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Best Compact Cars for Highways in 2019- 20

The best cars for highway 2019

Best compact Cars for highways in 2019 Possibly the diesel mechanics are the best suited, based on the kilometers we’re going to make. Thinking of this highway and highway, they’ll mean substantial savings in consumption compared to any gas, regardless of what the market tendencies state. Within this guide of automobiles for motorways and highways, we’ve selected the best of distinct segments which we can recommend to travel on fast roads where silence, ingestion, comfort, and aerodynamics are the primary keys to travel.

If we’re going to perform many kilometers by highway and highway, we have to remember that the preferred car should be as low as you can, if we don’t need to significantly punish consumption. The SUVs are those that suffer the most because of their higher ground height and larger frontal surface area, followed by minivans, so we’ve focused on streamlined, family and saloons which are the best formats for rolling over 100 km / h in complete silence and with very low consumption.

best compact cars for families

Best compact for highway and Roads

Best compact Cars for highway and Roads – We start with the most accessible segment, the compact segment, which would be the first we would recommend for the highway as long as our luggage space needs are not very large. We are talking about cars that are going to provide us with about 400 liters of trunk in the best case, a somewhat fair figure for family trips.

Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 is a modern five-door compact that has just been completely renovated, with proportions similar to those of a Volkswagen Golf.

In diesel, you may decide on a 1.8d with 116 hp using SKYACTIV-D technology exclusively related to a six-speed manual gearbox. Common in most engines is reduced consumption and it needs to be noted that those of petrol include the ECO tag (include the so-called 48v micro-hybridization), a component that will certainly boost your sales figures. The cost of the Mazda 3 begins at $ 20,765 because of its Origin 122 hp petrol version. It requires financing with the brand. The accessibility step to the gas range is the 2.0 SKYACTIV-G with 122 hp, which may be ordered with both manual transmission and automatic transmission, in both cases with six speeds. The most functional solution is the SKYACTIV-X using the 181 hp block that’s also offered with the two aforementioned gearboxes and, like a novelty in Europe, with all-wheel drive if the customer so desires.

The Mazda 3 is also available using a four-door saloon body, the SportSedan, for around 500 euros more than the compact. Finishing levels are known as Origin, Evolution, and Zenith.

Audi A3

The Audi A3 is a compact that is offered in 4 different bodies: saloon, Cabrio and versions of 5 and 3 doors. It has been completely renovated in 2016.

All the prior costs correspond to the 3-door version (there are just two units available ), but there’s also the so-called Sportback (5 doors) with an excess cost of approximately $ 1,400 equivalent to gear and motorization and over this, version 4 Sedan doors including another 700 $ more to the cost.

Audi A3

In both diesel and petrol, the 110/115 CV move into the compact with ease, also offering consumption. The mechanical assortment of the A3 ranges from 115 to 190 hp in gas as well as 184 horses in petrol, offering as an intermediate stage the 1.5 TFSI EVO of 150 hp. The 3-door version and the Sportback attribute special equipment packages, all intriguing for their cost compared to the purchase of loose alternatives. As standard, all Audi A3 2016 include a sound system with display, xenon plus headlights, air conditioning, and alloy wheels.

In petrol, the intermediate choice comes from a 2.0 TDI of 150 horses, a sleek engine oriented towards efficiency as opposed to sportsmanship. It’s available with both front-wheel drive and Quattro drive and with the S Tronic double-clutch automated transmission. For those searching for the sportier side of the A3, the S3 is offered in different bodies using a gas mechanic of 310 horses, a high level of gear and much more sporty exterior details.


Kia Xceed

The Kia X-Ceed is the crossover version of the Kia Ceed, where it derives directly but by which it is also distinguished in layout. The X-Ceed includes a fully digital dashboard (a novelty for its brand in the time of its launch) a body of daring features but without too much height and a space slightly higher than the compact from which it derives.

The Kia Xceed lands on the European market with fares that start from the  16,700 $  of version 1.0 TGDI 120 hp in combination with the manual gearbox and the level of Concept finish.

Kia Xceed

Users considering the Xceed can choose the 1.0 TGDI petrol blocks of 120 hp, 1.4 TGDI of 140 hp and 1.6 TGDI of 204 hp, the last two with the double or manual clutch transmission. In petrol, the 1.6 CRDI of 115 and 136 hp are available, the last one with manual change or DCT.

The concluding levels would be the so-called Concept, Drive, Tech, and Emotion, along with the distinctive GT that’s offered just for the strongest. In most cases they take air conditioning, traveling computer, cruise control with limiter, four electric windows, central locking with remote control, LED daytime running lights, etc..

Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf is a compact that was completely renovated recently and is available with a three, five-door and family body.

Whatever the case, if Volkswagen Golf stands out for anything, it’s precisely due to the abundance of equipment available and a very complete range with saving lines, the BlueMotion, and sports, the Sport and GTI. The Advance intermediate is excellent for those searching for a stronger engine or a Golf. Even though the navigation equipment is optional for 1,780 Dollars it has front and rear parking sensors.

Volkswagen Golf

For its connection between equipment and cost, we emphasize the Volkswagen Golf Last Edition 1.0 TSI 110 HP as the most recommended option, available for $19,200. As standard, it includes leather coverings on the steering wheel, air conditioning, alloy wheels, and sound system using Bluetooth and an eight-inch display. Financing is required by it.

Since April 2017 it’s likely to get it using the 1.5 TSI EVO 150 hp motor, one of the main novelties introduced with the face wash. Also present are the 1.0 TSI of 110 hp and 1.5 TSI 130 hp. In diesel, they may be bought with the 1.6 TDI of 115 hp and 2.0 TDI of 150 hp. Above are the GTI / GTI Performance and GTD with 184 and 230/245 hp. The new Volkswagen Golf stands out just for the caliber valued , at a level that in most instances is marginally over nearly all generalist rivals. But the reality is that except for the Edition Golf can be in the majority of its versions expensive than its rivals.

Best Family Car for highway

The household format is possibly the most attractive for big excursions, as they provide us with extremely positive aerodynamics that subsequently works with a large boot which is going to be around, according to the model, the 600 liters. The major disadvantage of these cars is when parking in town, their length, which is an issue, but on the highway this variable is irrelevant.

Audi A4 Avant

The Audi A4 Avant is available with three petrol mechanics: 1.5 TFSI and 2.0 TFSI, with a power range between 150 and 245 hp. The offer of diesel mechanics consists of 2.0 TDI in forces from 122 to 190 hp. The Audi A4 Avant is a big family, which competes directly with the Mercedes C-Class Estate and the BMW 3 Series Touring. The new Audi A4 Avant has prices that begin at $33,820 of the 1.5 TSI of 150 hp with all the standard gear. It requires financing with the newest

Audi A4 Avant

The creation has won comfort and safety. Whether standard or optional, they could have instrumentation with configurable 12.3-inch display, traffic sign reader, adaptive cruise control, LED Matrix headlights, electrical, thermal and ventilated seats with massage feature, sunroof, change alert lane, fatigue sensor, pre-collision system, three zone climate control, alert of items in blind angle, rear camera, Head-Up Display, SmartBeam, etc..

Both the saloon body and the Avant version can be found with the manual transmission, S-Tronic dual-clutch transmission, and Tiptronic automatic transmission. Based on the mechanisms you can have a component that improves motor abilities in low traction conditions such as ice, Quattro all-wheel drive, snow or sand.

Skoda Superb Combi

Four levels of finishing Can Be Found in USA: Ambition, Style, Sportline, Scout and L&K. The latter includes everything (leather upholstery, high-performance sound system, exclusive alloy wheels) although its cost is extremely high. With the most recent generation, the Superb wins in the picture, quality of finish and gear possibilities. The motors can attain 272 HP of power. Maintenance is presented by the generation. Available from $24,850

Skoda Superb Combi

 The offer of motors is quite diverse and you can select several choices in gas with forces between 150 and 272 hp, and in diesel that move between 150 and 190 hp. As an option, it’s likely to add an all-wheel-drive on all four wheels and the terrific DSG double-clutch sequential gearbox is standard as of now.

Mazda 6 Wagon

The Mazda6 SW can be found from $30,375. The equipment is extremely complete, including MZD Connect system with 7″display, front and rear parking sensors, 17″ wheels, cruise control, dual zone automatic climate and rain sensor and lighting among other components. It’s not necessary to finance The Mazda 6 is lively although big family, with a driving. The change is so great that the purchase is justified by it.

Mazda 6 Wagon

The offer is announced for the sedan version, but being the Wagon at the same price throughout the range, we understand that the offer should be equally applicable.

In terms of motors, the deal has two petrol engines of 145 hp and 192 hp (automatic) and two diesel of 150 hp and 175 hp. We can suggest the 2.2 diesel of 150 hp, a superb engine for performance, smoothness, and consumption, along with the 6-speed manual transmission, among the greatest changes in the market because of its precision and touch. Purchasing this car ought to be punishable with that delight of the lever. Aside from promotions, inside the Mazda 6 Wagon range, the fundamental end (Design ) is already very equipped, missing just the LED headlights.

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