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Free Cars For Hurricane Harvey Victims

Free Cars For Hurricane Harvey Victims – Following natural disasters, communities frequently find themselves in trouble by the devastation and unable to start anew in their lives. After making landfall in 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated the Gulf Coast, uprooting families, demolishing houses, and interfering with thousands of people’s daily lives. A kind gesture of giving away free cars to Hurricane Harvey victims has emerged as a ray of hope for survivors navigating the obstacles of their recovery. In the following article we will learn about programs that offer Free Cars For Hurricane Harvey Victims.

Eligibility required for free cars for hurricane harvey victims

Generally, in order to apply for a free car for hurricane harvey victims, you must fulfill some eligibility requirements, like:

  • Hurricane Harvey must have taken your automobile.
  • You have to be a family or individual with a low income.
  • You need to have a spotless driving record and a valid driver’s license.

A release form acknowledging your understanding of the program’s rules and regulations and your agreement to follow them must be signed by you.

There are also Free Cars for Domestic Violence Victims, all you need to go through some specific steps to get them. Apart from that you can also find specific organizations that offer free cars for foster parents.

Organizations That Offer Free Cars For Hurricane Harvey Victims


A nonprofit group called Cars4Harvey was established in 2017 in reaction to Hurricane Harvey, which caused damage throughout the Texas Gulf Coast. The goal of the organization was to give storm victims cheap or free cars. Cars4Harvey identified and fixed vehicles damaged in the hurricane in collaboration with a network of regional auto dealerships and repair facilities. Individuals and companies were also welcome to donate undamaged automobiles to the organization.

Cars4Harvey would pair a car with a suitable receiver when it was fixed or given. A number of requirements had to be met for recipients to be eligible, including losing their car in a hurricane and having the financial means to pay for auto insurance and maintenance.

Almost 1,000 cars were donated to hurricane victims by Cars4Harvey in the two years that followed the terrible event.Cars4Harvey not only gave hurricane victims automobiles, but also additional aid including financial counseling and job placement services. The efforts of Cars4Harvey were made possible by the kind contributions of private citizens, companies, and charities. The success of the organization serves as proof of the success of community assistance following an unforeseen event.

The National Auto Body Council (NABC)

The National Body Council(NABC) is a non profit organization that helps victims of natural disasters,including Hurricane Harvey by providing them free cars.Later,NABC collaborated with its member body shops to repair storm-damaged cars.after that those repaired cars are distributed to victims who are unable to afford a car, along with some cash support.

Recycled Rides program is one of the most well known programs of NABC.Recycled Rides has given more than 1,500 cars to victims of natural disasters since its founding. NABC works with families and individuals, but it also helps businesses that have been affected by disasters.

Under the organization’s Business Interruption Assistance Program (BIAP), companies that have suffered revenue losses due to natural disasters can get financial support. Businesses that need assistance paying for rent, utilities, and other necessities can benefit from BIAP.Natural disaster victims can benefit greatly from NABC. The organization’s programs and services provide much-needed assistance to those who have been affected by these natural disasters.


GEICO did not provide Hurricane Harvey victims with free automobiles. In order to support customers who suffered from the hurricane, the organization did provide a number of assistance programs. Among these programs were:

  1. Extended payment plans: Policyholders who were having financial difficulties were able to extend their payments for their car insurance premiums through GEICO.
  2. Deductibles waived: For policyholders who have made claims for car damage, GEICO reduced costs.
  3. Payment for rental cars: GEICO paid policyholders’ rental car expenses while their cars were being fixed.
  4. Towing and storage: Policyholders whose car had been damaged by the storm were eligible for assistance with towing and storage from GEICO.

Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor Company did provide Hurricane Harvey sufferers with free cars. Following the disaster, Ford contributed more than $5 million to help Hurricane Harvey’s victims by teaming together with Ford Credit, the United Way, and nearby Ford dealers. One example of this was the donation of one hundred Ford Fusion and F-150 cars to the United Way of Greater Houston, which would be given to locals who lack access to reliable transportation.

Ford launched a car donation program especially to assist people who had lost their vehicles in hurricanes. The business identified people and families in need of transportation by working with the United Way, and then provided cars to them. All of the brand-new cars had all-wheel drive and towing kits, two qualities that were crucial to individuals who were affected by the disaster.

Toyota Motor North America 

In September 2017, Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) and Toyota Financial Services (TFS) made a $3 million donation to help Hurricane Harvey victims. The money was set aside to support relief groups, volunteer work in the devastated areas, and to provide assistance to affected customers.

Direct Support for Clients

Toyota and TFS offered payment relief options to lease and finance customers in the devastated regions. These options included:

  1. Extensions and postponed payments: Borrowers may postpone loan payments for a maximum of 12 months, with interest being added to the end of their loan term.
  2. Redirected Billing statements : In order to make sure they can still receive their payments, customers can request that their billing statements be delivered to a different address or phone number.
  3. Payments by phone or online: To make sure they could continue to fulfill their financial commitments, customers could make their payments via the Toyota Financial Services website or mobile app.

Assistance to Relief Agencies

Toyota and TFS donated to a number of relief groups that offered hurricane victims emergency support. These organizations included:

  • United Way of Greater Houston
  • Southern Baptist Convention’s Disaster Relief Fund
  • American Red Cross

Volunteer Activities

To assist with relief operations in the devastated areas, TFS and Toyota employees contributed their time and resources. They supported neighborhood organizations, gave food and materials as donations, and took part in cleanup and reconstruction projects.

Toyota  gave 20 used cars to charities in addition to these direct actions. These vehicles were used to transport supplies and personnel, and to provide transportation to displaced families.

Hyundai Motor America (HMA)

Hyundai Motor America (HMA) did not offer a free car program to Hurricane Harvey victims. But they did offer additional help in various ways, such as

  1. They Donated  $1 million to the American Red Cross for relief efforts.
  2. They collaborated with the Salvation Army to supply impacted communities with food and resources.
  3. They provided help and employee discounts to Hyundai clients affected by the hurricane.

Additionally, HMA helped its dealerships in the affected regions get back up and running so they could keep serving customers. Hyundai contributed more than $1 million to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey in collaboration with Hyundai HopeOn and nearby Hyundai dealers. One such gesture was a hundred Hyundai Elantras, which were given to the Houston Area Red Cross to be given to locals who needed reliable transportation.

General Motors

Together, General Motors, the Salvation Army, and nearby GM dealers contributed more than $1 million in relief to assist those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Among these was the Salvation Army’s contribution of 100 Chevrolet Cruzes, which would be given to locals who don’t have access to reliable transportation.

Nissan North America

Nissan contributed more than $1 million in relief to the Hurricane Harvey victims in collaboration with the American Red Cross and nearby Nissan dealers. One example of this was the American Red Cross receiving 100 Nissan Sentras as a donation to provide dependable transportation to locals in need.

How to Apply For Free Cars For Hurricane Harvey Victims?

To apply for Hurricane Harvey victims’ free cars:

  1. Get in touch with the company: Making touch with the group providing the free cars is the first step. You can reach them by phone at their customer service number or through their website.
  2. Give supporting documents: After you get in touch with the organization, they will request supporting documents for your car-related needs. This paperwork could contain evidence of proof of car ownership, proof of income loss, and proof of residency in the affected area.
  3. Be patient: Due to the large volume of applications received by the organizations, the application procedure may take some time. They will respond as fast as possible to your application if you are understanding and patient.

Additional Tips for applying for free cars for Hurricane Harvey victims

  1. Apply from different organizations: Applying to several organizations can boost your chances of receiving a car because there are many that are giving out free cars.
  2. Be determined and have patience : If you are not immediately accepted for a car, don’t give up. Continue submitting applications to other organizations while following up with those you have already applied to.
  3. Be grateful and show your gratitude : If you are lucky enough to get a free car, express your gratitude to the company for their kindness.

If you are a Cancer Patient, then there are free cars for cancer patients.


Free vehicles for Hurricane Harvey victims are playing a vital role in recovery and rebuilding efforts. These cars have made it possible for people and families to access necessary services, look for work, and restore a sense of normality in their lives by offering dependable transportation.The impact of free rides goes beyond the immediate convenience. They represent a symbol of hope and the generosity of the community that came together to help victims of disasters.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for programs related to Hurricane Harvey in order to get a free car?

In general, you have to fulfill specific standards in order to be eligible for free cars from Cars4Harvey and similar groups. The requirements may be showing modest income, keeping a flawless driving record, or losing your car following Hurricane Harvey.

What other forms of assistance do these groups provide to storm victims besides free cars?

Apart from providing hurricane victims with free or inexpensive cars, they might also offer additional support services like financial counseling and job placement assistance to help individuals and families rebuild their lives after Hurricane Harvey’s devastation. Reach out to the business directly to learn more about the services provided in-depth.

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