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The Salvation Army Car Repair Assistance

The Salvation Army Car Repair Assistance can be really helpful for the low income individuals and families who are unable to meet the car repair expenses. In the United States, it is quite difficult to afford a car because of inflation and it is more difficult to deal with the car expenses.

When you try to get a car you need to pay for the down payments, pay for the gas, pay for maintenance and repairs, thus it becomes really difficult for the residents of the USA. It is identified that when you are looking to maintain or repair your vehicle it can cost you from $500 to $1500 depending on how bad the damage is. So, if you are looking for car repair assistance from The Salvation Army, then go through this article and learn about their programs.

More About The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a religious organization that operates internationally and has always come forward to help the needy ones. They are currently operating in more than 130 countries and have always helped out those communities that are underserved. The members of The Salvation Army run temporary housing shelters, evangelical centers, hospitals and schools. The headquarters of the Salvation Army is located in London and it was started by William Booth.

The main aim of The Salvation Army is to help out the low income families with various assistance programs. Car repair assistance is one of the programs where they provide financial help to the low income individuals and families. The Salvation was founded in the year 1865 and now they are one of the largest organizations that offer social help internationally.

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What is Salvation Army Car Repair Service and Transportation Assistance?

The Salvation Army is one of the most renowned organizations that offer humanitarian services. They do offer transportation assistance and car repairing programs to the low income or needy families. However, to get free services from them you need to meet their eligibility  requirements. The individuals who faced accidents or unexpected car problems can seek help from them.

The Salvation Army offers discounted pricing services for major car repairs, free car repairs if the problem is minor and they offer a $250 maintenance voucher for car repairing. However, remember you can only redeem these services from auto repair shops that are in partnership with The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army also has volunteer mechanics who offer help to repair your car. So, there are multiple auto repair shops, you can bring your car to the nearest one and inspect your car.

Apart from that The Salvation Army also helps with transportation assistance that includes gasoline money, public transit vouchers, free bus cards and low cost rental cars. However, if you do not have a vehicle and are looking for a free used vehicle you can try contacting the Salvation Army. The best thing about them is that they have a lot of resources and information about other non profit and charities that might help you with a free car. To know more about them visit

There are also free cars for low income families, all you need to do is follow a number of steps.

How To Apply For The Salvation Army Car Repair Assistance?

When you are planning to apply for car repair assistance under The Salvation Army, then the first thing you need to do is visit the local Salvation Army office in your area and know about their current ongoing programs.

To know about their program you can also visit the official website of The Salvation Army and check out the local offices that are nearest to your area. After you identify the local office, you need to visit them personally or call them to know whether they are running car assistance programs or not. If they have any such programs, you ask them about the application procedure. However, remember that to qualify for their program you must be an eligible applicant.

You also need to provide further documentation that includes proof of residence, proof of income, proof of employment and many others. The staff of The Salvation Army will guide you thoroughly, you just need to follow the steps carefully to get your car repair assistance.

Other Assistance That Are Provided By The Salvation Army

Apart from car repair assistance, The Salvation Army also provides other types of assistance to help out the families that are struggling. The best thing about them is that they help every need in regards to their income, status, gender, sex or religion. As you know many families suffer because of natural disasters or accidents. The Salvation Army do understand their situation and thus offer different types of assistance so that they can become self-sufficient and can live a peaceful life. The individuals with medical issues, car breakdown, sudden job loss can also get help through the programs of The Salvation Army. We have listed a number of assistance that are provided under The Salvation Army.

Utility and Rent Assistance

The Salvation Army runs a program where they offer utility and rent assistance to those families who are in danger of being homeless. The low income families already struggle to meet up their daily requirements and thus they are unable to pay for rent or utility bills. The Salvation Army offers rent assistance to those household families through utility vouchers. They are in partnership with nonprofits and energy companies where they offer energy assistance to the qualified applicants.

Food Assistance

Another daily requirement of the low income families is food, and thus The Salvation Army runs meal programs and have food pantries where they offer edible items like groceries, canned foods and meals to the low income or needy families. The Salvation Army wide network and thus they collaborated with logistic companies to deliver meals to the needy families that included disabled and senior citizens. Apart from that they also run a soup kitchen where they serve hot meals, bread, soup and coffee to the needy families.

Emergency Housing Assistance

Another assistance that is provided by The Salvation Army is mortgage assistance and rental assistance. There are many low income families who are struggling and might lose their homes because of eviction. In such situations emergency mortgage or rent assistance can be of great help to them to control such situations. The Salvation Army also works in collaboration with local housing agencies where they provide legal assistance, housing assistance and rent assistance.

Hotel Vouchers and Shelters For Homeless

There are many individuals who face various problems in their life that include their house getting destroyed by natural disasters, some experiencing domestic abuse and some getting evicted. Therefore the Salvation Army offers free hotel vouchers, transitional housing and shelter for homeless can be of great help to recover from the situation.Transitional Housing and Shelter for the Homeless can be a great place for them to stay for a temporary basis. They also offer housing at an affordable cost and offer free hotel vouchers so that they can stay temporarily in a shelter.

Bottom Line

The Salvation Army Car Repair Assistance can be really helpful for the low income or needy families. Many low income individuals and families struggle to maintain or repair their cars as in the United States the wage cost is quite on the higher side. The Salvation Army do understand the problem of the local people and thus run various types of programs to help them with car repair assistance. However, you must check the eligibility of the programs and then apply for the program. I hope the article has provided you with all the information regarding The Salvation Army Car Repair Assistance.

To know more about car assistance and repair programs, visit 

Frequently Asked Questions 

We have answered some of the frequently asked questions on The Salvation Army Car Repair Assistance. Go through the questions and answers to gain comprehensive information.

Does the Salvation Army help with car repair assistance?

Yes, the salvation army does run car repair assistance programs. All you need to try is contact your local Salvation Army office in your area and check if they have the available resources to help you out.

Am I eligible for The Salvation Army Car Repair Assistance?

The eligibility for Car Repair Assistance from The Salvation Army differs from location to location. Some basic criteria you need to fulfill is your income, financial requirement, employment states etc. You need to provide documents that prove your eligibility.

Can I get help from a local organization for car repair assistance?

You can seek help from local organizations like churches, nonprofits and community based organizations that might help you with car repairs. Apart from that you can also search online on the web and find a number of locations.

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