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Kia Sportage: five things you should know if you have it

Today we would like to tell you all about the How to Keep maintenance of your of this Kia Sportage. And, if you have this Vehicle  , knowing all of your needs associated with your own oil change, filter change, the initial revision, the reversal of the official guarantee years of this Sportage. Today, the SUV segment is monopolizing just about all of the prominence on the market. If we compare the figures with the same period its sales grew in the month of August. Will be quite useful. Keep Reading if this is your situation …

Kia Sportage

1. Kia Sportage oil change

They share lots of the benefits although they are spacious automobiles. As an increasing number of brands are dedicated to the growth of the vehicles, there are. So we can find in the most SUVs. This permits you maintain the operation of your Kia in excellent condition and to eliminate impurities. Respecting the period is vital for your engine. Equipped with the components, to designs accessible to the public.

Kia Sportage oil change

Kia emphasizes that using the right oil is essential for the correct maintenance of the SportageThe Korean brand advises the following:

  • Change the engine oil and the Sportage oil filter every 20,000 km or 12 months (in the case of diesel), and each 12,000-15,000 kilometers in the case of gas.
  • Periodically check the oil level of the Sportage engine and carry out proper maintenance. The motor could be damaged by operation with an oil amount, and this sort of damage isn’t covered by the warranty.
  • The maintenance program is contingent upon the quality of the fuel. It’s applied when using an excellent fuel. Alter it according to the maintenance program, if the fuel specifications don’t comply with the provisions of standard EN 590.
  • If the vehicle is pushed in demanding situations, more frequent oil and filter changes from the Sportage are required.

2. Kia Sportage Filter Change

Kia Sportage Filter Change

This component of the maintenance comprises the air purifying filter and the engine air filter. Kia recommends changing the air purifying filter from time to time.

  • Every two years or every 30,000 km, it is recommended that you check it; If you see fit, change it.
  • Every four years or 60,000 km, it is better to change the air purifying filter of the Sportage.

As for the change of the engine air filter, Kia recommends changing the air filter in 60,000 km or two years in the Sportage, based on the manner of your driving.

3.  Kia Sportage First Review

This vehicle’s reviews has to be done to make it to keep components and both motor components, such as safety systems. Each maker marks a maximum period where they might need to be completed if the newest guarantee is to be maintained, and this will be determined depending on the mileage or time elapsed because its first registration.

Kia Sportage First Review

In cases like this, the mark indicates that the revision of every model’s date is indicated in the car’s user guide. In cases like this, the Sportage must pass the first technical review at 30,000 km or 2 years.

4. Kia Sportage – Changing the timing belt

The timing belt is a vital element for the proper performance of your engine. Continuously used, the timing belt is a part of the motor whose rupture during performance causes serious and immediate damage, which may result in engine breakage. Kia recommends that you assess your Sportage’s timing belt at 90,000 kilometers or 72 weeks . From here, the adjustments will need to be every 30,000 km or 24 months.

Kia Sportage - Changing the timing belt

5. Kia Sportage – official warranty

  • The Kia Sportage has a seven year Guarantee, There’s absolutely no mileage restriction in the first 3 years; however, in the complete warranty period (i.e. seven years), the complete limit is 150,000 km.
  • The guarantee of the Kia Sportage is seven years or 150,000 km, with the exception of the following elements: the battery (two years), sound system, navigation and entertainment on board (three decades or maximum 100,000 kilometers ) and automobile paint ( five years or 150,000 km).
  • The warranty is complete in the manufacturer: you will have the same degree of coverage from day 1 to 2,555.
  • The Sportage Guarantee is transferable to subsequent owners
  • In the event of claim of promises, the work force is covered.
  • The Sportage guarantee conditions are applicable in any territory of the European Union
  • The Kia provides a 12-year anti-drilling guarantee.

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