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Make A Wish Car Donation Review | Wheels For Wishes Car Donation

Make a Wish Car Donation: a small contribution for a big change – Donations represent the best acts of help and altruism worldwide because they contribute to improving the quality of life of millions of people at risk. And although many believe that donations are purely financial, the truth is that there are many other ways to contribute: donating material goods, food, toys, books, Cars, and much more. However, donations made to non-governmental organizations, or independent institutions, are some of the most popular today. Do you wonder what this is about? Surely yes and its cause is quite basic: that through them the contributions or aids are channeled quickly, directly and transparently

Make A Wish Car Foundation Car Donation

Make A Wish Car Foundation Car Donation

Make-A-Wish the largest in the world organization Helping hand for many in-car donations, to those who want to donate their car make a wish is the best place to donate a car and much more you can donate with Make A wish Donation. It feels good and is for a good cause, it is also tax-deductible, Organizations which accept car donation take care of everything.

Make a Wish Car Donation

Make-A-Wish the largest in the world organization granting wishes, create mutually beneficial corporate partnerships, to improve the life-changing experiences and wishes of children and their families, executives, employees, and customers of the company. It is a unique opportunity to positively impact the lives of children who go through serious illnesses. Make a Wish Car donation is one of the well known and trusted card donations in the world. Make A Wish, an organization operating in more than fifty countries located around the five continents. Peru, Columbia, and a lot more.

Wheels For Wishes Car Donation

Wheels for Wishes is one of the oldest car donation organization which has helped more than 50,000 people since 2010. Users grade Wheels for wishes as highly recommended car charity for donating a car. Features which make Wheels for wishes different from other car charities are given below as per their Review for wheels for wishes

Transparency And Trustworthiness

Wheels For Wishes is a non-profit national car donation organization based in Minnetonka, Minnesota which donates its net proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This organization is an IRS-registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) car donation organization. Make a wish car donation is filling up dreams through wheels for wishes across the world. Due to a good user experience wheel for wishes car donation has excellent reviews.

Fast And Easy Process

Wheels For Wishes Car Donation

Wheels for Wishes is an IRS registered organization so you get every time you are donating car with wheel for a wishes car donation, Which Helps In Car Donation Tax Deduction

Wheels for wishes have a highly trained and userfriendly staff which is well trained in their work, they help in a very fast and easy process. once user enter in service with wheels for wishes they always prefer it

Free Towing 

Donate your vehicle and arrange for easy pick-up and free towing With Make A Wish Car Donation program.

A Make A Wish Car scam, such as a company with a similar name, will do things differently than the legitimate charity Wheels For Wishes. Make A Wish Car has a documented donation process. A scam charity might pick up your car without any paperwork. The charity is not registered as having 501(c)(3) status.

Which Charity is the best place to donate a car & Is donating a car to charity worth it?

Donating your Car to charity may lead to significant tax savings if you include it on your charitable contribution deduction. Deductions for automobiles the charity sells are limited to the sales price. In other cases, you may use the automobile’s fair market value.

Making a Wish Foundation Car Experience

Making a wish foundation is a well-known organization that has a proper donation process, all the cars which are being donated or being sold through the auction, go through an inspection from an expert team, which checks everything from papers to the condition of the vehicle. many of the beneficiaries who have received cars from wheels are enjoying them without any issue.

Receive A wheels for wishes

Wheels for wishes foundation car donation is to fulfill the wish of those who want a car but unable to get it due to many circumstances. Wheels for wishes bringing smiled on those faces who need help getting a car for free. you can receive a free car from the wheel for wishes by following the above process which we have shared with you, if you have junk car which is for no use now, you can donate too and can bring a smile on a kid’s face.


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  1. I have a 1 year old son a husband that works all the time and we are barely making it kid I rent a house I’ve been without a car for months causing me to not get the baby doctor apts my husband s missing lots of work I don’t wanna fall to rock bottom any car would help me and my family

  2. I used to work for 7up until I hurt my lower back on 12.31.18. I was on workers comp for 11 months until the assistance dropped drastically. I lost my apartment and have been living out in the streets for 5 months. I rent a car from Hertz to drive for Lyft but the first $250 go towards the car payment. I need a car to get around and get a job so i van get back on my feet. My 20 year old daughter and 2 year old grandson are staying in a mobile home in the desert until I can get a place to bring them back with me. I dont need a new car an old car would do.

  3. I wish that some wonderful person would reach out and help me to get transportation to get around cause Iam disabled and I have no way of getting around to my church without catching a ride to stores to the doctor I have grandkids I have to see about them it’s sticking me when my grandson is at football practice at school and then have to walk home after football practice cause nobody won’t bring him home are give him a ride home it hurts me to my heart sometime I cry to the Lord and ask him I wait patiently for you father to grant me the minivan that I want always wanted a Honda Odyssey so I wait on the lord to bless me with that my dream van.

  4. I am a 59year old grandmother I have 5 grandkids I am disabled I been raising my grandkids since they were babies I no longer can walk I’ve been disabled since 1994 I had did my best to help my daughter with her kids but I am getting old and sicker I have no way of getting around 2 stores to the doctor I have to cancel appointments all the time I have to pay so much money just to get to the doctor there’s some days I can’t afford it I am not able to walk to the bus stop because I am crippled in both of my legs I use a cane to get around and use electric chair that a friend give the is broking and the wheel is bustel but I still you it to get to the mailbox or to take out the garbage I can’t get to the grocery store when I need thing I go to church I have to catch rides and there are some days that I can’t get to the church because I have no one to pick me up I believe that God would get me the minivan that I want I truly believe this in my heart and my Father in heaven will help me to be able to get to the doctor and places I need to be this is why I need a free car thank you and God bless and be with you .

  5. I have 2 special needs adult daughters that have a lot of appts I was on my way to an appt and totaled my car and now I sit here in distress and depression because I have no transportation and no friends to help me out I’m in DESPERATE need of a vehicle. I’m not above begging or pleading when it comes to my daughters
    Please help me!

  6. Please help me get proper assistance for my almost dead car please i am in need of car repairs and insurance and inspection and registration please help this young single parent of 5 kids please

  7. But I am on SSI disability have a very low income I have lots of doctors appointments many problems I missed one yesterday I had no ride I’ve missed lots of doctors appointments because of my ride I’m very desperate please help

  8. Vehicle Needs and Situation: Hello there and thanks or taking the time to read my situation and desperate need for a vehicle.
    I’m looking for a 4 door sedan, great gas mileage, and great motor. Hyundai sonata, Nissan Altima or similar. I have a therapy dog and service dog. They are a huge part of my life and both help in different ways with my disabilities. Rear Air or fantastic a/c is a must for myself as my service animals, of course leather would be nice for cleaning hair, drule and whatever comes along with….My situation must change immediately! The only way out, is to have a vehicle. I’m in a very controlling situation/relationship, verbally abusive, scared and completely isolated. I want help but have no family, friends, earn disability of 1k month, but gets used without my approval many times a month. I’m not allowed to borrow money from my partner to go to my much needed therapy, counciling, doctors visits, etc/ Need to find my own place to start over and get back into the life I knew and miss. My health is declining, thus bus service is more dangerous than helpful, recently diagnosed with start of heart failure among other disabilities In addition, my adult daughter is missing, desperately needs help for schizoaffective disorder. No way to help find her or even pick her up if I receive and emergency call. Hurts very bad, as it has happened just recently…. I wanted to be able also to start my own pet/house sitting business on a very part time basis. Animals and I do also for one another and have nothing else that brings me such joy. Yes, I have dreams but my mental health is taking a big beating and hope is getting less everyday for anything to change. I need a tool, a Vehicle to get started. Freedom and happiness is that far away but also could be that close for a positive change, and chance to see and enjoy nature again,hopefully a chance to see my daughter once again.
    I thank you for reading and consideration of helping one that has had to fight for so long and is fighting for happiness and a chance to make a difference.


    Alison Fogerty
    [email protected]

  9. I am disabled and my wife is also,we are very low income,we need to go to Drs appointment several times a month and need a car,please help us

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