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Cheap Honda CRV lease deals | Special offers Honda CRV Lease

Best Honda CRV lease deals Price, special offers There are many best models in the market but growing in the market within less time is a complex task. Honda CR-V is the one model which has maintained its place in the auto market. Many special deals and offers are also available for buying the Honda CRV model and other models such as Hyundai Sonata Lease $99. Competition is too much increasing with each passing day in the auto market; still, the Honda CRV lease is on the top because of its powerful, safety features and fuel-efficient strains. One of its best things is that it has a cabin which has large space.

Honda CRV Features

For car shoppers, who are looking for the best car with lease deals, then Honda CR-V is the best option. Just tick all the options available in the lease deal and get your car with you. In the new models of the car, you will not get any option to change things like chevy bolt lease deals or choosing from 2 engines. In the engine capacity, you will change it to a lesser capacity. Using 4 cylinders base CR-V 2.4CC engine is engaged with 184 horsepower and 180 lb-feet for the torque power. If a car lover sees that power is creating the problem, then one option for turbocharged is available with a 1.5 CC engine. With turbocharged, 4 cylinders is also available and it is one of the best deal.

This model of Honda is producing 190 horsepower and its torque rate is about 179 lb-feet. Honda CRV provides a front wheel for a drive. If you want 4 wheel drive configuration in your car, then you will have to pay an extra $ 1400. For better fuel economy, install a turbocharged engine. One gearbox is also installed in this model CR-V for variable transmission. As we have told you that there is a large cabin space in the Honda CR-V model, you can easily add cargo valuable space with 39.2 cubes for maintaining rear seats. There is also an option to hold down the back seat which gives at least 75.8 cubes space under cargo space.

Honda CRV Lease begins from $249/month

When you are visiting a car showroom to buy your favorite car which is Honda CRV LX, then you will have to pay $249 per month for 36 months. For this lease value, $2699 will be the down payment amount. If the MSRP value is $25545, then you will have to pay $324 per month. If you want any customization in your car, like 4 wheel drive, then pay $200 extra amount and $10 extra in lease value per month. For 2 wheel drive, no extra amount has to be paid by the car buyer.

There are different interest rates for the different periods. If you are ready to buy Honda CRV with varying financing rates, then choose the one which you can afford easily while paying payment in the future. 1.9% interest rate is valid for 3 years, 2.9 % interest rate is valid for 5 years and 3.9% interest rate is valid for 6 years.

LX trim is the model of Honda and it has the best value for MRSP but does not have a lease deal with attractive offers. If you want the best lease deal on your car, then you should go for buying Honda CR-V. Honda EX’s new car model is also an option with the best offers and also has the best MSRP values.

Honda CRV lease price Near me 

Honda CRV model price is high in the auto market and its lease price is also high. The main reason for its high price is its popularity and best features. The lease price for the Honda CRV model is about $ 5249 per month to $ 500 per month. This model of Honda brand is also giving conquest cash and loyalty bonus to all customers. Many marketing companies of the Honda brand are concentrating on special offers for other models like LX configuration. This LX model of Honda is having all the sensation features and best deals so that customers can like it more and more.

In the year 2021, Honda manufacturer company is trying to release to new hybrid model for Honda CRV. Honda CRV is also one of the best models from Honda manufacturing company. In the new model of CRV, 212 horsepower engine is setup which is more than the 22 horsepower of CRV model. CRV model of Honda is having a regular engine which is 190 horsepower capacity. Still, Honda has not set up the price and other figures for the new hybrid model.

As the demand for Honda CRV is high and its lease price is also changing with time. The lowering price or lease value of Honda CRV decreases the total price. Honda CRV national offers are discussed below.

Honda CRV Lease specials offers 

In the current year 2021, Honda offers the best lease and financing deals for all the latest models. The latest models of Honda include minivans, SUVs, and many more. Before making your final decision about buying any model of the Honda brand, you should know about the lease payment. If you want to have Honda CR-V lease models, then you have to pay a monthly payment which is between $ 169 to $ 389, and the down payment will be $3399. This lease payment will be paid for the coming 36 months. Except for the Honda CRV model, you can also buy Kia Optima for $99 Lease. There is also a chance that community dealers will have varying terms and conditions. So, it is good for all Honda brand lovers to contact local dealers. Your local dealer will tell you the exact figure for the best lease offers.

If you are interested to buy an SUV, then you will find new and attractive offers for Honda SUVs with a special lease. After the SUV model from Honda, CR-V is the latest model which is sold in the auto market. An auto marketing company is providing a low lease value option so that monthly installment will below. This lease value is about $249 per month and you have to pay a down payment with this lease value is about $2700. If you want something more in space, then you can go for Honda HR-V’s new model. The lease value of the HR-V model is about $ 179 monthly payment with paying down payment of $ 3100. This lease option will be valid for 36 months.

Conquest and loyalty offers Honda CRV

All the dealers of Honda CR-V are providing $500 incentives for all car buyers. This incentive is calculated based on lower interest rates. Many dealers provide this incentive without having a problem while some dealers are not ready to pay this much amount as an incentive. So, when you are going to buy a car in the market, check that which shop is giving you the most attractive and valuable offers.

Customers are getting many offers and all such offers will be available to all. One of the best offers is to get $ 500 cash as a bonus cash offer. This offer is available only for all new competing brands or for current owners of CRV Honda.

Honda CRV financing Options 

As the new month of the year, October is starting, Honda is offering new models with attractive prices and lease values. Such new models of Honda include SUVs, vans, and cars. Honda financing companies ensure all customers that a 5-year car loan is available at the lowest interest rate which is 4.65 % on the national average. There is a varying interest rate for different models but a 0 % financing deal is not available. The interest rate will start from 1.9 % lowest to the maximum interest rate of 3.9 %. This rate of interest will be valid for the next 6 years.

When you want to buy Honda CRV with a financing option, then get information about its flexible conditions. Honda CRV model financing rates are the same as other models like Pilot, Accord, Odyssey, and HRV. The interest rate of Honda has a varied time duration of about 2 years to 3 years. A 5-year term plan is giving an interest rate of 2.9 % for all latest models of Honda and customers can easily get a loan. A 6-year term plan is also available with a 3.9 % interest rate. It is the choice of the customer that which plan he chooses.

Honda CR-V other model lease deals

Model Name Pay per month Duration MSRP Mileage limit Due at signing Availability
The Honda CR-V LX AWD   configuration $269 3 years $26,949 12,000 miles $2889 Nationwide
Honda CR-V EX-L AWD   configuration $279 3 years $32,349 12,000 miles $3189 Nationwide
Honda CR-V Touring AWD   configuration $329 3 years $3689 12,000 miles $35,349 Nationwide
The Honda CR-V EX AWD   configuration $279 3 years $2889 12,000 miles $29,849 Nationwide
Honda   CR-V LX Trim $269 3 years $25,549 12,000 miles $2689 Nationwide
Honda CR-V Ex-L Trim $289 3 years $30,949 12,000 miles $2989 Nationwide
Honda CR-V Touring Trim $329 3 years $3489 12,000 miles $33,949 Nationwide
The Honda CR-V EX Trim $269 3 years $2789 12,000 miles $28,449 Nationwide

Price and features all Honda CR-V trim levels

Honda is the best company for the vehicles and it has four different trim levels of its CR-V model. Every model of the Honda has advanced features and new technologies to use. In the hi-tech suite, you will many things that are involved in it such as an auto dynamic cruise system, LKAS system, road departure mitigation, and mitigation braking against collision. Even you can get the safe mode in every car of Honda, which is known as the Honda sensing feature, and save for the basic LX.

The Honda CRV EX lease

When you are looking for all safety features in your leased car, it is not possible but the Honda CRV EX model on lease is on top. All safety features with advanced technology are enabled in it. Honda CRV EX is highly affordable for a car lover as compared to Honda CRV. It is because of the MRSP comparison between both models of Honda. The new Honda CRV EX is comprised of a highly efficient and powerful turbocharged engine. Many comfort features are also available with high standards because it is based on trim configuration. In the new model of Honda CRV, which is Honda CRV EX, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto technology-based features added which makes this new model more reliable to every car shopper. A lease deal for CRV EX is also the best option to fulfill your dream.

The Honda CR-V touring Trim Lease

There is a new model of Honda which is the new CR-V touring is Honda’s new premium trim configuration. The starting price of it is $33,795. In the below some of its standard features are given, over the trim lower are:

  • 9 speaker audio system
  • Windshield wipers with rain-sensing technology
  • Automatic access power tailgate
  • LED headlights
  • Dual Chrome exhaust finishers

The Honda CR-V trim levels LX trim level Lease

You will get many of the exterior features as standard, for the best price. The LX trim starts from $25,395, which includes the destination charge of $1045. The features you get are:

  • LED daytime running lights
  • 17” wheels
  • Remote keyless entry
  • Roofline spoiler

On the side, this configuration comes with:

  • A USB port
  • A rearview camera with lots of different angels
  • Two 12-V power outlets
  • An audio system with four speakers
  • Manually fix the driving seat with the six different configurations
  • Steering control with tilt-and-telescopic.

The Honda CR-V trim levels EX trim Lease

Starting from $28,295, the EX configuration features:

    • Heated side mirrors
    • Blind-spot monitoring
    • Two-zone automatic climate control
    • Remote engine start
    • Honda sensing
    • A sunroof
    • Walk away auto lock and smart entry
    • Auto headlights
    • 18” alloy wheels
    • A turbocharged engine
    • Rear cross-traffic alert
    • Push start button
    • Sirius XM
    • Apple CarPlay
    • 7” touchscreen
    • 12-way-auto-adjusting driver’s seat
    • Android auto
    • HondaLink

The Honda CR-V trim levels EX-L trim level Lease Price

Priced at $30,795, the EX-L comes with the following new features:

  • Rearview mirror with auto-dimming technology
  • General garage door opener
  • A steering wheel that wrapped in leather
  • Power tailgate with auto-programming
  • Leather upholstery
  • 2-position mirror driver’s seat
  • Auto-adjusting passengers seat with four configurations

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cheapest car to lease?

Many people are looking for the cheapest car lease. For those people, there are many small cars available in the market, which provides the lease at the cheapest prices. In 2021, you can look for the Honda loniq Electric. This provides the low rate lease for the car that is $109 for a month over 3 years and you have to deposit the amount of $2500 when you sign the lease contract. There is one drawback to this car lease, and this is that it is available in some of the selective states and has very limited numbers. This vehicle has the base model, and the cost will go to $179 per month. This is an amazing deal which makes it a more reliable deal than others.

Can you negotiate a lease of Honda CRV?

When you in the market for leasing a car, you see there are lots of car dealerships are present, who provide your car on lease with easy terms. But it is also common to check for the deals that are provided by other car dealerships. And compare those offers that are provided by different car dealerships. You can also negotiate them for your deal. If you are sure that you want to buy the car then you have to negotiate with the car dealership in advance, so you can manage the final amount of the car with the best prices. Even many of the experts say that the car dealer does not know about your financial condition for buying a car on taking it on a lease, and also you have no need to tell them about this. Once you finalize your car for the lease or buying in the future, then you will have to continue taking the car at the best price on the lease.

How much does it cost to lease a Honda CRV 2021?

Honda CRV comes with different configurations and has four types. In those types, Honda CR-V LX has the lowest lease amount. One can pay $219 for a month and the three years, the amount will be $2699. This amount is fixed when you signing the contract paper for the leasing. Even this amount may go high for some other reasons. The amount will reach $319 per month for the premium touring all-wheel-drive trim level. This is the highest price for the Honda CR-V LX to lease it. Even it also has one downside, that is if you choose the entry-level trim, then it will not give you good value. This value is related to $25,545 MSRP.


As we all know that Honda CR-V has its own space in the market. The reason is that this model is very popular among people. With the Honda CRV, many new bonuses and lease deals will come, but the old deals and offers remain the same. These new offers are about loyalty and conquest bonuses. When you decide to lease the car at that time the CR-V drivers are stand to get the bonus of $500 cash. Apart from this, people are waiting that Honda to release its new model with more advanced technologies and a hybrid model. That’s why to give the Honda CRV EX on lease and high trims is a good deal which is related to the manufacturer’s selling recommended price.

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