Extended car warranty

What is the Chevrolet Extended warranty Cover?

Chevrolet Extended warranty Cover Cars are one of the most important investments many people make. In this regard, you should ensure that your new car manufacturer gives you the necessary support so that your experience is positive. Chevrolet is synonymous with quality for more than just its technology, materials, innovations and rigorous quality standards. It also offers an enviable guarantee with every new vehicle, and here we explain it.

What is the Chevrolet extended  warranty  ?

If you know in advance that you will use your car intensively for a long time and would like to be protected for a longer time, the extended warranty is perfect for you.  An extended warranty adds one, two, or even three years to your product’s warranty. Thus, the maximum warranty term would give you 6 years or 120,000 kilometers of protection from the date of purchase.

In addition to what the normal warranty covers, this guarantee offers benefits such as 24-hour road assistance, towing if necessary, medical assistance, tire change if a puncture occurs, and gasoline supply. Chevrolet will cover lodging costs due to a breakdown, and will lend you a car while your vehicle is being repaired even if it needs major repairs.

What is the Chevrolet Extended Warranty Cover?

Chevrolet guarantees the perfect operation of your car. As an added bonus, if this is not the case, they will repair any mechanical or electrical damage that may occur in the first 3 years or 60,000 kilometers of your car, whichever comes first, at no additional charge to you. In this way, you can ensure that your investment is protected and that its operation is guaranteed for years to come. What is the best among all? The new car comes with it as part of the package at no additional cost or requirement.

What does the warranty for a new Chevrolet car cover?

Powertrain Warranty

Chevrolet’s protection and support doesn’t end after three years – the vast majority of  model cars are covered by a powertrain warranty of at least 60,000 miles.  60k miles is a very long distance. Consider doing an epic road trip across all of Mexico, from Cancun to Tijuana, which, even if driven eight hours a day, would take almost a week to complete. Fortunately, you will be covered for eleven trips round-trip by the powertrain warranty.

Bumper to Bumper guarantee

The company will take care of repairing any problems caused by defective materials or workmanship during the first 3 years (60,000 kilometers) of the car’s life.

Emission control system warranty

Chevy’s vehicle features an emission control system that lessens pollution released into the environment, and this system is covered under a two-year / 24000-mile (38600-kilometer) performance warranty.  A Bumper to Bumper guarantee against manufacturer defects applies to emissions control components even after the warranty expires.

There are also additional benefits

Additionally, model cars receive exclusive benefits such as:

  • A free maintenance visit when they reach 12,000 miles or their first year of ownership.
  • 27 critical points of safety and quality are inspected.
  • The 4 tires will be rotated for free

 What requirements must be met ?

All of these benefits are only available if you meet certain requirements. No need to be alarmed, the costs aren’t excessive or costly.

  1. To begin with, you need to follow the preventive maintenance instructions that are given to you when you buy a brand new car and that you can also find in your owner’s manual. It means you need go to a GM-approved workshop on time for your car’s service.
  2. Additionally, the vehicle must remain in its original condition, i.e., GM-authorized workshops are not allowed to perform maintenance or modifications on the vehicle.
  3. It really isn’t that big of a deal, as you can see. These are things that every car owner should do.

Why can services only be done in a Authorize Service Centers?

GM-authorized dealerships offer many advantages to owners who have their vehicles serviced there. In the first place, the technicians at Chevrolet-authorized service centers are auto mechanics with thorough knowledge of vehicles. Furthermore, they are equipped with all the necessary tools and infrastructure: lifting platforms, pneumatic devices, and a vast assortment of sockets, keys, and pliers necessary to repair the vehicle.

You can receive personalized service at an authorized service center and be assured that all used spare parts are original and of the highest quality. If you service your Chevrolet car at a dealership, your car will be serviced by a qualified and experienced technician who knows exactly what your vehicle needs.

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