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Free Cars From Goodwill – How to Get a Free Used Car from Goodwill

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Free Cars from Goodwill Industries – Goodwill car donation program is very popular among many cities of united state. Free Cars from Goodwill not only helping needy people to get a free car but also helping them to live a stress free live. anyone who wants to get a free car from goodwill can follow the instruction which we mention in this post. Goodwill free cars Not only helping many of  With the program, wheels to work, a trustworthy conveyance is given to the employed folks and mainly encourages for very dignified work. An organization named, Goodwill industries are recognized for bringing a very positive side and difference to a lot of communities in the United States and even across the globe.  There is a little scope among the people in getting a free vehicle from various charitable organizations because there are a lot of people waiting for their turn to come.  Those adults who are employed can very easily get a trustworthy vehicle and with this, they also get the program which basically deals with the finance with the assistance of the organization named special vehicle program.  The charity organization helps all the unemployed persons to get the job and also providing them the skill which will help them in getting the job they want.

Get a free car from Goodwill

This is one such program which hires people with infirmity and drawbacks. The poor are specially provided with free furniture and household items by the organizations’ charities. But the sad part is that this program is not available in every state. Many people use daily conveyance and have plenty of responsibilities. The program works in state to state with different names; the organizations’ program is doing great work to help the deserving, deprived families of the United States.  Plus, now you will also be stressed free knowing that the vehicle which you buy has been repaired thoroughly and this can help you greatly in having trustworthy conveyance. If you are an adult who is working then you can easily look for this kind of trustworthy conveyance through organizations.

How to Get a Free Used Car from Goodwill
How to Get a Free Used Car from Goodwill

How Wheels for Work Goodwill Free Car Program Works

This is one kind of program which helps individuals and families having less money and helps them to earn a living and care for themselves and also care for their families. Now, this program doesn’t donate a car but the organizations can help you purchase a car with low monthly interest-free payments till you pay the full payment

Now, the good news is that there are no credit checks for the organizations’ car program. You can also improve your current credit by buying a used vehicle from these organizations. This charity which is similar to the Salvation Army has been a dedicated one in every aspect not only helping the poor but also helping the deprived in restoring their lives and self-worth of both individuals as well as families. In other states, the program is also known as Wheels for Work. And the name itself is suggestive. It mainly helps the working people to have trustworthy conveyance if they take hours to travel and have hardship in traveling. It helps in making life easier.

Good Will Give Away Cars

GoodWill actually don’t give away cars. Good will Industry has been working with the used cars. They Have Car donation Program, Where Donor Donate their cars and these cars are being sold to needy people at lowest cost. Good Will cars for sale can be find at various location in usa. by the help of their official site you can find goodwill car sales locations. Good Vehicle For sale only take place with goodwill car auctions.

Goodwill cars to work program application

Having conveyance which is trustworthy is far more important than anything else, apart from having a job. It can differentiate between finding good employment and doing continuous employment to get paid better. The organizations used car program aims at helping the people having less money maintain their employment and stability of the family.

This is a program sponsored by the organization, to help less -income people gain financial stability with a vehicle.

How do I get a free car?

How do I Qualify for a Used Car?

What’s the Catch?

The catch will be that you already have a good job. The program doesn’t give a car. It will help you to find a suitable job and sustain your existing job so that they can continue to care for your family. In order to apply for this job, you need to be working and the work must be consistent and should be full-time employment. Also, you will have to show them proof that you are working and you need a vehicle so that you can continue your employment.

Example: Now if you live in a remote area where there is the problem of conveyance or you have a vehicle on which you cannot rely or is broken down and is not in a condition to be repaired.

How sad it would be if every time you have to pray for the vehicle to start when you put the key or start the ignition. The above mentioned are all the reasons which are to be considered. If you have a vehicle which you are not using then please donate the vehicle to the mentioned program/organization.

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How to Qualify for the Used Car Program? 

To qualify for a car you must fulfill the following criteria. They are as follows –

  • You should have no drug offense
  • Provide proof of residence
  • Been working six months to a year
  • Not presently have a car registered in your name
  • Been working six months to a year on the same job
  • You have an up-to-date driver’s license from your state
  • Must pass a criminal background check, MVR, and DMV
  • Provide proof of income with current W-2 or recent payroll stubs
  • Remain working one year after receiving transportation

You can contact the organizations’ H.Q. in your area to see whether this program is available as every state will not have this program.

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There are several people with a bad credit history or poor credit who still go miles purchasing a car where they have to pay high monthly payments with interest rates that are much higher. And many of the cars are sold in as it is condition. And if perchance the car breaks down then you are in problem. One of the major advantages of the organizations’ program is that it offers you a trustworthy car to purchase with low monthly payments and that too they offer this with no credit check. So isn’t this amazing? So you must go and find out about this and search for this option.

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How to Get a Used Car from Goodwill

The Organization has the following –

  • 162 organizations within the United States & Canada
  • 12 other countries such as Finland and South Korea

The best part about this charity is that it served 36.5 million people in 2016 in a number of ways such as providing vehicles for individuals having less money and need a car to sustain their job. If you also need a car and want to sustain your job then you can also apply with the organizations programs and get entitled to one.

Tips To get Used Car From Goodwill

Now it totally depends on whether the local organization store combines with the program. You can easily apply for the used cars through this unique method.

Contact Your Local Social Services

From location to location the obtaining the organizations’ car varies. Now there are some of the affiliates such as organizations of Northern Michigan, which need the applicants to go through their local Dept. of Human Services. Now, you can easily get the application via organizations website. You can also go through the county caseworker.

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After you have applied the organization will look at the following factors. They are as follows –

  • Your need
  • Your background
  • Your determination to succeed

Some required information you can expect to see on the application form are as follows –

  • Your name
  • Housing situation
  • List of all the members of your household
  • Driving history
  • Employment history
  • Lastly, you must attach a valid driver’s license and pay stubs for the previous month.

Contact Goodwill Headquarters (H.Q.)

You can simply log in to the website of the organization and see the Contact Us button. You can simply go on that and contact the Local H.Q. if your local organization doesn’t work with the local Dept. of Human Services. You just have to type your name and e-mail address which is provided in the boxes and include in your message a subject such as “Wheels for Work Inquiry” etc. You can then add your message and request an application or information on how you can easily obtain an application, then click on the submit button, after you have verified that you are not a robot.

Free good will cars give away
Free goodwill cars give away

Buy the Used Car From GoodWill Car Sales Auction

Capital Auto Auction is the one where the cars that donated to the organization from Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. are transported. You can also choose to directly go in the auction and buy the car at a less price rather than filling out the form and waiting for the denial or approval. If you have the money you can do it. This is one of the best options. If you cannot go to the auction, but stay close to Washington DC you can still get the car, as you can bid online for organizations’ cars. Capital Auto Auction’s website allows you to sign up online for auctions.

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Free Cars

There are several organizations and non-profit organizations which give away free vehicles. And there are plenty of people waiting in line to receive a free car. To be considered for a free car you need to have a convincing story so that you can get a free car.

Please Donate your Used Car

There are many families in the United States which have 3-4 cars lying in the courtyard of their house. Therefore, if you have an old car which needs repair or not, please consider donating this to the organization i.e. Goodwill. Your donations will be tax-deductible. Your contribution and generosity can help the less fortunate one. If you need a car or if you have a car and want to donate, then look no further than Goodwill!


What types of vehicles can I donate?

You can donate cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, boats, RVs, campers, motorcycles, and more!

Why should I donate a vehicle to Goodwill?

Firstly, your donation is helping someone get a job, it is safe, convenient, and you also get a tax deduction benefit. Towing of your vehicle is free and also the IRS will allow you to claim a tax deduction from car donation. Donating a car to Goodwill is the easiest way there is to do something good in your community.

How much of the proceeds from the sale of my vehicle will go to Goodwill programs?

The money which comes from the resale of your donated vehicle, all goes to the organization as they use it in their many missions and various programs.  However, the organization pays a management fee to National Charity Services to handle the operations of the vehicle donation program. And this fee will cover the following costs –

  • Cost of vehicle towing
  • Cost of auction
  • Cost for sale of the vehicles and parts
  • The administrative costs associated with the management of the program.
How will my donated vehicle be used?

The vehicles which are donated to organization are resold with the proceeds which are used to fund their missions and programs.

Does my car have to be running to donate?

Not necessary. They accept all kinds of vehicles.

Does Goodwill provide a free home pickup service?

Yes, Monday through Friday as well as sometimes on Saturday.

What is the vehicle donation process?

The donation process of the vehicle is pretty quick and simple. You have to get in touch with the organization. Then they will ask you a few questions which will comprise of the information like your contact details, the make and model of the vehicle which is to be donated. And where the car is located?  They will do the rest of the things like arranging a towing company to pick up your vehicle, delivering you the paperwork for the tax benefit, etc.

What steps do I need to take after I donate my vehicle?

After you have signed the title over to organization, you will receive a donation receipt. Then to de-register the car you will have to take a copy of the donation receipt, your license tags and registration to the DMV as fast as possible. Then after this process, once it is de-registered call the insurance company asking them to cancel the coverage and they might also ask for a copy of the donation receipt too.

Are There Any Other Car Donation Programs

Yes there are many other charitable organizations which are helping people with free cars, cars give aways or helping people with low cost used cars. organizations and their programs like Salvation Army car donation, make a wish car donation, toyota car donation, nissan car donation program Running campaigns regularly. Any one who need a free car from goodwill, or need a used car from goodwill can visit their official site to get the application.

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