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Free Money for Car Repairs

How To Get Free Money for Car Repairs – Nowadays the price of modern cars are skyrocketing in the United States and therefore the repairing charges are also increasing jointly. The car repairing parts and services are quite expensive in the United States. Therefore, the low income individuals and families struggle to maintain or repair their car.  It is estimated that the average repairing cost of a vehicle in the United States varies from $500 to $600. However, if your car has any major issues then it might go up $1,500. So, it is obvious that the low income individuals or families are unable to afford that much amount on car repairs. Go through the article to know how to get free money for car repairs.

Financial Assistance For Free Car Repairs

It is identified, the typical car on U.S. roads will be about 16 years old by 2023. This means that car repairs could become more expensive and can lead to a money problem for many folks. If you need help with money for fixing your car, the programs mentioned below can help you get your vehicle repaired and running smoothly.

Free Money For Car Repairs For Single Mothers

There are many organizations that understand that being a single mom is tough, having to raise kids on your own while struggling to make enough money. That is why they offer programs to help single mothers with car repairs. The programs mentioned below provide assistance in this matter.

Next Level Church

The Next Level Church is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, this charity gives free car repair services for single mothers. They’ll help you with small car fixes and maintenance for free, but you need to bring the replacement parts.  Next Level Church is a Christian church that focuses on helping people grow in their faith and live out their purpose. They have a variety of programs and ministries to help people of all ages and backgrounds. To get assistance from this church you can visit the church in person and know about their ongoing programs. To know more visit

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

This program is open to low-income individuals who are pregnant or single mothers taking care of children under 18. If you meet the criteria, you might qualify for free car repair services, assistance with children and support for job preparation.

To be eligible for TANF program, you need to:

  • An U.S Citizen.
  • Must be a single mother.
  • You must be a resident of the state where you have applied for the program.
  • Must have low income.
  • The single mother must have an 18 year old child, pregnant and is the head person of the house.

To apply for the TANF program you need to submit all the documents that verify your eligibility. However, remember that every state has a different set of eligibility criteria for the TANF program. The next thing you need to do is locate TANF agencies in your area and apply for the program. To find your states visit

Free Money For Car Repairs For Low-Income Families

There are government and private programs that help families with low income by giving them money and fixing their cars.

Carpenter’s Garage

Carpenter’s Garage is located in Vancouver, Washington. This charity helps low-income families by providing discounted car repairs based on what they can afford. To be eligible for the program you need to fulfill some of the requirements that includes service eligibility and income eligibility.  However, to know more about their programs simply visit

Address: 3201 NE Whitman Ave, Vancouver, WA 98662.
Contact number: (360) 882-7755.

Vehicles for Change

If you are in Virginia, Maryland or DC and have a low income, this program will help you with car repair costs. They also sell reliable used cars for as low as $950.

To be eligible for their program, you must be a resident of Northern Virginia or Maryland, you must be employed or have a job where you work at least 30 hours per week. You need to have a driving license, you are drug free, you must have car insurance and you must afford to pay for the taxes.

To apply for the program under Vehicles for Change, you need to submit all the documents to the organization. Once you are eligible for the program you might receive free money for car repairs. To know more visit

Working Cars For Working Families

This program is all about helping families get affordable used cars. They have teamed up with 120 charities nationwide to provide reasonably priced second-hand cars. Plus, they provide low-income families the opportunity to borrow money for a car at a lower interest rate.

To be eligible for Working Cars for Working Families you need to be a resident of the U.S and must be residing in the state where you have applied for the program. Another criteria that you need to fulfill is you must belong to a low income group, have a driving license, must be employed and have the capability to pay for your car insurance and tax. You must be a single mother having a dependent child who is under 19 years. To apply for the program, you need to submit all the required documents that proves your eligibility. To know more visit their official website at

Job Access and Reverse Commute Program (JARC)

This program gives free car repairs to people and families with low income. They handle tasks such as repairing brake pads and transmissions, changing oil filters, getting new tires and fixing electrical issues.

To be eligible for the JARC program, you must belong to a low income group, must be a welfare recipient and need to be a low wage worker. Disabled individuals can also apply for the JARC program.

To apply for the JARC  program you need to submit your eligibility documents.  Next thing you need to visit the local JARC office in your area and know everything about the program. To know more visit

Free Money For Car Repairs For Military Veterans

Charities show love to military vets by providing them with free car repairs and sorting out their transportation needs.

Keys to Progress

This group helps vets who are facing money problems by fixing their car for free. Every year, they hold events across the United States where they give away second-hand cars to veterans and their families. This program also collaborates with 1-800-Charity Cars, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc. Veracity Research Co. Investigations (VRC) and much more. If you are looking for a free vehicle you can also get it from them, they generally distribute free vehicles in the month of November. To know more visit

Semper Fi Fund

This group gives free rides and helps injured vets fix their cars. They also modify the cars of veterans with disabilities to make them more user friendly. It is one of the well known non profit organizations in the United States that mainly supports veterans who are severely injured, ill or wounded. The main aim of the fund is to help out the veterans and families so that they can live comfortably. To know more visit

Free Money For Car Repairs For Drivers With Disabilities

Fixing cars or paying for a mechanic for regular maintenance can be quite tough for disabled individuals due to physical limitations or financial challenges. Luckily, there are groups that offer support to disabled drivers by providing free used cars and helping with car repairs.


1-800-Charity-Cars  is a charity that gives used cars to drivers dealing with disabilities and serious medical conditions. It is a non profit organization that operates all over the United States. Their aim is to donate cars to the families that are struggling and also accept car donation services.

To be eligible for 1-800-Charity-Cars you must be residing in the United States holding a legal residential ID.  You need to have a legit driving license and a clean driving record. You must be disabled.

To apply for car repairs, you need to be eligible and submit all the documents like your proof of residence, proof of income, driving license and much more. You can visit their official website and submit your application at or simply call them at  1-800-242-7489 (1-800-CHARITY). Once you have submitted your application you need to wait for their review process.


Cars4Christmas gives free and reliable cars to people who qualify, especially those with long-term disabilities or terminal illnesses. They generally offer money for car repairs during the holidays. So, if you are looking for free money for your car repairs then Cars4Christmas can be one of the locations for you. They only help out the needy and struggling families who are unable to afford their car repairs. You can simply visit the official website of Cars4Christmas and submit your online application.

List of Car Repairs Grants That Are Available

Apart from the free money for car repairs there are also a number of organizations that offer car repairing grants.

Veterans Administration

The Veteran Administration is also known as VA in short. It is a federal government program that mainly offers help to the military veterans with various types of services including home loans, training, education, disability compensation and health care. However, remember they might not help you with car repairs grants directly, but they help out the eligible veterans to purchase a vehicle.

Apart from that they also offer transportation assistance to the veterans. The Veteran Administration might also have extensive information about other non profit and organizations that might help you with car repairing grants. So, it is best for you to contact your local VA administration and check if they have any resources to help you out. You can also visit the official website of Veterans Administration at

The Salvation Army

I hope you are already familiar with the name The Salvation Army, this organization operates internationally and always came forward to help out the struggling and needy individuals and families with almost everything. They do offer help with medical care, food assistance and housing assistance. However, remember they might not directly help you with car repairing grants but can refer you to other organizations or programs that offer car repairing grants.

The best thing about the Salvation Army is that they run various community centers and programs offering help to the needy people. If you are looking to repair your car then there are a number of car assistance programs. To know more you can visit

The United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church is a faith based organization that is highly reconsigned all over the United States. Many local United Methodist Church run various types of  financial programs and services that can be used for car repairing. However, remember that they do not run any programs that are related to car repairs. But you can take financial help from the church and repair your car.

You can simply contact the local United Methodist Church in your area and ask if they can help you with  financial assistance for the car repair. To get more information about their programs or assistance you can visit

The Lift Garage

Another well known non profit organization that is located in Minnesota. So, if you are currently residing in Minnesota and looking for car repairs then you can try reaching the Lift Garage. The main aim of this organization is to help out the individuals and families who are unable to afford car repairs. Life Garage has their own auto repair shop where they offer various types of services for the low income families. The services include brake services, tire repairs, oil changes and much more.

They mainly focus on keeping the public safe so that they do not face any time of problem on the road because of their cars.  They understand the importance of cars for the people who work and therefore making car repairs and maintenance much more affordable. There are many low income households who are still living in poverty and do not have sufficient income to repair their car. To know more about their programs and services visit


Workforce is another renowned program in the United States that helps the low income individuals to get back to work and also help them with car repairing grants. You can also get free used cars from them. However, to be eligible for their program you must be under job training, re-entry program, work-study program or vocation training program.

Apart from that you also need to provide a description on why you need a car repairing grants. They mainly provide grants that vary from $300 to $1000 for car repairs, however you need to cover the extra amount if your car repairing charges cross $1000.

Consumer Assistance Program (CAP)

Consumer Assistance Program also known as CAP in short, is a program that mainly operates in California, United States. So, if you are living in California you might consider yourself lucky.  If your car does not meet the vehicle emission standard then you can seek help from the Consumer Assistance Program. Their main aim is to improve the air quality. However, the Repair Station and Star Test are the only places where you can get it repaired.

The cars that were manufactured between 1976 and 1995 can get around $900 from the CAP grants. However, the cars after 1996 are entitled to get up to $1200 repairing grants. These grants can be used for repairing where your vehicle passed the emission test. To know more about the program visit

Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program

The Voluntary Vehicle Repair Program currently operates only for the residents who are residing in Arizona. They offer a grant that ranges from $500 to $1000, that money can be used for repairing your car.

To receive the grant make sure that your car is registered under Maricopa or Pima County. However, you need to pay a minimum amount of $150 as they encourage a co-pay system. However, to know more comprehensively about the program visit

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

When you are looking to get a vehicle repair for free then you can seek help from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  You need to bring your car to the NHTSA for inspection. Once they inspect your car and also check if the  problem lies with the manufacturer of the car. As you know a number of cars have problems because of bad manufacturing, so if you are a victim of that you might get help from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). To know more visit

Do Insurance Providers Pay for Car Repairs?

You might be wondering whether you can cover your car repairs through insurance. Yes, insurance might cover for your car repairs, but there are different types of insurance plans. The road accidents have increased rapidly and therefore every vehicle has to be insured. There are mainly two types of insurance that are available for vehicles that are Comprehensive and Collision Insurance.

Comprehensive Insurance is an insurance policy that mainly covers your car damages that are caused by weather, fire or theft. However, they do not cover any damage that is caused by an accident. Whereas Collision Insurance is an insurance policy that provides coverage for the costs of car repairs and replacements after an accident.

But, the majority of car insurance companies do not include protection for regular repair and maintenance tasks, such as changing brake pads, addressing mechanical breakdowns, performing engine oil changes and replacing tires.

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Steps to Consider If Your Insurance Does Not Cover Auto Repairs

There are alternative ways to get help fixing your vehicle if your car insurance does not cover all repair costs. Here are some programs that offer free money to help with car repairs — charities and non-profit groups that give free car repairs, assistance from churches and religious groups, Government Assistant Programs for fixing cars, and websites that provide low-cost car repair services.

Bottom Line

Free money for car repairs can be a blessing for the struggling families who are unable to repair their car.  In the United States, the car repairing and maintenance cost is quite on the higher side and on an average the cost might vary from $500 to $600 in a year. Sometimes the repair cost depends on the condition of your car and might cross $1000. Fortunately there are organizations that offer free money for car repairs, so that the low income individuals can get some help. However, check the eligibility of the program before applying.

To know more about free car related programs visit, 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Free Money for Car Repairs.

Are there organizations that offer free money for car repairs in the United States?

Yes, there are a number of organizations that offer free car repairs in the United States. There are organizations like Cars4Christmas, 1800 Charity Cars, Keys To Progress, Working Cars for Working Families and much more.

Am I eligible for free money for car repairs?

Remember that each organization has a different set of eligibility criteria that you need to fulfill to qualify for their program. However, it is recommended for you to visit the official website of the program or organization and then apply for it.

Can I get my car covered through insurance?

It mainly depends on what type of car insurance you have. There are mainly two types: comprehensive and collision insurance. However, you can get money for car repairs through insurance.

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