car loans For Single parents
  • Government financial grants For Single parents
  • Government Maternity Grants For Single parents
  • Government Free Bill Payment grants For Single parents
  • Government Free Scholarships For Single parents
  • Government hardship grants For Single parents
  • Government Grants for buying a new house For Single parents

A single mother to empower her and improve her lifestyle level all these are government grants for them. You can take advantage of it if you are the residence of the USA and a single parent.  You can get help in all possible ways with all the resources and the information available. There are scholarships, government grants and loans are available for a single mom. What you have to do is apply for it all required documents. With all these grants mother can take care of her child along with a job or study.

Free cars for single mothers – Car Vouchers For Single Mothers

Car Vouchers for single mothers are being offered by many nonprofitable organizations and Helping Cars For Single Moms From Charity. There are many charities that are offering free cars for single mothers and Free Car For People In Need and running Free car Vouchers Programs too, welfare car voucher Program is one of the popular among the USA which Is Truly helping programs to help get a car. There are many programs which have come up for offering free cars to single mothers who are not running smoothly. In many cases, organizations are offering a car that is old and not working properly. This is the reason why the car voucher system has come up giving opportunity for single mothers to get benefits like a huge discount on the new car. Through these vouchers, single mothers will get a car and also get benefits of the tax. After purchasing a car from the showroom, through Single Mothers Car Vouchers, the single mother is likely to get free insurance from the showroom of the car. Many showrooms are giving this golden opportunity to single mothers. car voucher program in Michigan, a car voucher program in taxes Has been Running successfully it was the government car voucher program . car vouchers for single mothers, Is Also Being Sponsored By federal grants for single mothers to buy a car.

Facts about Car vouchers for single mothers

  1. Cars like BMW, Mercedes, etc. cannot be purchased using the Single Mothers’ Coupons/Vouchers.
  2. You can only avail of a maximum discount of $10,000 on free car voucher.
  3. A limited-time period is offered in every car voucher for a single mother coupon.
  4. The voucher will expire if you don’t use it at that time when it is provided
  5. Under the Grants for cars for single mothers program, the car vouchers for single mothers are provided which is basically a government scheme.
  6. After the grants for cars for single mothers redeemed, you will have to pay the remaining balance amount of the car.

There are many ways in which single mothers can get help. They are as follows – Car vouchers for single mothers, Free cars for single moms Program, free charity cars for single moms and other many free cars for single mothers Program.

Where to Start Looking For Free Cars for Single Moms?

By participating in free cars for a single mother’s program you can easily power up your work if you are a single mom. It can also be challenging for you as a single mother to live alone and give all the necessities to your child and keep your child happy and satisfied.

In order to handle personal and professional life in a balanced way, there is a lot of stress mental and physical which one has to take. And especially single mothers have to earn enough money for the members of her family including the child. And besides money, it is also difficult to travel on public transportation. And there are single mothers who always long to stand on their feet and it requires some help. And that help is the car, which will make your life much easier than you can think.

Having a car can help out and ease the works such as doing the everyday task without depending on public transportation like dropping off and picking the child from school, going to the grocery shop, going to work, going to doctor, taking your child for a fun drive etc. It also helps in maintaining personal and social life balance.

Free Cars For Single Moms – Charities that helps single mom to get a free car

Get Free Cars For Single Moms From Charity
Free Charity Cars For Single Moms, federal grants for single mothers to buy a car

Every mother loves her baby however Single mom is a Powerful woman because of She is fighting all the time, she wants to provide more than a Healthy & joyful life to her children. If you’re a single mother and are not capable of affording a vehicle this shortly, Single mothers deserve free cars due to its help her to get children from school to go work or Regularly physician checkups and effortless traveling with the baby and that can be possible that you have a car because there are numerous organizations some others and governmental personal who works for the advantages of moms like you. That’s why we published this article on cars for single moms.

Donated Cars for single Mom

I understand about urban areas but I strongly regret about rural areas where forget about transportation, you get hardly single mode of transportation, if you are lucky that your rural area is connected with transportation I bet frequency will not be there so you can travel any time, and single mom has no fixed time to travel. With the help of get a free car for single moms from a charity program can help you to access your car during your student emergency.

Nonprofit organizations or non-government organization are These associations donate free cars to Single Mom,veterans, low-income households ,pupils, and other struggling families. To get free cars from Government, charity Non-Profit organizations. You will need to just feel out free cars for single mothers charity Program form. The receiver should meet the eligibility criteria for having the ability to apply for the donation. Here recorded Organizations can help single mothers, veterans to receive free cars, How to get a free car for students, Free Cars for Low Income Families This organization giving automobiles for single mothers like you who struggle with a job which has legitimate driving Permit and she is a Legal U.S Resident ( Right we’re helping single moms who belongs to USA only) The receiver must be the native of the country USA where she presently resides, she must have a valid driver’s license If a single mom unable to cover car insurance policy might not receive free car from charity program

Charity Cars and Other Free Stuff for a Single Mother

For a single mother it is difficult to survive and the toughest part is being a mother itself. It can be good if there is the help of family and friends in supporting you, but then there are some mothers who do not even get the support of family and friends and if you are the one and one of those then you do not have to worry. You have to remember that you need some volunteer work and grants to settle out the things. With proper research, you can all your household and other help for happy living.

People and government both want to help you, as being a single mother are hard, but you can always find help. Whether you are a single mother, pregnant mother, widow mother, or divorced mother with low income, you will get grants from government, charities, NPOs, and NGOs.

You can also contact the local charities and provide money if you are the one who wants to help such a mother, you can make some donations on your own or contact supplies. You will not get anything in return if you do not make or offer help in the real charities. Being a responsible and helpful citizen of the USA the Government Provides your tax benefit in return. You can claim it.

The list of 3 top and Best Organizations to get a free car for single mom is given below

  1. Freecharitycars.Org

FreeCharityCars.Org is a non-profit organization that helps the single mom or needed one like you. That’s only for the United Status. provide a good car if you participate in their job training and women skills improve Programs. The also Provides a job needed to women to make Financially independent, works only in Iowa (USA). this Non-profit organization helps to Family who unable to have money to care for families who are single.

Apart form these charities there are various other charities are so offered or donate free cars to single mothers. we are listing them below

  1. Working Cars for Working Families
  3. 1-800 Charity cars
  4. Good News Garage
  5. Vehicles for Change
  6. Habitat for humanity cars for single moms
  9. Salvation army

Eligibility for Free Cars for Single Mothers

The eligibility criteria may be different from program to program, they are various free cars donation programs which are helping single moms. if you are the one who is planning to participate in any of the given (above) Program have a look below on Eligibility for Free Cars for Single Mothers

  1. The Women must be a single mother, Divorced or Widow.
  2. The single mother must carry a valid Vehicle license In order to apply for free car grants
  3. The single mother must have a valid proof of Job i.e. letter issued by the company or any offer letter issued by the organization
  4. Should be fit into the requirement  set by the charity organizer.
  5. must be able to repay (If mention)
  6. must be able to pay for car insurance
  7. Must not have owned any Prior vehicle  or have not participated in any other car grants.
  8. Must not be a drug addict
  9. Must not be involve in any of the criminal offense

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Support From the Federal Government For Free Cars for Single Moms

US government is ever ready to help its citizens and ease their troubles. It includes veterans, disabled people, single mothers, students, low-income families, and more. According to the category, the government has decided to spend some amount of money in the budget each year. It includes social programs for single mothers who look for a car.

As a single mom, you get the benefits of the program named Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) application that is run by the US government. Many wealthy American families donated free cars to the needy one and that was the culture in the early ’90s. And in return for their concern, the federal government makes sure that more and more people encouraged doing the same. For their charities, the donor can claim the tax deduction from the IRS.

The U.S. government also supports the non-profitable organization and charities which donate the car to the needy single mother. More single mothers are getting their free cars today as the awareness has been raised and more states have started such policies to support the single mothers.

All those who successfully passed in the eligibility criteria, donation or refurbishing the old vehicle and donation are done by the programs that offer free cars for single moms. Some offer cars for moms at no or minimum interest to purchase a new vehicle for their personal use or with the income purpose if a person does not become eligible to get free cars.

How to Get Free or Cheap Cars from Government Car Programs

get a free car for single mom
Cheap Cars from Government Car Programs , Organizations that help single mothers get cars

These days, donating old Cars, Trucks or Taxies to become Popular who do not want their older cars anymore has the best option to choose rather selling. Why donating a car is a best choice I will explain in this post further, Read this post carefully to Understand How a Free car for single mom can help her and her kids. Single Mothers like you readily get this free donated cars for single mom. These Authorities applications meet car donors and desired persons with individuals who get government assistance as a way of helping them become more self-explanatory. The government built a very distinctive law of automobile tax. Using that auto donation option you receive a tax deduction in your next tax return that means if you are donating a free car to single mom you can claim tax relief when you submit your tax return. This sort of program directly benefit the single mother. An automobile is one vehicle to perform multiple jobs. It helps to make easy transportation or let’s say if any moment of time single mom lose her job she can use it as a taxi too. Other Charities and Local Car Dealers also tied up together to conduct these Campaigns. With no manage to all kids and jobs will be hard then mother can apply free Car for single moms Program to assist single mothers.

Best affordable cars for single moms

Organizations That Help Single Mothers Get Cars

A mother who is taking care of all these above-mentioned activities, so getting a car for such a single mother is very much important. And that’s why there are many ways in which you can get help. Getting a car with less income and for a single mother is the tough part, but there are some programs of the government and the non-government to help the single mothers get their first car with the grants or charity. You can get more idea about it by visiting USA.Gov.

If you are a single mother and have a car and your car is not in a working condition and there are some extra charges which are needed for repairs, then there are some charities that will help in repairing too. For a functioning car and ride, there are some charities that offer parts or finance. Apart from this, they also provide some of the single-parent households in need.

Another hurdle which comes in the life of a single mother is to manage finance with low income or no income and taking care of the child during the rough times. And in such a situation, it cannot be thought of purchasing a new car. Because as a single mother the basic requirement would be to have a roof overhead, paying off the bills and two times meals.

These are the basic requirements of life and the other list is long. And buying a car would most probably come at the end of the list. Having a car is affordable and straightforward for a mother, who plays the role of a single parent with the help of the government, NGOs, NPOs, and charity support programs. You can also get a donated free car if you are struggling with the transport system.

In today’s age when the cost of stuff in the market is growing drastically, it becomes a challenge for a single mother to handle the finances and get financial freedom. If the above mentioned governmental and non-governmental programs can help them it will mean a lot and help other single mothers also. Plus, public transportation cannot provide safety, so their many concerns and that is why single mothers are looking for other ways.

What comes to the rescue of single mothers are free cars. Under a specific situation, you can get a free car when you cannot afford to purchase a new car. Within 10-15 days you get a free without any kind of a hassle if you have proper documents and follow the instructions of the government or charity. Through some methods, you (single mother) can now qualify for a free car, but finding it in an only place is tough and almost impossible. To make it possible and comfortable, we have prepared a list of all programs and ways that offer cars to single mothers.

There are maximum numbers of single mothers who make enough money for a family of two or more. Whenever there are travelers with a child, the public transport never works properly to manage timings. And all single mother falls into the category of buying a car which is their dream. So, a big applauds goes to the government-supported programs, personal charity programs, and non-profit organizations, which makes easy and affordable ways to get a car.

For those mothers who live in a remote area for them depending on public transport is not enough and possible. It possible that they have to wait for long hours to get transportation on time and it means you will have to leave home early and arrive home late. And this is the worst condition for a single mother working so hard.

If you a single mom and confused about where to start or where to find free cars, below is the list of all us government programs and charities who are ready to help a single parent in all possible ways, including a free car.

How to Get Free Cars From a Non-Profit Organization

How to Get Free Cars From a Non-Profit Organization
How to Get Free Cars for single mothers From a Non-Profit Organization

There are multiple Non-Profit organization who are working for women and it’s a very easy process to Get Free Cars From a Non-Profit Organization. Single moms are always on high concern for government as well as for charity organizations, as everyone understand how difficult to manage everything here I am going to share top 3 Organization which are best to get a free car for single mom under their program.

Single moms just need to apply for their program to get free cars from a non- profit organization. After applying all of the Charity Organizations, If your request disapproved then don’t worry. I will also tell you now what you can do . in this condition There are already Some small Organization Working on same pattern of charity they help to buy a car for single moms free. But you need to pay that money,When A single mom Feel that now she can pay. Other Option to get a best car for single mom is Buy Here Pay Here

The cars or The automobiles these organizations receive in its best shape as they are not transportation ready. These organizations make sure that these cars are refurbished and completely reliable & safe for the driver after donating it to the recipient.

Get Free Cars From a Non-Profit Organization
Get Free Cars From a Non-Profit Organization, Free charity cars for Single moms

How to Apply For Free Cars For Single Mothers

All the charities work under the same aim, though the charities may different rules, regulations, and policies. The system and the working mechanism are the same. For getting a free car, you have to apply under the charity programs that offer cars.

Free charity cars for Single moms

Since there are many people who apply for free cars, all their application goes under scanning. After the separation of the forms, there is a voting process that happens among the members to decide the final person who is very badly in need of a car. And after the whole process, they will issue a list that shares the name of the applicant who gets the car for free.

With federal grants instead of offering a car, some small charities and associations help you to purchase a car. All these charities work on fixed patterns, and here I have shared their working patterns for you so that you will get an idea about it and apply in the same way to get a car with higher chances.

Way 1: Create Your Proper Profile with Concern to Get a Free Car

You can share your story with the world and this is the only chance. Create your profile and its free and fun working. It will take you less time. Write your all information, including your income and reason why you are the most eligible candidate to get the grant. Sharing your problem and your situation in the right manner, people see why you would need a car for you and your child. There are reasons with all the applicants as to why they need a car. That’s why you need to write properly. In case you do not want a free car, create a profile, get the votes, and move it to some of your friends who need it. In this way also you can help others without investing a single dollar from your pocket.

Way 2: Create a Profile and Get More Votes by promoting it 

You need votes to get a free car for the charity after you have created your free profile. Your profile needs to be improved. If you are under the voter’s lists it means you need a free car. With the votes, your application reached a higher rank and reviewed by the charities. In order to get maximum votes to share your profile with your family and friends and also social account. Also, request them to share in their circle for a vote. In this way, you get more votes. Also, any of your friends or social contact is a famous person; you can request them to ask people to vote for your profile.

The more votes the more chances of getting a car available in your area. It is like a pay forward way you can also try maximum sites. So whoever has a car for you on an earlier basis, you can get it from them. And if you get a vehicle from other sites as well, you can transfer them to people who need it badly. In case you find people whose condition is worst or worse than you, you can also vote them. Help others to get help.

Way 3: Apply for Free Cars from Charities on a Special Occasion 

On special occasions like Christmas or some national holiday some charities will offer take away. You can regularly check out the websites and see the offers. After you have shared your story for free cars, the charities will offer compensation and hope. In case if you do not get a vehicle in the first try, do not lose hope, reapply for the car in different places. You will get one for sure.

With people and other society members, you will have to develop a great and healthy relationship. They are the people who will share your story with others and help you to get your car for free. Plus, you will get additional support from being a single mother. There is always someone to help you. It is true when you help others without any benefit then God sends people to help you; this is the cycle of the Karma. So, always help others in need.

Lastly, if any of the above ways won’t work for you, you can contact the local garage and car auctions from time to time, who know there is someone who wants to help you.

Get Free Cars For single Mothers From State Donation programs

You being a mother definitely love your baby, but as a single mother, you will have to fight many conditions and circumstances to give a healthy life to your baby. And such can be defined as having financial freedom. Since you are all alone with the baby you may have to face issues related to finance and other conditions. In such a situation, car helps a lot by reducing the transportation cost.

ou will no longer have to wait in the bus stand for public transportation and also have the freedom and ability to do things on time. And in case if your job is field work-related, then it can be more helpful for you to move in flexible hours. A car will be superb handy. With increasing rates of all the things, a single person can’t think of getting a new vehicle in the first place. A single mother has to think twice before thinking and making a plan.

We definitely have something for you, especially if you are a single mother with low-income or can’t capable of buying a car. Believe me, as a single parent, you are playing a spectacular role, and you deserve a vehicle for you. Yes, here are the lists of some charities that offer free cars for single mothers.

You definitely have many traveling related work as a single parent like you have to pick up your kid from school, take him/her to the doctor for regular check-ups, you also have to go to the job on time. There are many states and organizations which offer cars and some offer transport facilities to single mothers like you. With your new car, you can perform all the tasks and activities that you can’t do due to public transport travel.

Low-interest loans for single mothers are being offered now by some of the car auctions and garages. And some are also offering loans with bad credits. There are many options are many such as federal grants, service for a local community, state government loan programs, etc. You have to apply in all of them to get your first car.

The tax deduction rules on the charity applicable in all 50 states, though not every state offers a program of free cars for single moms. This program exists in many states, including Alaska, Colorado, North Carolina, California, Florida, Arizona, Illinois, Vermont, Kentucky, New York, Alabama, Tennessee, Kansas, Georgia, and Virginia. However, the fund may vary according to the program. The eligibility criteria are also different in each state.

Most of the time TANF recipients go to the agencies with their needs. People can claim the car after successful application and verification, approval and proper documents and paperwork.  Here are some names that offer free cars for single mothers.

  • DuPage County Free Cars program, Illinois

This program is supported by a private foundation. Anyone who applies in the program by the state welfare caseworker it offers donated cars to the eligible and needy. The applicant needs to pay a registration fee and for the title of the vehicle.

  • Kansas Free Cars program

In the Kansas program, TANF funds are put to help the single moms with low-incomes or need a car for transportation. To use this offer a free car to a single mom.

  • Colorado Free Cars program

Out of all applications, the eligible applicant can buy a car or get a repair under TANF funds.

  • Wheels-to-Work Free Cars program, North Carolina

This program provides money for cars. It also offers donated cars to needy once for the two years of period. After that, the recipient owns the car.

  • Arizona Free Cars program

Under the Arizona program, the state contractor gets all the donated cars. After that, the agency finds the right applicant and gives them the car on lease for 1 year.

There are many private trusts and organizations apart from this that offer free cars to single mothers for a fixed period or a lifetime. In getting a new vehicle, they offer no or minimal interest even as they also provide loan options. Loans are offered to single moms even in the case if they have bad credit.

FAQ About Free Cars For Single Mothers Program

How to Donate Cars for Single Mothers

I am a cancer patient and can’t do hard work. I want to help the person who is in need of help.  But I am not able to help I can’t. Monetarily I can spend money, and hence I came to program hardship grants for single mothers. Which is a grant program for cancer patient You have to go to the website of Environment for Humankind. From any region or place, you can donate your money and help someone who needs it but can’t afford it by yourself.

One of the maximum benefits of the car donation is that the payer or the provider gets a tax benefit at the end of the year and the car will surely use. The tax amount is calculated based on the price of the vehicle and up to $500 or equivalent to the gross sales price Habitat for humanity cars for single mother’s authorities also accepting car Donation.

Due to the abuse of the system, many state owners do not use the fair value price for more than $500. But if your car is less than $500, you can safely deduct the amount on your tax.

How to Get Grants for Single Moms to Buy a Car?

The habitat for humanity cars for single mothers is one such organization that helps the needy.The needy one is the one who gets a free car. It is a short and simple process. Within a few days, you can get your free charity car for a single mother.

Yes, it is true. All that you need is a proper document and once your documents are found to be genuine and correct within 10-15 days you will get your car at home. Apart from that, there is voting which takes place which will qualify you for a car. The neediest one is voted by the members. Emergency loans for unemployed single mothers also help to get some Emergency money.

And one such support which is provided to the single mother is a free car for that single mother who needs it and such various kinds of help are provided. With organizations, many other people want to help but do not have time. Such people also donate money or their old car. You have to find a genuine person for that and all done for donated cars for single mothers!

What Are The Grants Available For Single Moms?

In simple words, Grant is money that is given by government or non-government organizations to the people who need and want to achieve something. There are people who misunderstood the concept as having given the amount to the single mother to purchase a car. If you are thinking the same, then grants are not available to buy a vehicle only. Many other donations help a person to achieve a great lifestyle.

There are various grants like grants for home, loans, education, vehicle, etc. under which the government offers millions of dollars and a car grant is one of them. Below here we have listed some of the grants available for the single mothers. Apart from these, many non-governmental organizations are there who offer the same with different rules and regulations.

How to Get Car insurance for Single Mothers

Life is precious and it became more expensive when you know that someone else is depend on you. Single mom is not only responsible for their life, someone else is also there behind him. We have talked about in this article how to get a free car for single mom, but I thought what if a single mom get a car and meet with some accident or any other unfavorable situation while driving. Having Precaution before disease is always a best option to opt out. Being a single mother is among the hardest challenges a grownup can go through. And the important thing is that Automobile insurance policy is mandatory in many U.S. states. Being a mother isn’t straightforward.

car insurance assistance for single moms
car insurance assistance for single moms

Being a Single mother is not easy. Being a responsible single mother is even more difficult. You have to perform all the tasks that come with being a mother all by yourself. For one mother, the expense of car insurance will be significant, but will these things as making sure that you can be in the day care by 6pm, and knowing that your kids are being kept safe as you push them into the places you need to go. From juggling between carpooling timetables to monitoring your kids’ homework and keeping up with your professional responsibilities, almost all of your daily activities will require a high degree of coordination. For unmarried mothers, leaving the kids in your home while you go shopping isn’t always a choice, so your automobile insurance should reflect how you’ve got valuable cargo on board more often than some mothers. You would think that auto insurance companies would provide unmarried mothers a break by providing specific reductions or decreasing their premiums. Regrettably, there are no reductions for single mothers. If you have smaller children, you will need to get the ideal coverage to ensure they’re totally protected when you drive to and from other locations.

If you are a single mom, then the federal government organization helps you the car insurance. But this car insurance only works on the donated cars for single moms by government. This is cheap car insurance for a single mother who does not have to pay back the money because the cost will be cover in the Single mom Grant. Hope you got your car and happily lived your life with your child. For the Brighter future of children also many Government grants available for help.

Easy credits for single mothers

So how to get free car insurance for Single mothers or Cheap car insurance for single mothers.

Get Free or Cheap Cars from Government Car Programs
Free Cars for single mothers

As I have told you there are no special discount given to single mother, more over if we talk about the minimum cost of car insurance for a single mom, the cheapest car insurance for single mom is $130. But it does not mean if you don’t have any discount now you won’t have ever. To get free car insurance for single mom we always suggest to be in touch with your insurance provider.

There are various Insurance Plans Available In The Market, It is Recommended to read all The terms and conditions related paper carefully. Many time people are not aware of these Terms and Conditions and they buy a insurance plan which is really not useful for them, so it is always suggested that compare all the insurance plans whether online or any other source of information, Because if you dont do a proper a research earlier and buy a insurance plan, later if you realize that the terms of services are not allowing you to use what you was expecting, Your money is ripped now you cant do anything, always include in your insurance plan what is needed if you are adding extra services that is gonna take more money from your pocket.The majority of peoples make this mistake realize when they are charged high amount . You can also apply for Free Emergency cash for single Mothers. If you cant repay your loan on time there is another option is still existing second Chance car loan

Insurance companies too provides lot of choices to choose for single moms car insurance. They can choose any of needed.

Auto insurance coverage for a single mother

1. Liability Coverage

2.      Personal Injury Protection

3.      Collision Coverage

4.      Rental Car Reimbursement

5.      Free Towing

6.      Roadside Service

7.      Adding a Teenage Driver to Your Policy

Car Insurance assistance for Single Moms : There are various helping hand which are helping for car insurance For single Moms, Organizations like Federal government help Single moms the car insurance for single moms, But this organization help is for those cars only which are donated for single moms by the government Car donation for single mothers. Usually this cheap car insurance is for single mothers who are no paying back the money because the cost of this car insurance will be covered in the Single mom Grant.When somebody depends upon you life becomes even more valuable. The notion of getting insurance eases the pressure of protecting oneself as well as your dependent . This is the case of unmarried mothers who are also responsible for security and the security of her child. There’s absolutely absolutely no discount on automobile insurance policy on a vehicle. It is up to the profile of a mother needing a car to make the best use of this opportunity provided by agencies throughout the nation. The demand for various and transport programs run by the government charities are discussed at length in the guide. Dont Miss To Bookmark Cars for your helps Free cars helps

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  1. Hi , I am in need of a car my daughter is about to have a baby soon and i am a domestic violence survivor please if any one could help will be greatly appreciated

  2. I am a low income single momof 3 no child support. Their fathers are in an out of prison. I live in a camper with mybabies. I want more than this life for them please help

  3. I’m in need of a vehicle for me and my son to get back and forth to appointments and to take him to daycare and take myself to and from work.

  4. I’ve been having a hard time I’m a single mother of three and my car recently broke down I can’t get any loans because my credit is so messed up right now, what advice can you give me so I can get things back on track so I can get a car, its hard finding rides back and forth to work especially when I live across town. Thank you in advance.

  5. Hi I am in need of a car for i have a two year old boy. That has breathing problems. We just become homeless last week and not having a car makes thing very bad to deal with where we have to live it is a long road of hwy. Where we take risk just trying to get thing done to find a place. Right now we are camping so at least it ok weather. We have faith in god to no we are in his hands.thank you

  6. I have a cousin with six kids just had twins. And she is in need of a vehicle so bad. Only time she get to do any run around is when come to sc. I stay in nc so its hard to take her anywhere. If anyone can help i would appreciate it. She don’t know im doing this for her. Her oldest is 12 and the twins are 5 months old. My number is 7043086678

    1. Been needing a car for quite some time, single mother I have a 10 year old,we walk to school every morning even when it’s cold outside in the snow ,live in Indiana need a car for his bb games and practices,please can you help in any way ! Would be appreciated if you could!!

    2. Hello i am in needed of a vehicle because I have two disabled kids and right now where we are everything is far and walking with them I take a lot of risk and it’s not good my son with down syndrome cought pneumonia and my other son the cold is not good for his bones

  7. Hey my name is Latricerea I’m a single parent of three my youngest is nine months two months ago I lost my daughter father do to a drunk driver going the wrong way on the highway on I435 I been struggling so bad I’m in need of a car Facebook led me to this website I’m hoping that you guys could help me after all I been through I still have faith

  8. In a single mom who left her husband who was on drugs. I lost my home that I had since 2006. I’m in a transitional home. I’m in need of a car. My job is no where near a bus stop.

  9. In a single mom who left her husband who was on drugs. I lost my home that I had since 2006. I’m in a transitional home. I’m in needy of a car. My job is no where near a bus stop. If you can help it will be a blessing.
    Thank you God Bless

  10. I’m 18 years old I’m 22 weeks pregnant and i don’t have much help right now I’ve had food stamps in my name since i was 16 years old I’ve been on my own pretty much since then, i can’t get credit or keep a job it’s hard to be helpful with having a child if i don’t have the right resources i need.. please contact me if anything is available or even more resources or guidance

  11. Hi, I’m a divorced mom of 4 kids. I’m in need of a car. Its so hard to get around without one. Can some one please help me

  12. I’m a single mother my daughter father has passed away it’s been very hard ever since especially bc we are not getting no help from the government bc he never had a job we pretty much stuck and it’s very hard to get from A to Z if there is any help out there we appreciate the blessings thank you 6092140137

  13. I am a single mother of 3. I have a 7, 3, and 1 year old.
    My kids have been through alot with living and vehicle situations ever sense My dad and mom passed away from cancer. After my mom passed I moved in with a friend of hers and starting dating. Let’s just say at the least he is not the nicest and everyday theats to kick us out with no vehicle or place to go I need help.

  14. Hello I am a single mother trying to provide a better life for my family. I currently work two jobs and I have to commute by public transportation because I can not afford to purchase a car. I have the opportunity to get a better paying job but I need a car to get back and forth to this job. If anyone could help me please. I can handle the car insurance I just don’t have the money to purchase a car. I can’t get a car loan because my credit is bad. Please if anyone can help me. Thank you.

  15. Im.s single grandma raising her 4 year old grandson we are in desperate need of a car as we are moving into public housing and my grandson will be starting headstart soon I need to be able to go to the school and get to my desk appts and to grocery store please help ud

  16. Im.s single grandma raising her 4 year old grandson we are in desperate need of a car as we are moving into public housing and my grandson will be starting headstart soon I need to be able to go to the school and get to my drs appts and to grocery store please help us

  17. Hi I’m a single mother of 2 girls , my grandparents take me to appointments shopping ect. But I feel bad because that’s not there responsibility. And they’re getting older and don’t need to be doing that much driving them selves. So that being said my kids and I really need a car so we can do it all on our own. Thank you so much. My number is 8013090668

  18. Good day
    Can you kindly help me with a free car
    I am a single mom poverty stricken and I’m from abusive relationship please help me
    I’m in South Africa
    Thank you in advance

  19. I am a single disabilited mother. My son is 9 years I myself am 35. I was just as of March 18, 2019 beaten .. got a broken nose and other minor injeriers from this. I am currently working with the victim advocacy against violence. They are doing the big part of relocated me to a new place to live. My newest biggest delema is, no car. Getting and from doctor’s appointments for my son and I good shopping.. not easy. I was able to were I was living car share with a family member. Relocating housing makes this impossible! ?? Please is you can HELP ME!!!

  20. I need a car to get to the Soctor and also where every I need to go. It is hot outside and I am not supposed to be out in heat I am cancer Survivor . Please help me please

  21. Im happy to see that I may have a chance to get a car. Im a single mom to 2 amazing boys but I’ve been struggling to provide for them. I receive medical treatments several times a week. In order to get there I rely on public transportation that ends being a 3 hour round trip for a distance of only 10 miles because the transport picks up several people not just me and my kids. I’m a a survived of domestic violence but still live in great fear of my ex husband despite having a lifetime restraining order. He currently owes thousands in child support but lives out of state and has managed to evade the law for several years. He has never made 1 child support payment and my son’s are 7 and 3. I do have a bachelor’s degree and would like to obtain a better paying job but can not w/o a vehicle. Public transportation is extremely limited. My 3 year old will be starting nursery school and as it stands currently any public transportation would result in spending several hours a day getting him to and from school making work next to impossible meaning I’d have to work at night while hopefully a family member would watch my kids. I would never see them. Any resources that are available would be greatly appreciated. I’m a hard worker and I never give up. Once I’m back on my feet I plan to pay it forward. Please let me know about any available resources. My email is [email protected]. thank you to all who help single struggling mom’s.

  22. I have send my comments several times i don’t know who I’m reaching but my daughter has a little boy with displasia and needs to make his appointments, my daughter receives disability and has her appointments, she always takes me to my appointments. She came back from San Antonio when she separated from her ex and spent what she had on a used car but someone STOLED her car and wrecked it. Totaled it. Now she has no car no where to live and no money to buy one. She really needs one badly. I hope you find it in your heart to help her out. Thank you.

  23. My daughter really needs a car, she has a baby that suffers from displasia he needs to make his appointments. She’s always helping others with what ever she can, she helps me make my appointments also. She came back to Albuquerque from a bad relationship in San Antonio, she had enough money to buy a used car then someone STOLED it and totaled it
    She is already basically homeless and trying to figure out what she can do to afford a place for her and the baby, now. This happened. Please help her. I will really appreciate it. God bless you.

  24. I am a single mom, trying to do something for my daughter and I, and seems recently everything is piling up, our car has messed up and I go to school out of town, now I have no idea what I am supposed to do with every other issue stacked on this. Desperately in need of a working car.

  25. My name is Beverly Anthony I’m from Slidell,La I have 2 children and 1 grandchild I’m under doctors care at the moment. My daughter’s vehicle is the only transportation we’ve had. 3 days ago her car left her stranded I had a mechanic take a look at vehicle to only find out the motors gone. Now we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. I can use transportation because of medicaid but what about grocery shopping or my kids getting to work. ?? Someone can help us. Thanks!!

  26. Well im writing this for myself because i am in need of a car bad. Im a single mother of 4 an i have 2 disable boys they are 2 years apart. I have 3 boys an 1 girl. I been struggling for a long time. We live in a bad area. I work odd jobs under da table to get extra money to help. Im not on hud i pay cash for everything because my ex husband put us in a position to where i can recieve hud. Because he wouldn’t do community service because he wasn’t working. They put my kids an i out because of him. Now i cant get hud which will help with rent. So now i gotta pay all rent. An i cant afford anything an im always broke. I did have a car but it broke down. Cars i can afford dont last long. But i been having it so hard. I also take care of my mom. She been fighting for her disability for 4 years an i been taking care of her also. She didnt have no income coming in. I have to take her to different appointments between da doctors an mhmr. She dont have a car also. Its so hard for us all. My kids are into sports an i cant be there or get them there because we dont have a car. I have a very hard time finding away to get them to all they appointments to see doctors an to mhmr. So im taking da time out to write yall because its a blessing to have people out here in da world that truly cares about single mothers that have it hard. Im trying my best to keep my kids out of trouble an do what i have to as a mother suppose too even tho its stressful an very hard but we handle it da best we can. But i hope i can get this blessing because this would truly help. I have so much on my plate. So many people i have to take care of. This time im taking this time out for myself to make it alittle easier for me if im blessed with a car. Thank u all so much for even caring for all da single moms. I truly appreciate it.

  27. Hey, Im a in need of a car. I have three kids that need a way to school and back home. I stay in a country that need transportation every where we go. I really need help and school about to start next week on August 7, and the money that I save up. I used it to get the kids the stuff they need for school… I really in need please help me

  28. I’m a disabled mom of 7, and left a very dangerous and abusive relationship. After moving a month later my engine went out. I don’t have the money to fix it and I have gone online and applied at over 50 loan places just to be denied and local cash loans denied. Walking to go grocery shopping with small children it’s easy. No one gives ride and if they did you may be hesitant with the way alot if the world is today.

  29. I am a single mother of three here in Nigeria, and my salary is just 50,000 Naira,now 2 of my children are entering the university and my last baby is entering the junior secondary school,now i can barely feed them talk less of paying their tuition fees,please help me.

  30. Hi there. Im a single mother and I need some help getting back and forth to a work and school everyday and to pick my daughter up would be a blessing

  31. This was just what I was on the look for. I will come back to this blog for sure!

  32. My car has recently broke down, I have 3 children and just started to work. Our living situation is in and out of hotels/shelters and even our car sometimes. Its really important for my kids and I to have a car so I don’t loose this job and can start getting back on my feet again. Also it is important to have a car that is reliable because my oldest son who is 4 has had seizures in the past so having a car to get him to the help that he needs is very important

  33. I am a single mother of three and have been from job to job by the offers I get aren’t enough to help maintain the bills and then some, in desperate need of a car to make a better income and better living for my children and then finish school

  34. I’m a single mom of 2 special needs children and we have been homeless and living in a hotel for 8 months. The week after we became homeless my car broke down. My daughter (23) has been very sick. She has had pneumonia 184 times and she has had surgery 83 times. She has been needing to go to the doctors 4 hours away from where we are living and I have no way to get her there. I also have a 10 year old son that I have to get back and forth to school. Please if there’s anyway that someone would be able to help our family I would appreciate it. Thank you so much
    Tara Hoff

  35. Hello, I have been helpless since my husband left me and a son, it has not been easy for me taking him to school when is rainy days we both get wet at time we go late and fter that he fall sick and so many reason why I need a car. My number is 2348081012304.

  36. HI Charlene need a van for her and sun Isaac, Isaac has a hadiecap and thay live with me Charene ex husband Walter we live a low income so please help her so mush

  37. Hello, my name is Gennifer.. I am 34 years old, and in desperate need of a vehicle. I am a single mother to an 18 month old little girl. My boyfriend left me, and I do not have any way to get around, to take my daughter to her doctor appointments or WIC appointments, my doctor appointments, or the grocery store. Also, not having a car right now is making it very difficult for me to find a job, as there are not that many places near me that I could actually walk to and work. My family is not in the position to help me get a vehicle, either. My dad is in his 60’s, still working a full time job. My mom is not working, but babysits my niece and nephew serveral days a week and she is also my sister’s ride back and forth to work 4-5 days a week. I do not have any other family or friends that can continually give me rides to my appointments, or the grocery store,etc. Also, my extended family (aunts & uncles) are not financially able to help me get a car. I really need a car donated to me! I would need the car that is donated to me to be an automatic, and have 4 doors, so that I can get my daughter in and out of the car easily. Thank you for reading, as well as your time. I hope you will consider giving me a donated car.

  38. I am a single mom of a disabled child.. she is 29 years old she is blind and has. Seizures and I have no way to get her to her doctors appointment or to go get her medicines and if she doesn’t have them she will have a seizure .. We have no way to get to grocery stores want to start her in adult day care so I can go to work but have no way .. I have a son that lives a hour away and works all the time and he comes once a month to take me to do all this and then were stranded so it would surely be a blessing to have a car and get her were she needs to go any thing would be greatly appreciated

  39. My name gretta i have four grandkids stay with me and my draugther the reason why i need a car because i walk every were i bus and sometimes i asked people for ride I’m 58 years old i never had a car i raised my kids by myself it were a struggle i all try harder to get a car but it’s never work out in my flavor i all way work the job i have now don’t pay much i got injured their but I’m still working their my hours been cut so right now it is a struggle for those who blessed me with a car made god blessed you for being there and stay blessed all gretta wright

  40. I am a single mom I have been staying in a hotel with my 3 kids for almost a year since my landlord sold my condo 30 days before my lease was supposed to be renewed. I then lost my job. I finally found another one however I don’t know how I’m going to get there as well as get my kids to school. I am desperate and am starting to feel defeated. Please help!

  41. I am a single mom I have been staying in a hotel with my 3 kids for almost a year since my landlord sold my condo 30 days before my lease was supposed to be renewed. I then lost my job. I finally found another one however I don’t know how I’m going to get there as well as get my kids to school since I was rear ended so hard and the driver that hit me got out and ran. I am desperate and am starting to feel defeated. Please help! My Phone number is 708-240-3895

  42. Hi my name is Sonia malone and I am in need for a car I have five kids five grandkids and I be really needing transportation to get them from A to b if someone is donating a car can you please please contact me thank you my number is 414-234-2808

  43. I am a mother of four kids. I am 36 I have no help from their dad’s
    No child support
    No way to go. Please help me, help myself.

  44. I am a single mom of 4. My oldest have a baby on the way and we are living in a area with no buses. I just found work and I need reliable transportation for me and my kids. If anyone could help I’m doing my best but it’s just been a extremely rough year.

  45. So as I was driving i was already tired from working today so I pulled up at.the red light and i notice this lady was looking at me likr she wanted to tell me something so i let my window down and she didnt say nothing nice out her mouth she told me you know they are suppose to be in car seats and im like oook of course I know that so she tells men wrote down your license plate and i said so that’s fine and i told her iam a mother of 6 kids i have no other transportation but this small impala so as we where driving she stuck out the middle finger.of course i was upset like what was all that for.. Ughhh It sucks im doin this on my own i work hard i pray.everyday for us not to be in no type of car wrecks ifi had a better job with decent pay i would love to upgrade but it’s not like that when its all on you i know god can see how hard im trying it is hard with seven the car a small car at that and my 1 yr old just havento sit in her big sister lap.. I will never put ky kids in harms way but i wish she would have asked me my situation first ppl just dont do that and i didnt want my kids to see me.getting upset over a comment.. It sucks im not goin to lie trying to make it to work and back home…. If anyone is out there for me to get a bigger car thank u it will help me soo much i just cant do the things i want right now everything is on me but its ok i want complain.. My number is 4697795760.. Thank you?

  46. I am a single mom/grandmom raiseing my grandson,and I’m in need of a car, but I’m on a fixed income, and really can’t afford to pay a high priced car payment . Could I possibly get help with this?

  47. I have a 14 year old girl n 9 year old boy single mom need help with car assistance no car very hard on the family please help

  48. Thank you for another excellent article. Where else may anybody get that kind of info in such an ideal way of writing? I’ve a presentation subsequent week, and I’m on the look for such info.

  49. I’ve been struggling so much I’m a single mother of three ages 11,9, and 2 and my car recently broke down I can’t get any loans because im working on my credit I’m trying to get things back on track so I can get a car, its hard getting rides back and forth to work and appointments for me and my kids Thank you in advance.

  50. I am a single mother of one. I lost the lower part of my left leg because of a vascular disease, and I really need help getting a car because I’m on a fixed income. I have to find a ride to doctor’s appointments, the grocery store, or where ever I go. I have to reschedule appointments sometimes because I can’t find a ride. Please help

  51. I too would like to atleast maybe get pointed in the right direction. Sank most my money into my car and broke down. Cost me a job. Luckily. Got another close to home. But any advice onaybe a good place to start I anything. Thanks ?

  52. I’m a single mother a just recently lost my car and I have a job no help from no one to get back and forth to work I really need a car so I can be able to handle business and make sure my son have what he needs and also for me to get back and forth to work to be able to provide for him

  53. : im a single mom im 19 going to school and working and i have one due in 02/24/2020 and im in need to get of a car i can fill it up with and pay for cheap insurance but im really in need of a car to get where i need to go so can you please contact me at 817-690-0423 or [email protected]
    im about to get kick out of my aunt house when i have the baby but i found a place to stay i was rape and i have a 3 year old from it and now im pregnant again and i just need help

  54. Hi I am in need of car, I lost my leg when I was 11 years I been using artificial leg, I am struggling to buy a car because my job is not permanent and I am single mother of 3 children, I am struggling when it come to shopping , last time a guy run away with my grocery, I think shopping will be easy for me when I have my own car. I have code 8 driver’s license I did it 2011.God Bless you more.

  55. A single mother of 6, 4 were foster kids that she adopted 5 years ago, just had her vehicle repossessed. She needs a vehicle big enough for her family with good working ac as she lives in gilbert arizona.

  56. Hi im single mother from morocco i need some help .my boy was9 years old .he have some problème in his health i want to delovoppe my life because its deficult To take care To your son without any one near you so i try my chance to find some help any help clothes or any thing .Thank you and sorry for my english ?

  57. Hi im single mother from morocco i need some help .my boy was9 years old .he have some problème in his health i want to delovoppe my life because its deficult To take care To your son without any one near you so i try my chance to find some help any help clothes or any thing .Thank you and sorry for my english ? this my number is 212679519813

  58. Hi I am a single mother in Seattle WA. I have been trying to support myself and my daughter on my own for the last three years. My rent alone is almost too much for me to come up with every month and I plan on going back to school starting in February. Which is barley 5months away. My financial aid went through for school. But I am afraid if I don’t get a vehicle to get to and from school I will end up homeless like so many other single moms I know. My daughter just started kindergarten. And I want nothing but for her to grow up with no worries or hardships but school and I know this is asking for a miracle…But miracles can happen..☺️ I believe in miracles because God has provided everything up till now. And I have been so blessed to have kept a roof over our head and food on the table. And I believe some how someway… God will show me another miracle. I truly believe that if I keep doing my best and stay positive. Someone out there in this world will hear my prayer and be able to help me and my daughter get a vehicle. So that we can both focus on school and my life will continue to get better. Thank you to anyone who read this please pray with me… And Have a blessed day.

  59. Hi im a single mum of a two year old daughter .
    Been walking everywhere for a year now through all different seasons.
    It’s really hard to try do shopping and walking everywhere.
    As we living in a country town and has no family and it is very challenging .
    It will be helpful to be able to have a car of our own so life would be much easier.

  60. I am a single mother of 5 whom recently fell upon very hard times my car the transmission went out an was towed from the freeway an I didn’t have the funds to retrieve it is almost impossible to work an try an get things back on track when you have no car to get to work an to the places that you need to we lost our home an everything when I was laid off from my job an have had to stay with my mother I got another job but the pay is so much less than before that I can’t seem to get ahead but I can’t take anything else because I don’t have transportation to get there an my mom works as a travel nurse an she can’t be available to take me to work through out the day I just need to find some help in getting a car cause every where I have turned there is absolutely no help I just don’t know what to do anymore

  61. Hi, I am a single mother who is disabled in a rural area taking care of my daughter and my mother in another rural area bc she is on hospice. she is terminal with brain and lung cancer and We need a car something horrible. My daughter is in her senior year of high school and then leaves out for the marines but her school is 40 minutes away. does anyone know who helps with this.

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  63. Iam in need of a car. I’m a single mother of 3. I have one that id grown & the other two are still home one in high school & the other in college
    I’m a sick person that has to ho here, & there. Doctor appointments drop off & pick up the kids.

  64. Hi, I am a single mother of two. I work a full time job and lately can’t find rides to and from work. I’m in fear of losing my job, my daughter has softball practice 2 nights a week and games 3 nights a week. I don’t want to make her have to give it up, she loves it! But finding rides to and from is becoming too much. Please I would love help with transportation

  65. Hello my name is Merrisa I have a daughter age of 2 and I am in need of a car. I’m grateful for the opportunity to try to get some help or is some one could help me . I just want to get back and forth to work and get food for me and my daughter. Winter is coming and I could use a blessing 3143781813

  66. I don’t have a way to get prescriptions or get to my doctor appointments for me or my children.Hello my name is Mindy I was recently diagnosed with granulamatosis with polyigitis and scleritis of the left eye, rheumatoid arthritis,and depression,and anxiety and PTSS post traumatic stress syndrome,I’m a victim of domestic violence,and I cannot work I am a single mother of two I applied for ssi over six seven times still keep getting denied for it.. it’s in review now haven’t heard anything denied I was independent had pride couldn’t ask for help until this happened now I realize it’s ok to. I have no car to get around I really need a car donated to me please  my kids have appointments coming up my oldest has developmental problems and speech disability

  67. Hi. I am a single mom with two kids ages 5 & 8. My income is very low and I am in great need of a reliable vehicle to get my kids to school and myself to work back & forth. Anyone out there willing to help, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

  68. I am a single mother have 10 kids but 4 are grown… husband abanded me 6 years ago…I sold my truck 2 years ago to pay rent. I am recently homeless again after a bad break up and I’m living with my mom temporarily. My 17 year old daughter is now pregnant. I am stressed trying to find a job. I receive unemployment but will run out soon. I need transportation to find a job and manage to get the kids to school & doctor appointments. I don’t like to ask for much but a good friend gave me info about your program. Thank you for any help u can assist me with

  69. I am in need of a car. My daughter and I live in a homeless shelter. I need a car to get a good paying job to be able to move.

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  71. Please help me I have two children and one is not expected to live to his next bday I have noone since my mom died and my husband left me I have no transportation and so many Dr. App please help me

  72. I need to know how my daughter can apply for a free car. She is single with 3 children and is struggling to put their life back together. She desperately needs a car to get to work, to the doctor and basically meet the demanding needs to care for her family.

  73. I am writing in behalf of my sister. She is a single mom that gets no support from. The father at all. To get to work she is driving a car that the windows do not roll down and has no air or heat. The car has an exhaust leak that goes inside the car. Only one door opens because but one in the back. So they have to crawl in the back all the door handles are broken and its the. Now that it is getting cold they have to jump start the car. But with mo heat the windows fog up. She is trying to stand on her own but her job hardly covers her rent and food. She doesn’t ever seem to get a break and truly deserves one. Can you please help Mary.

  74. Im a single mom of 5 children.i work and had a mini van but i am carless now the front window scattered on me twice ssince the hood doesn’t close because of an accident i had a couple of months afo.the insurance does not cover the reapairs so now with my little paycheck im taking ubers back and forth to work. I need help sooo desperately. I live in phone number is 908-404-2797

  75. Im a single mom of 5 children.i work and had a mini van but i am carless now the front window scattered on me twice since. The hood doesn’t close because of an accident i had a couple of months ago.The insurance does not cover the Repair so now with my little paycheck im taking ubers back and forth to work. I need help sooo desperately. I live in phone number is 908-404-2797

  76. I am currently Homeless with three children and I am undergoing chemo I have no means to get to treatment and or to take them to school it’s been a struggle to say the least
    I can’t afford much but I sure could use some help with a car

  77. I am a 57 year old disabled due to strokes, single mom of an 11 year old.In January my old van was stolen, I drove my oldest daughter’s extra car until someone wrecked into us and totalled the car with liability only. Now my daughter is having to catch the bus on a dangerous street with no sidewalks, I cant get myself or my elderly mother to doctor’s appointments, nor can I get to the store or to do laundry .Please Help!

  78. hi my name is brittaney conaway, i am a single mother with a 3 month old that has siezurs, she has alot of doctors appointments and i work as well its very challenging getting her to and from the appointments on the bus and challenging for me to get to work,any help is appreciated 575-404-0761 thank you

  79. I have friend in needed of help she has 3 kids. Kids have to walk to school when it’s cold and below cold . She struggles everyday take care of them.. she have 2 beds no TV and looking see I there nice people wanting to help

  80. I’m a single mother with disabilities that keep me from working and I also have a 10 year old son with cerbal palsey. We miss lots of important appointments for the both of us and several other things. It’s hard to go shopping on any occasion but a car of our own would be a great blessing to us.

  81. I am working needing help with a car got family and kids to get to school and my self to work and stores ect… would appreciate help with a car dont got much money for down payment or payments thanks

  82. I am in need of a car I have4kids and a grandson I need a affordable car I’m also a widow my income is survivors benefits

  83. Hi, I am a single mom, I’m a current student. I’m raising my one year old son in my own. I have little to no help. I am appreciative for any assistance I can get. Please contact me by phone @2488450530 or email @[email protected]

  84. I am a single mother of a 6yr old and 8 yr old, I have no way of transportation to get them to school or sports or anywhere. I have no family help or help from my ex husband that I was married to for 11 years and we live 15miles apart. I can’t commute to even pick up or drop off my kids because I’m stuck. Walking is not an option and I have nobody to even turn to to try to give me a ride. I don’t know what to do anymore I’m soo stressed out.

  85. I’m a single mother of a child with desabilities and he has made from crazy decisions that have lead to me losing 2-3 jobs because he’s been angry. He spent 7 days at an adolescent facility. Our car was taken because I wasn’t able to keep up with no job and watching after attempting to he made taking my meds, running away, and attempting to physically hurt another student . I looks like the next few months are going to Drs

  86. Hi, I need a car real bad asap. Free grant. Good car that i needs. Im single mom of 3 children and i have no way to drop off my kids to school, dr and runs errands that i need to go. Im need help with my finances and car. Im unemployed and unable to work. Thanks for listening.

  87. I looking for a car for my daughter..she has 3 kids.she had a car but didn’t run anymore.shes trying to work.
    Has new job interviews.but doesn’t have a way to get there..without a car she will lose her house..please if anyone could help her..she gets so hard..she just needs a little help..

  88. I was referred to you from a church member. Im a single mother of two. A nine year old girl and 4 month old boy. We are currently homeless staying with friends from couch to couch. I make sure my daughter attends her school as well as have my friend watch my son. Today I started my job back at a warehouse to try to provide for my kids the best way I can. Things have been really hard for me as I do everything on my own. There’s time I walk in the cold to and from work because I have no transportation nor money to give for transportation. I’m really interested in your program and in need of help. We are located in bolingbrook area. Thank you and God Bless!!

  89. I am a 35 year old single mother of my 10 year old daughter. I am struggling to get around with my daughter since I have received my first right leg amputations in June of 2019 and then a second right leg amputations high above my knee. I am struggling financially because I don’t receive any outside help from my friends or family. I have a lawyer and am currently trying to get my disability but a car would be wonderful for my daughter’s and i.. please help my family please and thank you.. sincerely Christine Quinn

  90. My son is almost two. I’m mid 20s. I’m a really good driver and I’m a single mom. I live in socal. I have no car and I have been sick and scared walking everywhere.

  91. Hi I am a single mother of 4 children under the age of 11. My youngest child is 4 and I work full-time as a security guard. I just been working this job for a mouth now. Without a vehicle its hard to keep a job…between trying to get to kids to school and day care and make it to work on time on bus is very stressful and time consuming. A vehicle would definitely be a blessing for me and my children.

  92. Hello yes my name is Althea Campbell I have 5 wonderful kids and not very good transportation for us we have a van with no back seats no seats belts work the heats out in it it’s very cold when we have to go someone like doctor appointment schools etc it’s embarrassing to the and myself that I have failed my kids as a mother the van is not safe but what else can I do I can’t afford another one it hurts bad please if someone can help me and my five babies get into another car it would definitely make our day thank you god bless

  93. Hi I’m in need of transportation, it is hard to find co signers and things, also I have little ones and job commitments. I had two barriers and thata was child care and transportation. Well I’ve taken care of the child care now im stuck on the transportation part please help me if possible.

  94. My son and I have been struggling over the past year. He my be going to a Behavioral facility due to his actions. I have not been able to work for months bec6he is suspended from school or down in Columbia at a facility. The has multiple Drs appointments and I’m struggling to get him there and this is help he needs. Our car was taken a few weeks ago because they said I didn’t pay, when in fact I paid all of it. I want to get back to work and rebuild my family before I lose our home. If you can help I have no words to say thank you

  95. Hey I am a single mom need a vehicle I’m engine went out on my vehicle I have two daughters and two grandbabies need transportation I work and don’t need to lose my job I take care of my grandbabies a couple days a week it’s the holidays and I want to be able to visit my family and go back to work I am struggling thank u and godbless please grant me this wish for a car

  96. Looking for a minivan. I have 4 carseats. I have 5 kids four are 5 and younger. I need a running van that can get us to doctors, daycare and school and for me work. My youngest has xyy and meets with birth to 3 my 5 yr old has adhd and odd. I’m very involved with getting her the help she needs at school. I’m constantly running back and forth from work to doctors to home and back to appointments. Anything will help. Even if someone knows of a car for cheap. Please help. I don’t want to fall behind.

  97. Hi I like to ask for help for a single mom who is working and have a son to take to daycare Monday-Friday before she gets to work and she is also a college student she is a great person very hardworking, kind,helpful and loving please help thank you love ??? ps you can contact me at 9146627324

  98. Ian a single mother of three kids. Two girls 9, 7 and a boy 5 months. I had a place to live for 9 years. I went through some domestic violence situation with my last child’s father. He choked me until I couldn’t breathe. He has threatened to hurt me and my kids and I need transportation for me and my children so I can get around to find a job so I can move away from my hometown. Anyone with a heart , and knows Jesus please help me so I can help my kids. I don’t want me and my kids life in danger. Thank you so much for listening to my story. Have a blessed day. 410-513-9297 is a number to reach me on.

  99. I am a single mother of three kids. Two girls 9, 7 and a boy 5 months. I had a place to live for 9 years. I went through some domestic violence situation with my last child’s father. He choked me until I couldn’t breathe. He has threatened to hurt me and my kids and I need transportation for me and my children so I can get around to find a job so I can move away from my hometown. Anyone with a heart , and knows Jesus please help me so I can help my kids. I don’t want me and my kids life in danger. Thank you so much for listening to my story. Have a blessed day. 410-513-9297 is a number to reach me on.

  100. Hello I’m a single mom with 6 children I work part time but my truck brok down and mechanics say its the transmission. I need a car to move around and get to work.

  101. My daughter was diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2016 and is now a St. Jude patient in Memphis,Tn. We live oklahoma and I am going through a divorce after 20 years of marriage, my husband took the only reliable car we used to travel back and forth for her follow up appointments,

  102. Hello I am a single mother need a car to get to work and get my child back and forth to school (she’s a honor student)

  103. i am in a new city and state with my sons. My car broke down and the cost to fix it was more than it was worth and i couldn’t afford it anyways. Things in my life have been turned totally upside down. My situation is too personal to post here. But. If you or any other program can help my family with assistance getting a car. Id be beyond grateful

  104. Hello my name is Mindy, I was recently diagnosed with granulamatosis with polyigitis, rheumatoid arthritis, I have dealt with depression, anxiety and PTSS post traumatic stress syndrome,I’m a victim of domestic violence,and I cannot work I am a single mother of two. after being hospitalized for this rare condition, could no longer work for my two jobs I had then for AT&T and CDI. So I applied for ssi over six seven times still keep getting denied for it.. it’s in review now haven’t heard anything denied I was independent had pride couldn’t ask for help until this happened now I realize it’s ok to. I have no car to get around need a car donated to me please a car, my kids have appointments coming up my oldest has developmental problems and speech disability and has suffered from anxiety and depression, my youngest has asthma..I have a rare disease disorder .. I have bills has to be paid they have doctor appointment “WE NEED A CAR DONATED DESPERATELY”. I’m sorry to inconvenient anyone but I’m am struggling bad my oldest is a child with special needs and speech problems suffering from depression. Please help me I would appreciate it needing the support so bad..I would be forever thankful and grateful God Bless and thank you everyone…I know sometimes I’m not close, I extended my search because some have did there donations already, or organization have ran out of funds…but hoping a tow or mack trucks that do car delivery could be used in this matter…
    places that help low income waiting list are full or they are out of funds. I was even told by some to see if dealerships could or do or would donate a car.and from what I’m told through organizations its written off or it helps them on their taxes as a tax deductible. ..I would appreciate it and I had to reach out to a few for help.

    We where hit affected by the floods it’s been all over the local news… in our town no organizations are open waiting list closed due to high volume of people on the list.

  105. I am a single mother with six children ftom Papua New Guinea. All are going to different schools which I pay for taxie everyday to take them to and fro and when we are down with cash, I walk them to school then I get to work. It has now vecone very expensive for me so now am kindly seeking outside assistance for any free vehicles that are donated to help me.

    Appreciate your understanding and heart to help.

    I can be contacted on +67571429820 or via email.

    Bernice Suma

  106. **For the privacy of others I will not be using the names of ppl involved.**
    ·JG- BIRTH SON 1
    ·BS- BIRTH SON 2

    Like every girl, my dream was to become a mother. October 1st 2001, 28 days shy of turning 19, I took a test that changed my life forever. I welcomed the cutest long-haired baby girl into the world. She was beautiful. BD father was never in the picture so I was a single mother from birth until 6 months. That is when I was introduced to BF who then fathered my two sons: JG Was born 9-30-03 and BS 11-19-04.

    BF and I had a very toxic relationship. He was very mentally, physically, and emotionally abusive. He was jailed multiple times for Domestic Violence. I can sit here and blame BF for my choices or the person who literally picked up my kids and took them to CPS, but that would be wrong. I am an addict. I chose those drugs and I was lost after I lost my children. This situation is my fault, and I can and will own it.

    When my Children were in foster care I justified continuing down the road of self-destruction I was on by telling myself at least they were all together. At the end of 2007 I couldn’t do it anymore. I knew it was either treatment, jails, institutions, or death. I chose treatment on my own! I was done. I had hit rock bottom. I completed treatment at The Center for Drug and Alcohol inpatient treatment facility in Wenatchee, Washington in February of 2008. I have refrained from using any illegal drugs to this day.

    After treatment I lived in a Clean and Sober Oxford House and travelled to Moses Lake twice a week for visits. During those visits I realized how happy they were. It was amazing. I was so thankful for AM and AD. I then agreed to the open adoption. Visits twice a year, pictures and letters twice a year. Today is April 13, 2019 I had a court ordered visitation and they chose not to come. In ten years I have never received a letter. Not one time.

    I went into the adoption with an open heart and an open mind. I truly believed that as a mother this was the most selfless decision for me to make. I knew that AM and AD could give then the life I at the time could not.

    As you could imagine, my first few years of sobriety were intense, waking up every day to an empty home. The anxiety, depression, feelings of self hatred were very real. In 2010 I was diagnosed with PTSD and clinical depression. At that time I was working with multiple different services for mental health and it took about a year before getting the correct medication. At this time I was living with my best friend back in Ephrata Wa.

    In September 2011, I moved to Rock Island Wa. I lived with my brother and his wife. They had just found out they were expecting twins and already had a five year old son. It was during this time I came to the realization that I may not have my children, but one day they would be old enough to come home. I was going to do everything in my power to have something to offer them when that time came. I didn’t want 15 years to pass and my children to feel as if I gave them up because I chose drugs over them.

    I have been given roughly 30 minutes twice a year to spend time with my children 11 years, 22 visits. I’m not a horrible human being. I am a mother, friend, sister, and daughter, but most important I am an addict in recovery.

    In the summer of 2017, I got a call that would change my life forever. AM had decided they didn’t want JG anymore. It was either I take him, or he goes back into foster care. There was a catch. If I took JG, my visits would come to an end with BD and BS. Hard decision, but I chose to take my son. I did not want him back in foster care. The agreement was JG would be picked up at 4:30 that day. At 4:00 I got my heart ripped out when AM called and let me know they had decided to keep JG. I was devastated but thankful he was able to stay with his siblings. To be truthful it was like having my son ripped away from me again.

    I have been asked on several occasions why I never took AM and AD to court for not following the adoption agreement. My answer was always that I never wanted to make them angry. My children had suffered enough because of me. In January 2019 I got a call from my sister asking if I knew where my son was. I replied “I don’t know…with AM and AD?” she proceeded to tell me he was in foster care. At that moment I knew this was my opportunity to fight like I should have many years ago.

    I’m currently a student at BBCC, I also attend counseling once a week and work a full time job. I also have my own apartment. I know that I made bad choices and I know I need to prove myself. I’m asking the department to give me another chance to parent my child and show the world that addiction may be powerful, but hard work and dedication can overcome the most powerful obstacle.

    ?This was my appeal to the state when they first denied me contact with my son whom at the time I thought was just in foster care after being adopted on 2010. However it was more then that JG was now a ward of the state the AD and AM had decided once again they didn’t want JG anymore.

    10.26.19 I ended up having an emergency surgery on my back that put me out of work and out of a job. No job means no char payment. I ended up having to let my car go back. I chose to save the money I did have saved for emergencies to pay my bills. My child can not live in a car.

    On 12.31.2019 I by the grace of god I was granted my reunification w/ 6 months supervision by child protective custody. This requires us to complete multipl different services. Individual Counseling, family counseling, multipul doctor appointments, School UA’S.. I’m sure as u know the list goes on and on.

    Having a reliable vehicle would mean that I would no longer have the worrie about what if’s and focus on getting through the next 6 months and building this beautiful bond with this smart, amazing, strong beautiful child of mine.

    Thank you for your time in reading this.

  107. I am in desperate need of a vehicle i live in the high desert which means its 30 minutes commute time for residents of Hesperia, CA.
    I have a 2 1/2 year old girl named Gracie. i just need a car to provide a better financial life for my family. i am lucky to have a great neighbor who helps me with rides i do not want to burden her my neighbor is 82 years old. i will be able to work at my business i am a translator and i want to take my real estate exam. i love to go to the park and it is hard if i am on someone else time. i appreciate your charity and will be very thankful of this blessing. I am arabic i would like my own freedom to drive and have a car that is my own. i am privileged to have this resource.

  108. Hi, My name is Asha. I was unemployed for over a year due to giving birth and breastfeeding for a year. I recently started to get back to work. I had a 2005 nissan sentra but on January 7th, I was driving back home and I lost control of the wheel. My car flipped over with my 1 year old in the car with me. I now have a job but also have to put my daughter in day care. I really would be grateful if anyone could help me get a vehicle so I can take my daughter to day care or a babysitter while I go to work. I also started training today and my boss said that I need a vehicle to do some of the duties at my job. Please help me. I am desperate.

  109. Hi, my name is Laci. I’m extremely embarrassed and ashamed to be asking for something for free but for my son I must put my pride aside.
    I finally got up the courage to leave my ex who has been abusing me for the past 17 years. My 11 yr old and I are sleeping on my sisters couch (which I feel blessed to have.) I was never allowed to work, so I am excited to find a job! My sister lives entirely way too far from public transportation. I posted my resume and received a few employment opportunities but have no way to get to the interviews.
    Can anyone out there help me?

  110. 😀 hello everyone my name is Yesenia Villa and like all single mom’s we end up in needing help of people in our community who has the will and means to make a difference in our lives. I have no problem in taking public transportation but lately it’s been difficult. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I Have 2 kids who are still in elementary school. Its been hard trying to make it back in time for my kids to get out of school and me making it to my doctors appointments. I will not ever be in time for my children so I don’t go to my doctors appointments. I have missed so many chemotherapy appointment cause they are 6 hours straight and after all that it’s very hard to sit out waiting for the bus to take me home. I also know my health is important because all my kids have is me .

  111. I am a 34 year old single father of 5, I am no unemployed, I could get a job but no car to get their, I have had no income in 3 months, my landlord is on the verge of kicking me out of my home,
    I’m scared to death to fail as a parent, my kids see me struggle and it hurts to see that they worry as I do especially my 15 year old, i heard their are agencies that help with cars, but have been looking for 4 weeks and every route comes to a dead end, I’m desperate. Please take a struggling father onto consideration, I will continue to keep trying I thought that I should give this a shot, I do check my email twice a week atleast, or could text, (814)584-2048, my youngest is just under 2 month, and a car would be wonderful, thank you for reading my issue, have a wonderful day

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