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Free Car Repairs For The Disabled

How To Get Free Car Repairs for the Disabled – Nowadays cars play a significant role in all of your lives, especially if you are disabled person. Having a private car is much needed for disabled people so that they can have reliable mode of transportation. The car also helps in improving their life, making them self succinct and live independently. However, they face major problems when their car needs repair as it is quite costly in today’s market. According to reports by the Bureau of Transportation, it has been identified that an average lifespan of a vehicle is around 12 to 13 years. As the prices of cars are increasing day by day, therefore the price of repairs are likely to rise.

Sometimes car repairs can go up to $1000 and to pay for it as a disabled person can be really struggling. If you do not have enough savings for the repairs, you might also go into debt. However, do not worry much as we are going to provide comprehensive information about programs and organizations that offer Free Car Repairs for The Disabled.

How Much Can a Car Repair Cost?

We have provided some detailed information about the car repair cost statistics. Go through it as it might be of some help to you. If you are looking to replace your full bumper then it might cost you around $900 or any unexpected issue with your car can cost you above $1000. You also need to remember that to annually maintain your car you need to keep a budget of around $800. However, the average repairs cost varies from $500 to $600.

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Importance of Free Car Repairs for the Disabled Person

Individuals who are disabled already face various challenges in their life and transportation is one of them. Reliable transportation is much needed so that they can access healthcare facilities, employment, social engagements and much more.Most of the disabled individuals have a limited income and therefore getting car repairs becomes much more expensive. So, free car repairs are much needed by them so that they can eliminate the financial burden and repair their vehicle for free.

How To Find Free Car Repairs and Vehicle Modification for Disabled?

If you are looking to get free car repairs and vehicle modification, then there are a number of specific steps you need to follow to apply for it.

  • In the first step you need to contact a local disability support organization. You can find a few local disability support organizations in your area. You need to ask them about a list of programs or organizations that are offering help with vehicle modification or free car repairs.
  • Another thing you need to consult with a mobility equipment dealer and ask for their recommendation on installing specific modifications in your vehicle. Apart from that they might also have information about lists of car repairs or financial assistance programs.
  • You can try to explore government assistance programs in your state. Sometimes the federal or state government runs a number of programs to help out the disabled individuals. You can try to check if they run any car repair assistance program from the government and see if you are eligible for those assistance.
  • You can also apply for various financial grants that are provided by various nonprofit, private foundations and other resources. All you need to do is check the application procedure and eligibility required of the grant. Once you are eligible for the grant, you can easily get financial assistance. However, look for such financial grants that are offer for car repairs or vehicle modifications
  • Another source that you can use is the internet, you can find thousands of online resources where you can get information about free car repairs for disabled. However, when you are searching online you need to be a little bit careful as there are scams and frauds. So, only visit genuine websites and check whether you are eligible for that particular program or not.

Organizations and Programs That Offer Free Car Repairs for the Disabled

We have listed a number of programs and organizations that help out the disabled individuals with free car repairs. If you are struggling to pay for your car repairs, then you can check out the listed organizations below:

Opportunity Cars

Opportunity Cars are one of the organizations that help the disabled individuals with free car and free car repairs. Apart from that they also offer loans for cars at a low interest rate. Opportunity Cars get car donations from various sources. If you’re a disabled person and looking for free car repairs you can try contacting Opportunity Cars. They also work in collaboration with nonprofit, government agencies and charities to help out the low income disabled people. You need to apply for the car repairs program, to get those benefits.

Free Charity Cars

Another well known organization that offers free cars is the Free Charity Cars. The main aim of this organization is to make the individuals and families self-sufficient, independent and offer them reliable transportation. Apart from that they also do help individuals disabled with free car repairs. However, you need to qualify for the program to receive free car repairs. Then after you are also required to fill the application form and create your own profile. However, remember that this program is available only in specific areas. To know more visit


Another well known charity is Cars4Christmas that offers free cars to low income families. Apart from that they also offer free cars to disabled individuals and senior citizens. They receive cars from various sources like nonprofit organizations, private organizations and other individuals. So, if you are looking for free car repair services for the disabled, you can seek help from this organization. To know more

Modest Needs

Modest Needs is another popular organization that helps individuals and families with financial assistance. Modest Needs also run cash grants that might help you to pay for your insurance or car repairs.  The organization was founded in the year 2002 and they also run FundMe operations to help the needy families. They also receive various donations from other sources. However, remember that they do not provide raw cash directly to the applicant. They pay the amount directly to the car repair shop.

To be eligible for their program, one household member must be employed and the main source of income in the family comes from employment, child support, veteran benefits or retirement income.

Modest Needs understands the difficulty that is faced by disabled individuals, thus they aim to improve the life of the disabled people. Disabled people generally have a fixed budget and thus they have to manage their expenses carefully. So, Modest Need offers the disabled individuals free car repairs to reduce their expenses.

Semper Fi Fund

Semper Fi Fund is a fund that is provided to the veterans who have become disabled by serving the country. Semper Fi Fund can be used to make modifications or repairs to the car. The Veterans face a financial crunch in repairing their car and thus Semper Fi Fund comes handy. However, you need to be eligible for the program to receive the benefits. To know more

National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDIA)

National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDIA)is a non profit organization that aims to improve the lives of the disabled people to make them self sufficient and independent.  They provide wheelchair accessible vehicles so that the disabled people do not have to adjust. Apart from that they also offer free car repair services to the applicants who have met the eligibility criteria. To know more

United Spinal Association

The United Spinal Association offers help to those individuals who are disabled or have spinal cord injuries. They also offer transportation assistance to those individuals who are suffering from such injuries. However, if you are looking for your car repairs then you can try contacting the United Spinal Association. To know more visit

Helping Hands Foundation

Another well known foundation that helps disabled individuals with car repairs is Helping Hands Foundation. Apart from repairs they also provide other assistance to modify their vehicle for disability needs. They also provide additional information about local organizations that offer help with car repairs. To know more visit

Local Churches

You can also try contacting local churches and check if they are running any program related to car repair assistance. If they are running such programs, remember to be little quick and grab them as soon as possible. Most of the local churches have limited resources and thus they offer help on a first come first serve basis.

What Types of Vehicle Modification Are Needed By Disabled?

When you are a disabled individual, you need to make a number of modifications in your vehicle for your safety and comfort. We have listed a number of vehicle modifications that might help you to become self-sufficient and independent.

  • Voice Activate Controls

Once of the major changes you can add in your vehicle is voice activated controls. One of the great options for the disabled is to operate all the vehicle functions through voice commands. Voice commands will help the disabled to control navigation, air conditioning, radio and much more. So you do not have to move, thus helping you to drive safely.

  • Wheelchairs Ramps and Lifts

Another addition to your vehicle is making your vehicle accessible to wheelchairs by installing ramps and lifts. However, these modifications can be made in vehicles like full size vans, SUVSs and minivans.

  • Steering Aids

Steering aids can be installed to the vehicle as it will help the disabled people to use the vehicle more comfortably. Steering aids like reduced effort steering system and spinner knobs come handy for them.

  • Transferable Seats

These are mainly called transfer seats that help the disabled people to switch from wheelchair to vehicle driver or passenger seat. This seat can be adjusted according to the need. So, if you are disabled person then you can try installing the transfer seats for better movement.

  • Hand Controls

The people who have disabled in their lower body can install hand controls. Hand control system helps the drivers to use their hands to operate brake pedals and operate the gas of the engine. However, you get the option to customize the hand control as per your need.

How Reliable Transportation  Can Improve The Life of Disabled?

The disabled individuals have the right to accessible transportation. Accessible transportation is highly important for them as it makes their life a little easy. It will help them to start believing in themselves, making them self-sufficient, independent and they stay engaged in the communities. Therefore free car repairs and vehicle modification plays a vital role in improving their lives by making transportation more safer and reliable for them.

The organizations are doing a great job by helping out the disabled individuals. They understand the struggle of the disabled individuals and thus the car repair programs are a great bliss for them.

Bottom Line

Free Car Repairs for the disabled is a great initiative that helps them self-sufficient, independent and improve their quality of life. Accessible transportation is much needed by the disabled individuals as it makes driving more safe and secure. Organizations like Modest Needs, Free Charity Cars, Helping Hand Foundation and much more help with car repairs. You can also check out the goodwill free car repair programs and goodwill free cars programs. I hope the article has provided you with all the information about Free Car Repairs for the disabled individuals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions on Free Car Repairs For The Disabled.

Are there free car repair programs for the disabled?

Yes, there are a number of free car repair programs for the disabled. However, remember each program has a different set of eligibility criteria. So, before applying do check if you are eligible for them.

What organizations offer free car repairs programs for the disabled?

There are organizations like Modest Needs, Free Charity Cars, Helping Hands Foundation and much more that run free car repairs programs for the disabled.

Do organizations help with car modifications ?

There are some organizations and programs that might help with car repairs and modifications. However, the organization or program will only make those modifications as per your disability requirement.

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