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Free Cars for Veterans In Need | Free cars for veterans program

Free cars for veterans program : cars for vets program or Cars For Veterans Programs Is The best Initiative To Help veterans Live their Life Peacefully and Stress Free.

free cars for veterans :  cars for vets program or Cars For disabled Veterans Programs Is The best Initiative To Help veterans Live their Life Peacefully and Stress-Free. Veterans are the heart line and backbone of any country. In the USA, the government runs free cars for veterans program for individual veterans or veteran’s family. Free car for veterans program by govt has helped many veterans to live their life peacefully. Veterans spend their whole life for the country so this is the only reason government help for veterans is on high priority. Free cars for charity, veterans welfare programs, free money giveaway program for veterans, Free Boats to veterans, Free Cars for veterans Are major programs run for veterans by govt of the USA in association with much non-government organization. Veterans are the pride of any country, they serve for us, we salute them for their sacrifices. And support these free cars for veterans program.

The best part is that those who willing to donate a car to veterans under free cars to veterans or free cars to disabled programs, it is totally a tax-free donation. we have explained this further in this post. The government has not restricted donors or veterans with the free car to veterans programs There are various programs too where donors can help and veterans can get help to live a wonderful life there are some of the other grants for veterans i.e. veterans’ welfare programs, free money giveaway program for veterans, free cars for charity, Free Cars for veterans, free used cars for veterans, free used cars for military, Free Boats to veterans, free trucks to veterans and free cars for disabled veterans also.

Job In Army is really tough stuff. Only After retirement, you have time to spend with your family and relatives. That’s why Government helps these veterans to live a sound life by offering free cars to them so they can hang around with family, they can enjoy their weekends by going for a long drive, also Get cars for disabled vets for reliable transportation. This is a gift from the nation to them that now they can think of family. In a veteran job you always think first about your nation your country, your family always become second to you. You can read more about top 10 best small and compact cars

How To Get A Free Car For Veterans And Disabled Veterans

A car is a dream for many and there are government, charity programs, churches who help needy. Being a veteran it is important to have a car and government understands this situation. They know due to poor economic background it is hard for someone to buy a car. The life of veterans might be difficult for somehow but they have a car to live a good life such as meeting with the healthcare professionals or even going to the shop, traveling to a far destination and using it for their personal life.


how to get a free car for veteran

1. Many free cars for veterans programs available at the state level

How to get a free car for veteran  as there are many free cars for veterans programs available at the state level. When a person is a veteran, we may take you to a various programs where free cars for veterans are present.  In the United States of America, the veterans are known to be the real warriors who are entitled to get many facilities from government firms such as free cars from government, non-profit organization, various charities, community programs and many more. It is simple to understand that they contributed a lot of safety and security of the country. The country might pay a greater tribute to their life too.

2. Free car for veterans is an easy process

Free car is a big thing as it is an expensive thing in anybody’s life. Not everyone deserve a free car for their life. To get a free car for veterans is an easy process as there are various organizations who donate free cars for veterans. As free cars for veterans is a gift they do a lot for the sake of society. The way they serve the country nobody can do like veterans. Also there is a free car for disabeled veterans ,there are free car programs even for low-income group and free car programs for a single moms. But the veterans are the individuals who have such more chances to get a free car. To get a free car for veterans is a tribute from the society. There are many people who are rich in this country and many a times they have a car that they don’t even use it. There are people who are supportive and help everyone in the best possible way. They might have one more car and these rich people may not be using them. In that case, they can help veterans to make their life easy and donate these cars. When veterans will get a car their life will be sorted and they will get the best gift ever. Many of the problems of the veterans will get resolved by getting the car. Car donation may be one among the awesome deals in life of veterans. So, people who wish to donate may directly reach to the organization and donate the car that may facilitate to get a free cars for the veterans.

3. Donating a car is the best option to get rid of your old car

Donating a car is the best option to get rid of your old car. It’s not only the way to get rid of an old car but also consider it as a car charity too. Why I am saying so. Let assume you have a car which is old now, if you sell your old car that the income and I know with the old car selling you won’t be able to buy a new car too. Now think of donating a car to veterans, govt is giving you tax deduction in your income, which is a better option than selling, and moreover now think of social responsibility which you should also bear being a good citizen, Your donated cars to disabled vets can help him to make his life easier as you know how tough his life was in service. He can easily even Antarctica with this donated car.

Being as a citizen you can make vets feel pride just by a free car donation to them after automobile donation was confirmed picked up your car the tax receipt will be sent via mail to notify you. You can find this tax deduction and can claim once fill tax to govt. You will get a free cars for veterans and also many non-govt organizations too understand disabled vets’ problems and help peoples who want to donate a car to vets.

If you are a veteran you have a good chance to apply for this free car for veterans program, and claim a Free car for you. Cars for charity ask so we can assist veterans to donate a car. Your Donation will create a grin on their loved ones and vets.and we help to receive a free car for veterans.

What Are The Benefits Of Donate Car To Veterans

Free vehicles for veterans . Do you know what are the advantages of donating a vehicles to veterans? If you have an extra car or a car that is of no use then, let us discuss the reasons why to donate a car to veterans. When you donate your car for veterans, it might seem a big deal for you but there are several benefits for your financial and personal life too. The first reason that comes to anyone who wish to donate a car to a veteran is they protect and serve the country. When a car is donated to the veterans then it is a noble deal to stand for. The retired and disabled army may have a comfortable life when they get a car as part of the donation. The life of these veterans who lost their leg or hand to serve the country is the best thing. Also, they can easily visit doctors or even go to the grocery store easily. They don’t have to worry at all about anything.

1. It is determined as the best social welfare

When you donate a car for disabled veterans then it is determined as the best social welfare. Also, in such case, the government will be there to help you in the best possible way. So, you may build up a famous face or gain popularity in the community as you are helping the community. Also, when you donate your car for the disabled or even needy veterans, you might get a tax deduction from the government. These are some of the benefit of donating a car to veterans who have served the country for year with pure intention and nothing else in mind.

Except for free car for veterans government also run various programs like free cars for the single mom, Free car for students, Free cars for low-income families which helping needy one to live life easily Under free cars from government programs

Now, what are benefits to those who are donating cars for veterans?

The government has drawn vehicle grants for disabled veterans in supporting and praising those who are being a supporting hand in this mission.

2. Veteran, also enjoys the benefit of 100 tax-deductible

There are also several programs to help veterans get a car and any individual can donate a car, you can donate a car, you can also encourage other people to donate a car, you can ask your friends, other members of your family, your neighbors, your relatives. These all can donate cars to veterans. The person who donates a car to a veteran, also enjoys the benefit of 100 tax-deductible Receipt, because the car or vehicle you are donating for veterans comes under 501(c)(3) non-profit vehicle, Which means when you file your tax to the government finance department and you can claim for tax rebate too. It’s really helpful if you Donate cars for vehicles for veterans.

Do you know by donating cars to disable vets can help them in making their life easy, they can go to the market to fulfill their daily needs, they can easily reach supermarkets, they can go to meet people outside, They can spend time with family, they can go for parties, on weekends they can go for long drives, they can drop their kids to schools, they can do a lot, you can give their life back to them just by donating a car to disabled veterans.

Free Cars For Veterans Program

There are various charities that give free cars for veterans and non government organizations, trusts which are still working towards veterans’ needs. Many organizations give free cars for veterans in need that are working for veterans not only help with cars but also few of them also offer boats and trucks to veterans.  Getting a free car for a veteran is easy to process but not possible for all, they have some eligibility criteria which need to be fulfilled, further in this post we have to guide you through this process. now let’s find the free charity cars for veterans that offer free cars to veterans and disabled veterans.


Carsforheroes is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. The motive is to help those needy veterans who have sacrificed their lives, times for the nation with a car. Cars4heroes accept the donation and donated these donated cars to an eligible recipient. Every year cars4heroes donate hundreds of cars to needy and low-income families. They also offer wheelchair vans to disabled veterans which helps them to visit doctors or to manage their daily life. The cars They give away are donated cars. cars4heroes does not take in any kind of donated cars, They imply sell them and then buy other cars to give away.  You can reach out cars4heroes by clicking on the link (site)

2. Veteran car donations

Veteran Car Donations work hand in hand with registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, any car donated to veteran car donations help the donor to get a tax deduction. if you are thinking to help veterans with a car that has no more use for you you can simply call them 866-864-1931 and can ask them for further process. you can also connect with them through their website it is a simple process and can be donated a car easily just by filling this form

Veterans car donation accepting all the kind of vehicles like cars, trucks, van, SUV, boats, Fleet, sedan. Your donation can change the life of a veteran or disabled veteran.  Veteran Car Donations every year celebrate veteran day across all the centers and donate these donated cars to veterans. if you are seeking for any kind of donation help and if you are a veteran or a family member of veterans family, contact them by clicking the link ( site)

3. Cars4vets

Cars4vets is a dedicated 501 (c) (3) charity organization that working towards veterans and disabled veterans’ welfare. It comes under Christian fellowship ministry which works towards Christian men and women welfare. Car 4 vets is a nonreligious organization based in California. anyone whose old car, used car or a car standing to your garage can be helpful for a veterans. The donor gets market fair value for their donated cars, once the car value is estimated the donor also receives a tax deduction receipt which helps him or her to get a deduction on tax. apart from the car they also help veterans with shelters, food, clothes, medical help, employment, and more. anyone who is seeking help from cars 4 vets can connect with them using cars 4 vets helpline number (855) 999-7787 (Toll-Free) or can connect with them online using the link ( site)

4. Vehicles for Veterans

Vehicle assistance for veterans is a noncharitable 501 c 3 registered organization which works for disabled veterans. the car which you donate with Vehicles for veterans is tax deductable and delivered to disabled veterans across the united states. your donation for Vehicles for veterans helps organizations to provide assistance to disabled veterans and their families. The donor receives free pickup along with a tax receipt under IRS rules. Also veteran needs help getting a car Vehicles for Veterans is Car Donation Foundation’s vehicle donation program, anyone who wants to reach out Vehicles for veterans can call them 1-855-811-4838 or can reach out Vehicles for veterans online using the link ( site)

5. Vets car

The vet’s car slogan is ” Empowering Veterans Through Auto Sales”, Vets car organize the sale of the donated cars and sell them at a cheap price to needy veterans. Vets cars also offer to finance for veterans which cost 0% interest to them. The 85% which are being sold in vets car auctions are for veterans and disabled veterans only. the motive of car vets to help homeless and unemployed veterans through their services. anyone who wants to connect with vets car can call them 678-914-1221 or can reach them out using the link ( site)

6. Vettes 4 Vets

Vettes4vets is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization that is working towards cars for veterans and disabled veterans since 2008, helping Veterans, current military personnel, and/or their family members in distress and need. The organization was started by Mark Davis in 2008. anyone can contact Vettes4vets using the contact number (205) 266-0632‬ or can reach out them online (site)

Eligibility Criteria To Get Free Cars For Veterans In Need

In order to become qualified for veterans programs of Cars, you need to fulfill some eligibility requirements. So, some such requirements are as follows –

  • You should be a citizen of the United States of America
  • You should also have a valid license (And in case if there is a disability, then you have to give an additional license name). * Please note that your driving license is mandatory and without a license, a free car cannot be offered.
  • You will not be allowed to grant a free car for veterans if you don’t show a hardship with your present vehicle.
  • You have to submit all the documents, which includes the following –
  1. Address proof
  2. Education certificate
  3. Driving license
  4. Income profile

(* Kindly note that the higher authorities will do a verification of all the documents you submitted. There will also be a document screening process in order to ensure that all the documents are verified by the applicant(you) & also it ensures that all the documents are true and not false. Giving false documents or information will make you ineligible.)

  • The applicant should have a license compulsorily and if he has any kind of disability then they have to offer a spare license name. Also, you should have driving license at any cost and without having a driving license, there is no possibility of you getting a car.
  • The applicant should be a citizen of the United States of America
  • You have to show a hardship with your current car. With this criteria, you may get a free car for veterans else you won’t be eligible at any cost.
  • You should hold a citizenship of United States of America
  • The restrictions and eligibility will be shared with you in prior. So, you don’t have to worry about anything. If you think that you are an eligible candidate then you should apply for the Free cars program. There are some of the recognized names that may ask you to submit last year’s income tax return to see the limits of your income. They may check the necessary details so that they may help you get a car for you.
  • You should note that these programs are for low-income background veterans who cannot afford to purchase a new car due to one or the other parameters
  • You have to provide all the necessary documents that include education certificate, address proof, driving license, income profile and much more. The authorities might check all the papers you submit. The screening process of the document makes sure that all the verified documents by the applicant may not be fraudulent or even misleading. Also, whether a veteran is offering a false or a true information, you have to offer real documents for scrutiny to make things work in a better way. You have to show yourself as you are a genuine candidate who is in real need of a car.
  • DD214 is a form of document that shows that you are a veteran of a safety force from any of the wing. Also, this type of document is essential and necessary.
  • All the documents that you submit with the application process are going through the background check. If the application passes through all the steps of verification then you may get free cars for disabled veterans. You should show that you are a transparent person at any cost. Also, in the background check, you get to know all the verified details you have to offer that includes your criminal records or even your personal life.


free cars for disabled veterans

  • Make sure that you don’t hide anything and you are transparent with all the necessary information.
  • Cars for veterans is not at all a completely free program. There is a probability that you may have to submit a registration or a basic fees such as registration charges, taxes, maintenance and insurance.
  • You have to reside nearby to the community where there is a hosted giveaways in case of local charities or even local organization.
  • In this manner, you may keep updated with all the latest details and get news about you have to reside by in a nearby community where the giveaway is being conducted. So, you may save yourself update with all the latest information and news about free cars for vets.


1. Free cars for veteran’s information

When it comes to cars, there are several doors to get free cars for veterans. Not only government but also several organizations and NGO or non-profit organization are ready to get a car at free of cost for the veterans. So, if you are a veteran might have to show a better authentic details to get a free car. The different firms and government always give tribute to the veterans for a purpose. They are the ones who strive hard for the interest of this country at any cost to ensure that the American individuals are secured from any threat. Veterans are the actual heroes of the United States of America as they work their complete life to safeguard the country.

Are There Special Cars For Disabled Veterans?

There are various programs that are available from the government side. The government initiative have pure intention to help the veterans to lead a good life, so they arrange the car for veterans easily. When the veterans are injured for their whole life in the time of serving their duties, special cars are offered to facilitate their life. The veterans might lose their hand or even leg and any other body part. In this scenario, special cars are made to satisfy the requirements of disabled veterans.

If any veteran belongs to the sea area government also provides him a free boat to earn a livelihood without any trouble here I am going to put some focus on how to free boat for veterans.

How to Get a Free Boat For Veterans?

There is also a probability to use the boat for fishing purpose in the deep sea. As veterans can get a free boat from the government or even an NGO (Non-profit organization) to lead a comfortable life or do fishing instead of a car. There are chances of veterans getting a giveaway from the government too. Also, individuals in the community donate and giveaway boats as they are no use to them. This type of free away boat program is well-designed and made with an intention in mind. The free boat giveaway program is similar as that of free car giveaway program. You have to apply for the program to avail its benefit but as veterans you must have a proof of living by the river or sea where the boat may facilitate your living. Government or the non-profit organization are available for veterans to help in the best possible way. They make sure to help you having a good life so you don’t have to worry about anything. They thought that if they don’t offer a car for veterans then they might provide car and they are helping you out in the best possible way. Also, individuals in the community wish to offer or even donate boats for the veterans to make their life comfortable. There are rich people too who have boats and they don’t use it so they make sure to donate the boat to veterans. There are some sponsors too available who help you provide with  the boat so that you as a veteran can get a good life. You can use the boat instead of a car when veterans stay by the river or sea. So, there are various non-profit organization and charities that offer free boats for veterans who wish to use it in sea or even river. The boat might also be the sole means of interaction or the veterans might even use it for fishing.

How Do I Apply For Free Cars For Disabled Veterans?

The application process for cars for disabled veterans begin by visiting the site of the organization where there are minute instructions available. You have to put details in the necessary fields and proceed by knowing the rules and regulations.  The process to get a free car for the disabled veterans is simple and you have to go through the process properly. There are a few criteria that you have to fulfil as well. So, you have to understand that these eligibility criteria first. There are a few necessary documents such as income profile, education certificate, income restriction, driving license and many more according the regulations of the organization.

1. Car loans for disabled veterans with bad credit

There are car loans available for disabled veterans if they have a bad credit. The bad credit score does not allows any citizen in the country with loan. Credit union auto loans is also the easiest option for the veterans to ensure that you get an affordable car. There are several programs that are available for disabled veterans for car loans. Car loans might be a feasible option to purchase a car in case if there is no option to get a free car. Also, with bad credit score there will be no issue for the loan.

There is another solution to get a loan that is VA loan. The VA loan is offered and authorized only for the disabled veterans that is an initiative by the veterans affairs department. Also, there are a few unions such as PenFed credit union or even Navy Federal Credit Union that offers car loan to the veterans.

VA offers three loan guarantee programs for the housing for active-duty members, veterans, members of the national guard, members of the reserve, and certain surviving spouses.

There are three types of loans for disabled vets with bad credit :

»Loan for purchase

»Loan Refinancing for Optimization

»Cash Loan Refinancing

1. Loan for Purchase 

A purchase loan may Help you acquire a home at an interest rate competitive Usually, it is not necessary to make a payment initial or purchase mortgage insurance to get a purchase loan.

2. Refinancing of loans for optimization.

With the VA loan for Optimization (also called “Refinancing Loan for Rate Reduction Interest or IRRRL) is it possible to obtain an interest rate minor by refinancing your loan existing mortgage guaranteed by VA. It also can refinance and transform a VA variable mortgage (ARM) at a fixed rate.

3. Refinancing of cash loans.

If you want to use the value of your home to pay other debts, pay school tuition or remodel your home, Cash Loan Refinancing can be A good alternative. Loan Refinancing for Cash can also be used to convert a loan that has not been taken through VA in a VA loan. VA will guarantee loans up to 100 percent of the value of your home.

The Veteran Needs Help Getting A Car

The veterans are always a matter of pride to any of the countries, in united states, the central as well as the state government is helping veterans in getting a free car by offering free cars for disabled veterans Program. Disables veterans who really need a free car can apply and may get a free car. this is important to understand that not everyone can get a free car under free cars for disabled veterans Program because of limited numbers of cars are being donated, still, may charities are working towards help salvation army car donation is also working towards and offering free cars to veterans and disabled veterans. People who have cars that are not in their use, can donate them under donate a car to veterans or donate a car to the military program to spread happiness on the face of millions of veterans and disabled veterans.

Emergency Cash For Veterans

The United States government has been seeking to grant privileges in gratitude for services such as financial aid, housing assistance, and benefits to veterans. But this is inadequate. We have included options to find aid. In this state, there are over 22 million veterans, so it’s very likely that you know or you’ve done it yourself. The transition to life is never simple, particularly. Specialists face obligations or emergencies: it’s nothing.

1. Organizations that help veterans In Emergency Financial Assistance

Here We are sharing a list of few organization which is helping Veterans in their emergency conditions. These are running Grants which are providing Emergency cash to Veterans in their hard time

  1. Unmet Needs Program Site
  2. Lifeline Site
  3. Site
  4. Veterans of Foreign War Unmet Needs Grant Site
  5. USACares Emergency America’s Heroes Site
  6. Operation Family Fund Site
  7. Vantage Mobility International Site

2. Crowdfunding for veterans

The United States government has been seeking for a long time to grant veterans privileges in gratitude for services provided, including financial aid, housing assistance and health care benefits. However, this is often not enough.we have included several options to get help. Veterans can be members of our loved ones, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. In this country, there are more than 22 million veterans, so it is likely that you know someone who has served in the military, or maybe you’ve done it yourself. The transition to life is never easy, especially. Specialists face financial obligations or emergencies: it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

Although government programs and charities exist and are there to provide help to veterans, you can contribute to altering their lives. If you know a veteran who needs financial aid, because he’s trying to get ahead following a tricky time, or because he wishes to make a dream come true, you can make a crowdfunding effort on his behalf. Or you may just raise money for the charity for veterans you would like. Whether you choose to create a crowdfunding effort for one of those organizations or if you choose to raise funds directly for a veteran friend or relative, we’re here to assist you to get financial assistance for your crises. People today use our crowdfunding platform that is free to raise cash

If you like this article please share with your friends and family, you can also read our More articles which are sharing  get a free car


It is good that you are veterans and you don’t have to suffer at all now. There are charity organizations, government and non-profit firms that are there to help you. When you have a free car for your life, it is quick to get as those programs functions to offer donated free cars for veterans. These people do work in pure form of charity and you don’t have to deal with anything. So, you have to study a little to understand how this program functions and what you have to provide to get free cars for veterans.

Frequently Asked Questions

So, we are going to discuss some of the frequently asked questions about donating a car to veterans. This will give you a more detailed view to understand about the free car procedure for the veterans. Let us discuss more about it.

What Free Grants For veterans are available apart from Cars for veterans in need?

There are different grants that are available for veterans apart from cars for veterans who are needy. You have to follow the correct process so that you get a free car for disabled veterans. There are a few of the reason that we should discuss here:

  • Automobile loans for veterans
  • Also, there are free education grants available for veterans
  • There are different financial assistance help available in case of emergency to pay different bills
  • Scholarship or even grants for veterans who wish to study are available for the veterans
  • There are also different local church help programs available for veterans
  • There are automobile loans that are available for veterans
  • There are local church and salvation army assistance help available for veterans
  • There are also housing grants that are available for homeless veterans
  • The low-income financial help programs available for veterans
  • There are financial help program available for business.

These are some of the different program that are available for veterans apart from the car assistance program. Government understand that it is difficult to live a life as a disabled veteran and so they make sure to offer you the best possible help.

Can I donate cars for veterans?

You must be thinking that whether you as an individual are eligible to donate a car for veterans. So, let us discuss in more detail about it. In the community, there are several rich individuals who have an extra car compared to their requirement. They might be having a car that they don’t need any more or even they are planning to buy a new one. In such scenario, they might donate the car to the organization where car donation and the giveaway program for car is authorized and even accredited. There are chances that you might have close connection with the disabled veterans and you might personally offer your car to the veterans.

Who can donate free cars to veterans?

If you are a businessman who wishes to offer government help? Then, you must donate cars to the veterans for getting more amenities from the government side. Also, there are different car dealers who are rich individuals and who wish to donate a car as they have an extra one. When they donate the car for the betterment of the veterans, they might have the chance of tax deduction, business help and much more.

Are disabled veterans allowed free car tags?

Once you have served in the military, you are eligible to get a free car tag as veterans. These are commemorative license plates that may differ as per to various states. Also, there are different eligibility criteria or even rules of free car tags that may differ as per the state. For example, there are a few states that allows a free registration charges and there are some of the states that offer special consideration to the veterans.

How do I get a disabled veteran Tag?

If you are disabled veteran then there is a criteria that you must be authorized and there are some of the processes that you have to complete. If you have a tag of disabled veteran then you should sign the disabled veteran certification first on the miscellaneous form of certification. Also, you have to show the medical report for service associated injury. There is also a criteria that you have to offer the recent registration card and more documents are needed for the process of registration. In this manner, you will get a disabled veteran tag quickly.

Do disabled veterans get free car registration?

The disabled veterans are the one who are special and unique people of the country and they are appreciated forever in the United States of America. The registration charges is fully free for disabled veterans in various states. So, if you are a disabled veterans then you must show the valid proof of being disabled veterans that might be a certificate or something so that you will get exempted from the charges.

How much is a veteran tag?

There is a unique and special price for a tag for the veterans. But this expense is not that high and one can get it within $50 and there is an annual renewal charge of $40. Also, there is a tax-deductible contribution that you have to make it. The veterans might be customize this tag as per their wish and the charges might differ as well.

Do veterans pay taxes on cars?

There are various states that help you to use a tax exemption for the service members or even the family members on out of the state purchases that are made before to the transaction orders. In the state such as California, there are no taxes that should be paid for the veterans who wish to purchase a vehicle. So, veterans don’t give taxes on cars as the government levies the taxes.

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  1. My name is Michael Peterson. I live in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. I am a partially disabled vet and I’m looking for someone to donate me a car. It’s been quite some time since I have had a car. I can’t get to store for food without walking long distances. I can’t go visit my children or grand children because the live in the southern part of the state. I make less than $12,000 a year being retired so I am already barely scraping by. Won’t you please help. I deserve a life too. Phone 320-247-7227. Bless You

  2. My husband is a disabled vet and our family need a car. We jus lost our only car and our house and about to lose the storge unit We have three kids and living on the street

  3. Hello, I am an Army veteran who served my country honorably for 9 1/2 years and federal civil employment for the Army for 8 years. I worked with Army youth during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. I’ve been twice homeless and I’m searching for a vehicle so that I am able to obtain gainful employment. Since I am able to work it is my hope to get a job so I can adequately support myself and my family! Thanks for your humble consideration of my situation. God Bless!

  4. I am a disabled veteran facing hardships. I am not mentally stable to hold down a job. Currently I am recieving SSI which is not enough to handle my finances. I really need help just getting to my appts. I havr missed so many already and i am in need.

  5. I’m a Disabled US Army Combat Veteran in dire need of a dependable vehicle to get to and from my VA Appointments. I’m currently resisting in a motel almost completely out of money and need financial assistance ASAP. Please help if you can. God bless.

  6. Hello. I am a disabled veteran who has recently relocated to Killeen, Texas to be closer to my 15-year-old daughter and to attend Texas A&M University-Central Texas to attain my master’s degree in School Psychology, I took out a loan to have enough money for moving and living expenses and to purchase a vehicle. The move has been overwhelming financially and my funds have been depleted. I am not currently employed and I am having a difficult time finding a job that does not require me to have a vehicle. I need a vehicle for work and for school. I would greatly appreciate any help that you can offer me. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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