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How Much Does Ford Extended Warranty Cost?

How Much Does Ford Extended Warranty Cost? – Review and Coverage – If there is any company that makes the most compact vehicles that endure forever is the Ford. Plus, if there is a strong workshop guarantee then it enhances the self-assurance of the buyers and also their smugness in the brand of Ford. A more reasonable choice which the many regular drivers make is of the previously used Ford trucks. Now, one of the most pivotal queries for such regular drivers is whether ford prepares the list of extended warranty for cars over 100k miles.

Here Are the Important Parts You Need to Know

Knowing the brass tacks of a guarantee of the automobile can be pretty thwarting for the owner of the Ford. You will have to go through complicated legal terminologies and it can be very tough. Then the next hard work which the owners have to go through is the knowing in depth about different types of Ford guarantees like the extended warranty and the factory warranty. No matter how great the challenge you face, you must still be aware of the important variations which will help you to purchase the excellent cover for your new or old Ford car.

To identify the reasonable BMW extended warranty cost, you will have to go through several guarantee reviews under the models of the automobile manufacturer.

Explaining Car Warranties

Explaining car warranties is the prime place from where one should start to identify the ford extended guarantee cost which is again important in identifying the important variations between power train and extended car guarantees.

What is a car warranty?

It can be defined as an agreement between you and the automobile manufacturer or the repair shop that they will do the repairing services and will also do the maintenance services when needed. Apart from that what is included and what is excluded in the Ford extended guarantee plans comes into the agreement.

The best ways to know what a good warranty for your Ford car is the following –

  • Budget
  • Requirements
  • And Ford Vehicle

Manufacturer Car Warranties

One of the simplest types of coverage which originates is from the manufacturer of the new car or the automobile dealer. All the chief car manufacturers will offer a prepaid automobile maintenance plan which is normal. There are different types of guarantees that come under the canopy of the factory warranty, they are as follows –

Bumper to bumper: All-inclusive warranty which includes/covers everything in an automobile.

Powertrain: It only has a limited cover that includes the parts of the automobile which helps the car to function.

If you have the plans of keeping the automobile for a longer period that exceeds the period of coverage of the manufacturer, then one of the best options is the Ford factory guarantee. Apart from the guarantees of the manufacturer’s which is limited, it will only become operative when the problem arises in the functioning of the car and threatens its safety which mostly arises from the following such as –

  • Material issues
  • Manufacturing issues

You will only get the reimbursement in the factory warranty when the manufacturer is at error. In a factory coverage which is traditional in nature in that you will not be reimbursed for the following such as –

  • Maintenance
  • Accidents
  • Oil changes
  • Other component issues
  • Upgrade issues

Compared to extended guarantees the manufacturer guarantee comes with a protection term which is short term. As these guarantees originate directly from the producing works with the new car, the manufacturer can identify how much time the cover will exist.

Several automobile manufacturers have a typical time period i.e. 3 years and 36,000 miles. Also, there are other manufacturers who can provide advantages overtaking their competitors and also provide coverage term which is too good.

Extended Car Warranties

Once your Ford Factory guarantee starts, you will have only 2 options, they are as follows –

  • Your automobile is not covered
  • Buying an extended guarantee

You will find it very interesting to be aware of the normal ford extended guarantee cost, selecting your plan, etc., you can also do a relaxed driving home your Ford car. If you plan to buy an extended guarantee then it can be a wrong path that you are choosing, because you can purchase comprehensive protection for your Ford automobile either from –

  • The manufacturer
  • Third-party provider

When your factory guarantees are still operative, you can purchase a ford comprehensive guarantee plan. In this way, you can get an extended term of coverage of the previous factory warranty along with the comprehensive guarantee plans.

Automaker Extended Warranty

Automaker extended warranty can be defined as an extension of the new factory warranty. In standard, the benefits like roadside help, particular inclusions and exclusions will be the same. The only change that you will find is in the term of the coverage i.e. the period.

The Ford Factory Extended Warranty Coverage

Whether you are planning to purchase a ford complete coverage or not? So, one suggestion for you is that having additional coverage is always better in saving you of the extra cost which will accrue with the automobile repair garages after your factory guarantee is finished. Below you can find the reviews of the ford extended warranty which will broaden your horizons and you will know what to presume.

What Does Ford Manufacturer Extended Coverage Protect?

Ford Protect Extended Service Plans (ESPs) is the motor firm authorized extended warranty plans which you can purchase from the ford car dealers. There are total 4 plans which offer limited coverage for the following such as –

  • Major engine parts
  • Plus internal parts
  • Seals and gaskets

The plans are as follows –

Premium CARE –It is an inclusive plan and provides complete protection for the following and covers the following –

  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Audio
  • Engine
  • Safety
  • High-tech parts
  • Powertrain control module(PCM)
  • More than 1,000 other parts.

ExtraCARE –It covers and protects 113 parts of the automobile and includes the following cover such as –

  • Electrical components
  • Engine
  • Transmission

The extra care plan does not cover the following –

  • Emissions
  • PCM
  • Safety
  • Audio or rear suspension

BaseCARE –It includes in its coverage the following –

  • Powertrain
  • Brakes
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Steering
  • Front suspension
  • Electrical

It also includes some of the components of the engine, but the base care plan does not include the following in its cover –

  • Fuel tank & line
  • Radiator fan
  • Radiator
  • Gas fuel lines and fuel injectors
  • Flywheel ring gear

PowertrainCARE –It has a powertrain warranty and partially includes –

  • Front-wheel-drive
  • Transmission
  • Engine
  • Rear-wheel-drive
  • 29 components

Third-party Extended Warranty Providers

The 3rd party extended warranty has a variation and comes with more benefits. It is also some times known as vehicle service contracts, and the 3rd party extended warranty has an extremely elastic –

  • Inclusions
  • Exclusions
  • Extra perks
  • Terms

There are several 3rd party providers who provide good protection for your automobile most of the time matching with bumper-to-bumper factory guarantees. For example, the very good 3rd party providers will also provide roadside help which is an emergency case+ other advantages. So, for many people after their factory guarantee expires, they opt for third party coverage extended one which is also attractive.

Some of the warranties will:

  • Give you the option of selecting a repair shop
  • Provide compensation for towing costs or rental cars
  • Permit monthly payments
  • Cover some repair expenses not covered by factory warranties

Similarities: Factory Warranties and Extended Warranties

Regardless of all the variations, the extended guarantees and factory guarantees have some things in common. They both have the coverage limit.

In factory guarantees, the extended period is set in advance by the producers of the automobile. There are more options for coverage by the 3rd party providers along with an option for modification for the period of coverage for your car.

Precise eligibility requirements are what the extended guarantees have. This defines why the normal Toyota extended warranty cost, for example, relies on the exact producers’ or providers’ plan. Plus, it is a genuine fact that many such choices favor the models of Ford which are new. And the reason for this is the rise in the percentage of repairs when the automobile becomes old which also includes its maintenance.

Consider This before Buying Ford Extended Service Plans

After your ford factory guarantee becomes invalid, you will have to pay for the extended automobile coverage. If you want you can also choose to purchase extended coverage from ford dealers. If not, then search for a 3rd party extended coverage provider. But the question is how will you find the best provider?

When you study online you should know that the Ford extended guarantees have protected your complete car, however, you should also ponder about this –

Your 1000s of components are protected by the Premium Care extended cover policy. But how long will it be valid? You want maximum coverage and that too for a longer-term period, but unluckily the Ford policies have coverage only for a few years.

Producer’s guarantees from ford do not include the following –

  • Parts that wear and tear
  • Brake pads
  • Windshield wipers
  • Routine maintenance
  • Tire rotations
  • Oil changes

You will have to purchase this all separately or buy a separate maintenance plan from the Ford dealership which is local, i.e. known as Ford Protection Premium Maintenance Plan.

A different protection plan is included by the Ford Company and includes the following such as –

  • Tires
  • Windshields
  • Dents

And these stuff will be excluded from your Ford ESP Cover.

The producer of the automobile directs a particular process in the ford guarantees policies. If you are in search for a comprehensive guarantee which gives you the elasticity to repair the automobile in any place, then Ford guarantee/warranty policies will not be able to do that for you.

Buying a ford comprehensive guarantee from a producer of an automobile will seal the price to your automobile loan which means you will have to pay the interest on the guarantee too.

Every ford comprehensive guarantee is not certified one from the authorized ford company. There is a huge difference between 3rd party extended protection plans and ford extended/comprehensive coverage. There is no need for you to be bound by a particular dealer in the 3rd party extended protection plans.

Prices: Ford Extended Warranties

If you want to know the normal ford extended/ (comprehensive) warranty/ (guarantee) cost then continue reading. The ford extended warranties cover plans from the producer of automobile which includes different services with a price which is high. Always read the fine print of the plan so that you can know what the plan includes and what all does it excludes.

Key Benefits: Third-Party Extended Warranties

Most all the producers of the automobile try to keep in a house the following –

  • Repairs
  • Used car sales
  • Extended warranties
  • Purchases

There are many merits and benefits of the 3rd party extended guarantees (warranty). They are as follows –


In a 3rd party extended warranty, you have the option to choose from among more than 1000 authorized garages of your selection. It means you are not tied to the Ford certified garages only. It will help you to discover a reliable and comfortable automobile shop.

Plus, if you go for the company‘s repair shops then they may charge you at a high price the services. The freedom of choice for choosing your own mechanic will help you save both capital and an hour.

More Coverage Period

Ford company warranties will cover you only for 5 years max but if you buy coverage from the 3rd party it will give you a longer coverage. Most of the 3rd party providers give coverage of up to 7 years with 100,000 miles etc.

Best Protection Price

To save the extra money for repairs you think of buying extended warranty coverage for your automobile. Ford will have a consistent price for their extended warranty. They will not think about getting the best price for you. Whereas, 3rd party providers will help you get the best prices on which you will save money. In an extended warranty, you will not have to pay interest of the warranty on an auto loan. This will assure you that you don’t have to pay extra interest.

More Perks

One of the best parts about the 3rd party providers is that they provide extra services in case of emergency, which includes the following –

  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Rental vehicles
  • Gas delivery
  • Towing
  • Trip interruption at no extra charge.

Where to Buy Ford Third-Party Extended Warranties

It’s very important that you do proper research about the 3rd party providers. There are many such 3rd party extended warranty providers that you will get in the market with very appealing offers but you have to choose the correct one.

You should always choose to buy from the company that has been serving the customer for a longer period of time. They should be the ones who have the record of their works which displays the efficiency of the coverage plans.

Always buy your coverage from the 3rd party vendor who is highly known in the market. The 3rd party provider should be reliable with a reputation in the market which can meet all your needs. To be assured always check for authorization by the Better Business Bureau.

Can You Afford Standard Ford Repairs?

Buying a ford car also includes knowing the repairs which are common and also include the amount which you should be aware of to pay-

  • A Ford F-350 Super Duty costs – $1,391 yearly, to repair and maintain.
  • A Ford Escape will cost – $569 a year to repair and maintain
  • A Ford Fusion will costs – $375 for the maintenance and repair
  • A Ford Explorer will costs – $722 for repair
  • A Ford E-350 Club Wagon will costs- $632 for annual repairs and maintenance.

Choosing the Best Coverage for Your Ford Vehicle

There is a lot of competition between the extended warranty and factory warranty. You must be confused thinking which one will be the best one for you, so think from a varied point of view. You will need both the plan.

This is needed because your automobile is getting old. You need the standard factory guarantees because it covers the routine maintenance, which is not covered by the extended guarantees.

Final Considerations

You will get a complete, short term factory cover by the Ford Company. Plus, ford is also the competition with other producers of an automobile. There are many producers of an automobile who provide for similar coverage and terms. When it comes to coverage, advantages, and inclusions, the factory warranty doesn’t have anything extraordinary to offer. Whereas, the other 3rd party providers have much to offer which the factory warranty lacks. 100,000-mile diesel engine coverage of Ford is applicable to any ford truck owner. This protection is longer lasting than the powertrain plan; it provides security against any kind of errors.

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