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How To Get a Free Car from Goodwill – Cars do play a significant role as it offers a number of advantages to individuals and families. Recently companies do look for individuals with vehicles, so getting a vehicle will improve your chances of getting the job easily. Apart from your personality and work experience, it is vitally important for you to get a vehicle.

According to a survey in the United States, it is found that around 30 percent of the civilian jobs need a vehicle for daily operation.  However, it is not easy for everyone to get a car as it is quite expensive. For most of the jobs in the United States you need to drive a passenger car like a bus, van etc. Even if you are unemployed you can use your car for work purposes and earn a living from it. So, if you are low income individuals and looking for a job, you can try getting the Goodwill Free Cars and know about their donation programs. Go through the article as we covered everything about Goodwill Free Cars.

How Can I Get a Donated Car From Goodwill ?

It is possible to get a donated car from Goodwill. There are a lot of people who go through financial problems and in order to get a job they need a vehicle. There are many locations that do not have access to public transportation and some jobs require a need for a vehicle. In such critical times you can get a donated car from Goodwill. However, you need to fulfill the eligibility criteria and follow some specific steps to get a donated vehicle from Goodwill.

If you are a Cancer Patient and looking for a free car for a medical emergency then do not worry as there are programs that offer free cars to cancer patients.

Why is there a rising price for new cars?

There are a number of reasons that the prices of new cars are skyrocketing. According to the statistical data from Kelley Blue Book, it is found that in the year 2020, the average price of a car was $39,000 and now it has increased to $48,000. So, we can see the significant difference in the rise of the prices. We have listed a number of things that have led to the increase of car prices.

  • Increase Rate of Interest on Car Loans

When you purchase a car on loan the rate of interest is quite high and that leads to spike up your overall cost in getting the car. The monthly payments on car loans is quite high, if a car is priced around $40,000 before taxes then the interest payment will amount to more than $800 each month. It can be really difficult for a low income individual to pay that much amount per month.

  • Unavailability for Car Parts

Recently it is seen that there are many car parts that are not available in the market. There is a shortage of car parts and thus importing such parts from other places increases the cost of the cars. So, to lower the cost of the cars, domestic production of microchips is much needed.

  • Demand of the Cars

Due to high demand for the cars, the prices have hiked. As we know, when there is a high demand for something, the price of that particular item increases. Because of high demand for cars, the supply chain has crashed.

  • Slow rate of Production

The slow rate of production of cars is also one of the reasons for rising prices of cars in the United States. Due to unavailability of car parts, the rate of production is very slow and therefore the price of new cars has hiked recently.

Know More About the Wheels for Work Program by Goodwill

When you are looking to get a car from Goodwill then you can apply for the Wheels for Work Program. However, before proceeding you should know everything about the Wheels for Work Program. The program is mainly launched to help out the low income families who do not have the capability to get a vehicle. However, they also offer financing options to the low income families so that they can purchase a car easily without paying levy interests.

To qualify for the Wheels for Work program, you are required to meet the eligibility criteria that has been listed below in the article. However, if your luck is not on your side and you fail to qualify for the Wheels for Work program then you can try to get a car from the Goodwill auction. They mainly auction the donated cars in Washington, D.C, apart from that you can also bid online for the cars. To know more visit

Am I Eligible To Receive a Free Car?

There are a number of people who are eligible for the free car programs. You can find a number of car donation programs that offer help to different groups.  You can find free car programs for low income families, senior citizens, disabled people, single mother, single father, victims of natural calamities, victims of domestic abuse, students, veterans etc. Apart from that there are also a few eligibility criteria you need to fulfill to qualify for a free car.

How Goodwill Free Cars Operate?

Goodwill Industries are very popular and they do run a number of car programs to help out the citizens of the United States. They run Wheels for Work Program for low income families, college students, single mother, single father, disabled people. Their main aim is to help out the people and make them self-sufficient. A car can be used for employment purpose, working purpose, education purpose and for medicinal needs.

They are quite similar to the Salvation Army, it is one of the organization that offer help to the low income individuals and families that are struggling, They run a number of programs like Housing and rent assistance, car loans and grants, emergency rental services, auto repair services, free food and groceries, housing and temporary shelter programs, free clothing.

You can try out their free car programs or transportation assistance where second hand cars are provided to the qualified applicants. Apart from that they also provide public transport tokens, gasoline vouchers and much more. So, it is ideal for you to get a car from Goodwill auto shops that will help you increase your credit score and they also offer an interest free monthly payment scheme.

How Can I Qualify for Goodwill Free Cars?

There are a number of eligibility criteria you need to fulfill to qualify for the Goodwill Free Car. The applicant must be:

  • Must be an U.S. Citizen .
  • Must have a clean driving record.
  • Proof of residence.
  • Must not have any drug or felony records in the past.
  • Must be employed.
  • Must not have any car registered under their name.
  • A valid driving license.
  • The applicant must be employed for a minimum of 1 year after getting the donated vehicle.
  • Must have low income.
  • A letter that describes why they need the vehicle urgently.
  • Proof of income that can be paystubs.

How To Contact Goodwill ?

However, remember that the program is not available in all the states. They offer their program in 50 states and to know about it you must contact the Goodwill office and check whether they run such programs in your area. We have provided some locations of Goodwill Free Cars below:

Northern Michigan

Goodwill Industries

217 Hamblin Ave W

Battle Creek, MI 49037



Goodwill Auto Sales & Vehicle Donation Center

3333 Fowler Street

Fort Myers, FL 33901

(239) 936-4861

New York

Wheels For Work Oneonta

3 West Broadway

Oneonta, New York 13820



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States Offer Free Cars From Goodwill


Battle Creek MI




New York City




Bottom Line

Getting a free car can be really exciting. Goodwill runs programs like Wheels for Work where they donate cars to needy families. Once you get a car then things will be easier for you like getting a job, education, medical urgency etc. However, it is recommended for you that you must check out the eligibility requirements before you apply for the program. Do not lose hope if you are unable to qualify for the program as you can try out the car auction of Goodwill that takes place in Washington.


To know more about programs related free cars and assistance, visit


Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions on Goodwill Free Car.


Is it possible to get a free car from Goodwill ?


Yes, it is possible to get a free car from Goodwill under their program named “Wheels for Work”.


Am I eligible for the Wheels for Work Program by Goodwill?


Anyone can qualify for the program from low income families, senior citizens, disabled people, single mother, single father, victims of natural calamities, victims of domestic abuse, students, veterans etc. To qualify for the Wheels for Work Program they must fulfill some list of  eligibility criterias. Once they have qualified for the criteria, they can easily apply for the program.

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