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How to Schedule a Pickup Donation for Goodwill

Goodwill pick-up donations How to Schedule a Pickup Donation for Goodwill, arrange pickup Goodwill donationsOrange County Goodwill provides for a pick-up service for the people who make donations of valuables and vehicles. As there is a rise in pick up request and also the price of gas is increasing, so the Orange County has partnered with college boys who have agreed on helping them with the transportation of the donated items from the property of the donor and also take the items which Orange County cannot receive. It also accepts donations of airplanes, recreational vehicles, trailers, boats, and all kinds of automobiles. People donating valuables and automobiles get a receipt from the Orange County for a tax deduction on the value of the donation.

Scheduling a Pickup of Household Items

You can check the website of Orange County i.e., for scheduling a pick up via the web. There is, ‘Make a Donation’ link on which you have to click. After that, you will see, ‘Giving Goods’ link on the page of, ‘Ways to Give’. Scroll down until you find the link, ‘Pick up Booking’. Under this heading you will get again a link, College Hunks Hauling’ click on that. Then complete the further, ‘Request a Pick up’ and press the, ‘submit’ button.

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Scheduling a Vehicle Donation Pickup

You will have to visit the website,, to schedule a pickup via the web. At the top left corner of the page, there will be, ‘Make a Donation’ link. Next, you will find, ‘Vehicle Donations’ link on the page of, ‘Ways to give’. Scroll down and click on the link, ‘Click here for more info’ Then click on, ‘Donate now’ link’ and after that, ‘Donation pick up form’, you will have to complete this form and submit it. Within 24 hours the transport company people will contact you. Complete all the paper works and also mail back the transport company any document required by them including the signed vehicle title.

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Rules for Donating a Car

The only thing that can contribute to the well being of the community economically is donating an automobile to the charitable organizations. And one of the ad-on benefits of this good deed is that you will be eligible for a deduction in tax. You also need to follow the rules and regulations if you want to get the maximum deduction allowable.

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Changing Rules

Once upon a time donating used automobiles was considered a piece of cake. The only thing which was required to be done by you called the charity and they would come at your doorsteps and pick up the vehicle and would give you a receipt for your donation. And incase if you need a tax deduction you had to simply see at the automobiles fair market value. As there were dishonest taxpayers who were writing off more than their vehicles were worth, so the law-makers changed the old laws and made stringent laws.

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Choosing a Charity

The charitable organizations which are qualified ones, the donations which have been made to them are the only ones that can be deducted. The IRS has a list of all the qualified charities and also maintains the lists which are up to date. You can get the list of such organizations in the Internal Revenue Services Publication 78. Before donating an automobile if you want to learn more about the charities then you can connect with the IRS customer account services division for the Government Entities and Tax Exempt. Once you have signed over the title of the automobile in the name of the charity, they will be completely liable for all the paperwork and transferring the ownership, etc. You can in the meanwhile help the charity in getting them a new title, license plates and making sure that your automobile is functioning properly. It’s an equal responsibility and sharing of it.

Intervening Use and Other Taxing Issues

There is no longer applicable any fair market value of the automobile but the value of the automobile when the charity sells it is taken into consideration so that the amount will eligible for a tax deduction. Once the charity has sold the automobile, they will give you form 1098-C which will have mentioned in it the amount of the sale and the deduction up to a maximum which you can take. If mitigating circumstances occur then in such a case the precise tax break can differ. There is an “intervening use” exception made by the new law. It can be defined in this way –You can still claim the fair market value of the automobile if the charity decides to use the automobile in its daily operation prior to selling it, provided you have documentation to that effect. And you can still claim a fair market value deduction if the charity perchance runs it into the ground.

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Applying General Tax Laws

You can still deduct the vehicles’ blue book value, in case if the automobile that you donate has a fair market value of $500 & the charity has sold it for a price which is low or given to a struggling family. As per the IRS guidelines, they allow this larger deduction to encourage charitable institutions for helping those individuals/families who are struggling. You should complete Section A of Form no. 8283 if the deduction that you have claimed for is greater than $500. You will have to do the following – 60 days prior to making the donation get a written appraisal of your car through a qualified appraiser if the deduction that you claim is greater than $5,000. Please ensure before making a donation that the charity is reputable, tax-qualified organization and the regarding all the charitable gifts the general tax laws are still applicable.

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