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Free Cars For Low Income Families In Kentucky

How Do I Get Free Cars for Low Income Families in Kentucky –There are organizations and programs that offer free cars for low income families in Kentucky. There are many low income families that struggle financially and do not have the capability to purchase a vehicle. There are some places in Kentucky where public transportation can be really difficult to find and therefore the Kentucky families strongly rely on a car to complete their daily activities. However, there is nothing much to worry now as we are going to provide everything information about free cars for needy families in Kentucky.

Why are Free Cars Essential for Low Income Families in Kentucky ?

Free Cars are much required by the low income families in Kentucky as they do not have access to public transportation. The needy individuals and families can use the free car for education purposes, employment purposes, and medical emergencies. Due to lack of public transportation the low income families in Kentucky find it difficult to shop for their groceries as the market is located quite far from their residential area. However, do not worry as there are organizations and programs that do offer free cars for low income families in Kentucky so that they can overcome this current situation.

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Eligibility Requirement To Qualify For a Free Car in Kentucky

Each program has a different set of requirements, but we have listed some of the common eligibility criteria you need to fulfill to qualify for a free car in Kentucky.

Your Income Proof: You need to provide documents that proves your belonging from the low income group.

Your Residential Proof: To receive a free car in Kentucky, you must be a resident of Kentucky. You can provide your utility bill or driving license.

Your Driving License: To qualify for the program you must have your driving license.

Vehicle Ownership: You cannot own another vehicle to qualify for the program.

Employment Status : There are some programs where you need to be enrolled in a job training program or you need a car for your employment purpose.

Organizations That Offer Free Cars For Low Income Families in Kentucky

1800- Charity Cars in Kentucky

First in your list is the 1800- Charity Cars, it is a non-profit organization that offers help to the low income families in Kentucky. Apart from that they also help the misfortunate families and individuals all over the United States. Their main aim is to provide reliable transportation to the people who do not have a car. They might not provide free cars directly but will help you in the process of owning a car. The best thing is that they receive donations from various sources and also get immense support from the community.

Eligibility Requirements of 1800- Charity Cars

The eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • You must have a reliable source of income.
  • You must have a driving license.
  • You must be residing in Kentucky.
  • You need a car for medical or employment reasons.
  • You have the capability to pay for car maintenance and car insurance.

Application Procedure of 1800 – Charity Cars

Once you meet the eligibility criteria, applying for the program is quite easy. You just need to submit the required documents that include proof of income, address and employment.

To apply for the program you can visit or call at 1-800-242-7489.

Cars4Heroes in Kentucky

Cars4Heroes is another well known organization that offers free car or transportation assistance to the first responders, active military personnel, veterans and their families. This organization mainly relies on donations. They receive car donations from various sources and then forward these cars to the eligible families.

Eligibility Procedure of Cars4Heroes

To qualify for the program:

  • You must be a veteran, first responder, military personnel or a family member of the mentioned family.
  • You need to have your driving license.
  • You need to demonstrate the need for a car with supporting documents.
  • You need to submit your income proof.

Application Procedure for Cars4Heroes

To apply for the program you can visit and complete the application form in the website mentioned. You also need to submit documentation that proves your eligibility. You also need to go through an interview where you need to state why you need a car urgently.

Goodwill Cars To Work Kentucky

Goodwill Industries launched a program named “Goodwill Cars To Work” for employed individuals in Kentucky so that they can get access to safe and reliable transportation. The program might not offer you a free car directly but provides secured car loans.

You can use these loans to purchase a used vehicle, apart from that they also offer $500 that you can use for down payment. However, if you are employed by Goodwill Industries then they will offer you $1000 and that makes it easier for you to afford a car. Apart from that this program also offers financial help like improving your credit score.

Eligibility Requirement of Goodwill Cars To Work 

To be eligible for the program:

  • Your residential proof for a minimum of 90 days.
  • Your social security card and driving license.
  • You must be employed and provide your salary slip for income proof.
  • You are working a minimum of 30 hours each week.
  • Demonstrate the need of a car with supportive documents.

Application Process of Goodwill Cars To Work

To apply for the program you can visit The application procedure is quite easy and you can complete it online.

Wheels for Wishes Kentucky

Wheels for Wishes is another non-profit organization in our list that offers free cars to children. They are in collaboration with Make-A-Wish to fulfill the wishes of the children. They receive donations from various sources, to get a free car you need to contact them and explain why you need a free car.  To know about the application procedure and eligibility requirements visit or call them at 1-855-278-9474..

Kars4Kids in Kentucky

Kars4Kids another organization that accepts vehicle donations and also offers cars to kids for development and education purposes. However, they might not offer the car directly but can provide various assistance. They accept all types of car donations that include boats, RVs, motorcycles, vans, SUVs, trucks and cars. Apart from that, if you donate, you will receive tax benefits. To know more about the program visit or call at 1-855-527-7453.

Other Ways To Get Help With Transport Assistance in Kentucky

Kentucky Transport Cabinet

If you are looking to get transportation assistance then the Kentucky Transport Cabinet might help you out. The main focus of this cabinet is to provide affordable, efficient and safe transportation to the residents of Kentucky. They might not offer you free cars but can help you with affordable transportation. To know more visit

Address: 200 Mero Street

Frankfort, KY 40622

Phone: (502) 564-3419

Local Churches and Charities

You can try exploring local churches and charities in your area. There are many churches that run various assistance programs, just check out if they are offering free used cars. Start with the local churches and charities, if you are lucky you might get a free car.

Ask for Help from Friends or Family

You can try connecting with your friends and family, there are many people who do not use their old cars and it ends as crap. If your friends or any family member have an old car, you can ask for it and make the necessary repairs.

You can also find car giveaway programs and car assistance programs on our website 

Bottom Line

There are the only options that are available to you to get a free car for low income in Kentucky.  There are many low income families struggling due to lack of public transportation and therefore KY free cars for the needy can be a really great initiative for them. However, go through the programs, check your eligibility and then apply for it. Thanks for reading the article till the end, I hope you have a great day ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are free cars available for low income families in Kentucky?

There are a few organizations that offer free cars, however most of them only provide you with car assistance. You need to fulfill the eligibility criteria of the organization and then apply for it.

What organization offers free cars in Kentucky?

You can seek help from Kars4Kids, Goodwill Cars To Work Kentucky, Wheels for Wishes Kentucky and much more.

Am I eligible for free cars in Kentucky?

To be eligible you need to be a resident of Kentucky, having a driving license, income proof and residential documents. However, each organization has a different set of eligibility guidelines.

Does The Government Offer Free Cars in Kentucky?

No, the government does not offer any free cars in Kentucky. However, provide affordable transportation to the low income families and individuals of Kentucky. They also run programs like Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Welfare-to-Work Programs, Vocational Rehabilitation Programs and much more.

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