How To Look Up Car Registered To A Specific Address

How To Look Up Cars Registered To A Specific Address – There are multiple reasons as to why someone would want to find out information pertaining to the registered address of a car. Some of these reasons include if you have been a victim of a crime, for the purpose of insurance, if you are planning to buy a car, to ascertain title, etc. In such a situation, a lot of people wonder as to how one can look up cars that are registered to a specific address. A lot of people are confused as to what the best way is to find out which cars are registered to a specific address, and what options they have if they want to find such information.

Here are the ways you can do so.

What You Need To Know To Look Up Cars Registered To A Specific Address

  • Step 1: It is unlikely that you will be able to access information pertaining to car ownership Who owns a car, especially as to which address that it is registered to, free of cost. All websites and databases that allow access to such information charge a nominal fee that helps with the collection, collation, and maintenance of such information. Furthermore, they leverage public records usually, to ensure that no privacy guidelines and laws are being violated. Therefore, it is important that you are seeking such information for legitimate purposes and not unlawful gains.
  • Step 2: If you have a legitimate and concrete reason for seeking out such information, perhaps the best avenues you can approach for information is the DMV or the Department of Motor Vehicles, or the NMVTIS, or the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System. However, given that these are state institutions, they are unlikely to provide you with the information that you seek unless you have a completely acceptable and legitimate reason to seek it. You can either approach these organizations personally or obtain the information online for a small fee.
  • Step 3: For those who decide to approach the DMV or to comb through the DMV records for information should be prepared to face the fact that it is quite hard to obtain such information through the DMV due to various laws in place, particularly legislation imposed by the federal government. This is to ensure that the privacy of the owner is maintained, and unless you are a member of the police force or some other type of law enforcement agency, it is unlikely that your request for information will be sanctioned.
  • Step 4: Websites such as provide information for a small fee of about 50$ about cars. This is especially beneficial to those who are looking to buy a car and want to verify that the car and the title of the car are unencumbered and safe to deal with. Another website that can help with this is that allows you to look for information fast. All you need to do is enter the address or the zip code that you are looking for the vehicle in and you can access the information for about 8$ per record. This website complies with the Drivers Privacy Protection Act.

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