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Cheapest Insurance Companies That Young Drivers Can Approach In Florida

Best And Cheapest Insurance Companies That Young Drivers Can Approach In Florida – In any state where there are a considerable number of car users, it is obvious that car insurance will be equally popular – this is because you cannot drive your car without insurance which is at least minimum coverage. Florida, for instance, is one such state. However, if you are a young and inexperienced driver, the ability for you to get a cheap and affordable insurance plan may be extremely difficult, as you are considered a “high-risk” driver by most insurance providers. However, this does not mean that it is impossible for you to get yourself an insurance plan that is both affordable as well as fits your coverage requirements. All you have to do is do your research to find the cheapest car insurance in Florida and find a provider that fits all of your needs, and budget requirements.

5 Best And Cheapest Insurance Companies for Young Drivers

Not just in Florida, but in most states, if you are a young driver who has just gotten your license, it can be difficult to find an insurance company that is willing to lend to you at affordable rates – this is because most companies consider young drivers as “high-risk” drivers, and hence ramp up the rates of interest as well as premium. While it is not impossible to get a company to insure your car, the terms of the insurance plan may be tremendously unfavorable. However, if you do the requisite research and survey various options, you will be able to find an insurance provider that fits your requirements effectively. If you are a young or a new driver but still want an affordable insurance plan, then here are some options that you can consider.

GEICO Car Insurance For Young Drivers

This is one of the best companies for car loans and insurance. Not only does the company have offers specifically catering to young drivers, but it is also a reputable company that has significant financial stability, and that is also dependable. One of the best things about GEICO is that it offers substantial discounts for its young drivers. There are multiple discounts such as the education discount if the student is still involved or enrolled in an educational program, or the good student discount – which the student is entitled to if they meet certain grade/GPA criterion. One can avail of this discount by submitting their academic transcripts. Apart from this, there is also a multi-car discount, which means that you can save a significant amount of money by insuring multiple cars with GEICO, as well as the discount for defensive driving. If you have taken any advanced driving courses or have gotten a diploma on defensive driving, make sure to leverage this to reduce the rate of interest as well as the rates of premium. For all of these reasons, GEICO is an ideal choice for young drivers who want a reliable and dependable insurance provider who is also affordable. You can visit GEICO at

Liberty Mutual Car Insurance

If you want an insurance company that does not get into any underhand practices and that has great customer reviews, then Liberty Mutual is the ideal option for you. One of the aspects that makes Liberty Mutual stand apart from its competition is its glowing customer testimonials and unparalleled reviews of customer service. They also provide insurance to young drivers and those drivers who are not fully experienced, and also offer a wide range of discounts. The most common discounts offered by this company are the Homeowners discount, which, as the name suggests is given to those who are owners of a home. This is especially beneficial to those who have just put down a payment on their new home or who have to pay mortgages as it allows them to save. Apart from this, if you are in the military (either enlisted in active service or a member of the military), you could be eligible for a military discount. Liberty Mutual also provides a good student discount (for those students who have great grades, submit your transcripts!), and the multi-car discount. Finally, if your car has safety features such as new airbag systems, anti-theft systems, dash cams or other safety equipment that helps in reducing the liability of the insurer, then you could classify for an advanced safety device discount as well. This also includes the Anti-Theft discount, which you will be eligible for if you have an anti-theft device fitted into your vehicle to reduce the chances of it being stolen. You can visit them at

State Farm Car Insurance

Anyone who has ever lived in the United States has probably heard of State Farm Car. It is one of the largest insurance companies in the US. Not only are they trustworthy and reliable, but they are also an ideal choice for young and new drivers. They also offer plenty of discounts. One of the biggest advantages of State Farm Car insurance is that their policies are much cheaper and more affordable to the average student or young driver compared to the policies of other companies. Some of the discounts they offer are as follows:

  1. The Good Student Discount: just like the other companies mentioned above, State Farm also offers a good student discount. If you think your grades are good enough to qualify, ensure to submit a copy of your transcript to the insurance agent and see how much of a discount you can get. Sometimes, up to 25% of the entire insurance policy cost is discounted.
  2. Safety and Training discount: If you have any special skills in driving, in defensive driving, or have a diploma in advanced driving, you can leverage these factors to be eligible for a safety discount, or a training discount. In case of a driver training discount, the individual usually has to be at least 21 years of age, but the drive safe and save discount is available to everyone who is entitled to apply for an insurance policy. The extent of the discount that you can get can range from 5% to almost 50% of the cost of your total insurance policy. Therefore, it is tremendously helpful for everyone who is looking to save a bit of money.
  3. Multi-Car Discount: when your insurance multiple cars under the same insurance provider, you provide wholesale business to the insurance provider. Therefore, economically, it makes sense for them to offer you a discount due to the amount of business that you are bringing to them. If you have family who also need to get their vehicles insured or who are looking to shift insurance providers, consider combining your applications and applying conjointly to State Farm to be entitled to a multi-car discount. You can visit State Farm at

Travelers Car Insurance Policy

This company is also known for providing insurance services to a wide range of individuals, and also have a track record of almost 150 years of service in the insurance industry. They also provide extremely affordable policies to young drivers with a good level of coverage in terms of features. One of the things that makes it extremely difficult for young drivers when they’re starting is how expensive the insurance works out to be – but this company has not only affordable policies but also has a number of tremendously useful discounts that significantly reduce the overall cost of the policy and the premiums. Some of them are as follows:

  • A discount for new cars: a new car is less likely to break down, give trouble, or require repairs as often as an older or a pre-used car. Therefore, if you find yourself needing to insurance a new car that you have purchased in the city of Florida, consider this insurance provider.
  • Homeowners discount: like most other auto companies, Travelers offer a discount to homeowners. Usually, the discount provided is about 5% of the total value of the policy.
  • Intellidrive Discount: Based on the report of Itellidriver, a device that monitors your driving, you could be eligible for a discount of almost up to 30% of the cost of your policy.
  • Good Student Discount: just like it pays off to have good grades for a variety of other reasons, being eligible for great discounts is another reason and incentive for you to keep your grades up.
  • Multi-Car Discount: If your car is being bought for you by your family, ask them to insure their cars with the same insurance providers. Not only can you save a big buck, but so can your family! You can save almost up to 8-10% on a multi-car discount. You can visit them at

Progressive Corporation Car Insurance

undoubtedly, anyone who has owned a car or who has ever wanted to in the city of Florida has probably heard of Progressive. Not only do they have affordable and viable insurance policies for young drivers, but they also have a great track record and wonderful customer reviews. They also follow good business practices. The company has really good financial stability as well, which means that your funds and your deposits are safe, and your legitimate claims are likely to be fulfilled. You can visit Progressive Corporation for your Instant car insurance at Some of the discounts they provide are as follows:

  • Snapshot Discounts: Snapshot is basically a program that shows how much you drive. If you are a young driver who does not drive much and drives safely, then you could be eligible for a discount based on the report of Snapshot.
  • Good Student Discount: one of the things that really help in life is to have an academic record par excellence. It shows commitment and dependability, and also demonstrates that the young driver is less likely to be reckless. Therefore, if you have great grades, submit a copy of your transcripts to the insurance agent to check if you are eligible for a good student discount.
  • Safe Driving discounts: for those young drivers who have received extra training from an institute indicating that they are safe drivers, you could be eligible for a discount. The main reason as to why safe driving discounts are provided is because it reduces the risk and the liability of the insurer significantly.

I am a young driver. Young Drivers Generally Don’t Get Insurance at Cheap Rate, Why?

There are many insurance companies that hike up rates of either the policy itself, or of the interest while doing business with young drivers, inexperienced drivers, or even very old or geriatric drivers. This is because of various reasons, but when it comes to young drivers, the most obvious reasons are the increased chance of risky driving, inexperience, texting and driving, recklessness, and lack of practical experience. Of course, it is not to say that all young drivers are poor drivers, but practice and experience make a driverless of a liability for an insurance provider. Here are some of the main reasons as to why younger drivers are charged higher rates.

Increased instances of High-Risk Driver

when you have just recently gotten a car and you are excited about it, it is more likely that you experiment with it, or try to have “fun” with your car. This results in speeding, reckless driving, not following lane rules, etc. Speeding is one of the main causes of accidents, and there is also a propensity of reckless behavior such as driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol. While it is obviously not the case with all young drivers, this is one of the factors that contribute to increased insurance rates for younger drivers.

First Time Driver

just like any other job, activity, hobby, or work, one gets better at what they do with a lot of practice. One of the main reasons younger drivers make riskier drivers is due to their lack of experience. In case of a dynamic situation, a young driver may not know how to react due to his lack of experience while an older driver or someone with more experience will know how to deal with the situation better.

Inexperienced Young Driver, No road safety

various aspects of road safety such as signaling, ability to read and follow signs while driving at the same time, ability to follow turning and lane rules all come with time and experience. While good training can combat a lack of knowledge of rules on road safety, it is not foolproof.

Texting and driving

it will be incorrect to say that only young drivers are guilty of texting and driving, but a larger proportion of them are likely to do so. When you are driving, you have to focus on the road alone, especially while driving at higher speeds. Studies have shown that attempting to multi-task while driving significantly reduces response time, leading to a higher possibility of poor driving choices and as a consequence, accidents. This is one of the main reasons as to why insurance companies sell insurance policies at a higher rate to younger drivers.


The main purpose of insurance is to transfer the liability that you may incur to the party providing the insurance and is a legal requirement in almost all jurisdictions across the world for a person to be able to drive. If you believe that you are at a disadvantage as a younger driver and will be subjected to higher rates of interest and premium, ensure that you do your research and select an Commercial Car insurance provider that fits your needs effectively. Read mor about bad credit car insurance no money down

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