How Much Do I Receive From Workers’ Comp Settlement for Back Injury

How Much I Receive From Workers’ Comp Settlement For Back Injury

How Much I Receive From Workers’ Comp Settlement For Back Injury – One of the most known types of injury is the back injury, which happens most of the time in our office which disrupts normal living. You can get different kinds of pain in the back injuring from chronic to acute. It can also become a lifetime problem for many people. There are many reasons for such kind of back pain it can be because of lifting the weighty objects, pulling certain heavy objects, loading, etc. And in rare case sitting/ standing position if it is bad can lead to a back injury

The different causes of back injury are as follows –

  • Damage in the spinal cord
  • Vertebrate fracture
  • The strain on the lower back
  • Nerves which are pinched
  • Slip disc and herniated disc
  • Paraplegia
  • Damage in the soft tissue
  • Damage in the Ligament
  • Damage in Tendon

What is The Treatment of Back Injury

There are 2 main types of treatment for the back injury one is a minor treatment and the other is a major treatment. In minor treatment, the doctors will give some medicines and ointments, etc. for relieving from the back pain. And in major treatments, the doctors will prescribe more costly medicines, and also the intake of those medicines can cause other health issues. There are more than 1000 such people who suffer from a back injury at the workplace. So, there is nothing new if such people are bearing the cost of back injury and its treatment cost. It is also pivotal for such back injury people to know that there is a worker’s comp settlement who suffers from a back injury.

Workers’ Comp Settlement for Back Injury

Workers’ compensation is the amount of money that the worker will get for the medical cost which he/she bore relating to the injury. It is a written form of agreement that does the settlement of any dispute with respect to the amount claimed for the back injury. The insurance company will pay the amount to the injured person as the negotiations so that he/she can bear the cost of doctors and medicines which they have already given and it also includes the future cost which can come in case of injury. Read More California Insurance license – driving without a license California

The compensation to the workers for the back injury settlement is done by the company after it buys insurance coverage. In this, the injured person can sign the agreement if he/she feels that the amount is justified and agrees for it. There is no forceful binding on the injured person to sign the agreement. Apart from that in case of divorce agreement you have to share assets and liabilities.

What are the Types of Workers’ Comp Settlement Back Injury

There are different types of back injuries. It can simple and minor which is temporary or it can be complicated and major leading to permanent disability. Also, it can be possible that the worker injured may have to bear the pain for a longer time than expected.

Temporary Back Injury

The injured worker can get high compensation if the injury is not of a permanent nature. And it can be possible that the injured worker returns back to his job in case if the back injury is minor. So, it’s natural the officer in the job place would like to give a task to the injured worker which is simple and flexible to do.

As the injured worker needs his salary, he may start the work again. But the officer at the workplace will try his best to reduce the amount of compensation with the help of the insurance company advisor.

But it will be good if the injured worker and the officer both follow and abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the law. It will remove all kinds of difficulties and also there are chances that the worker gets back to the work only if the officer will pay the amount of compensation as defined in the agreement deed.

Permanent Back Injuries

Those workers who get a permanent disability due to back injury can claim the amount of compensation from the employer. And also the amount can be high, but it to be high, there are many facts and evidence that the worker will have to bring on record to prove the back injury. They may pay the amount up to 300 weeks and extra lump sum payment can also be done which will be purely based on the mediation.

Repetitive Motion Long term Injuries

Suppose the worker is continuing to work, but again the most disturbing thing will be the pain in the back while working in the office. But you should also know that the documentation for proving the claims for back injury is pretty less. So in such an event, the officer (boss) will try to go on a different route and try to prove that the cause for the back injury is not working but some other cause. In such a scenario the worker will have to take help from the attorney who will fight the case and designs it in such a fashion which will prove that it is due to work and then will help the worker in getting the claim.

Value of the Back Injury Claim

Firstly, there are pecuniary and non-pecuniary factors of the back injury and the damage and its claim. Secondly, it will also comprise of bills of medical expenses, income that is lost, wages, suffering, and pain, etc.

About Economic Compensation

It comprises of the real monetary loss which the injured worker has suffered and it is a kind of loss that cannot be measured and you should get compensated for the same at any cost.

Medical Bills

Firstly, the condition of the injured worker will not be the same. It may be good one day and on the other day, it can be different. So, the cash is also spent as per the injury condition. Plus, incase of an injury whose nature is serious, then the worker may have to go through a surgery. For example, it will cost around $6,000 for herniated disc injury.

Also, it is possible that the worker will have to get therapy and it may cost around $100 per session. X-ray is another factor and it may take up to $100 to $1,000. So, in short, there is no set standard for the money that will be spent and in case if it is a paralysis then God knows whats the expenses for it. In this case, the boss should give a high compensation.

Lost income and Wages

The salary that you have lost while staying on sick leave is something which should be compensated by the boss. Also, included in the lost income. It will be calculated on the basis of the history of your salary and also the work that you couldn’t do.

Non-Economic Compensation

The pecuniary losses which the injured worker faces and will be compensated for are known as non –economic compensation. And it comprises of the following such as –

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering are also compensated under this and it is really heartbreaking for any person to suffer pain. Under the head of lost wages and medical bills, the compensation for pain shall be included.

Emotional Distress

Emotional distress is another kind of trauma which the injured person suffers and therefore the compensation will be done on the basis of the state law.

Loss of Consortium

There are many laws in many states which provide compensation for the loss of consortium in case of a back injury which is of a permanent nature. The worker who has an injured back is the one who misses his loved ones like family members and also misses the intimacy also with their partner etc. so such all kinds of reasons come under the financial loss and are included in the agreement of the claim. Every state has a different rule. Plus, the family members and close one can sue in a different way for loss of consortium and its damage.

What is Back Injury Average Settlement

Back injury average settlement cannot be determined easily. Also, it can happen that the factors included in the injury will change in the coming days after proper medication has been prescribed by the doctor.

So, the first thing that you should be aware of is that you should know how much will the insurance company pay and what will be the consequences if the matter is not settled within a particular time frame. Also, the number of injury claims will differ and be different.

What Is the Average Settlement for a Work-Related Back Injury?

You will have to go through the process of the court if you want compensation for the back injury. It is also possible that the boss will settle the matter before a claim has been filed in the court and in this case the worker can go through the process easily. But in some cases, it is possible that the boss may not be willing to pay for the claim. As per the latest studies, there are 65% of the cases of back injury claim which is settled with the court order. And there are many claims which are not settled due to different reasons.

Common Reasons for Denying a Back Injury Settlement Claim

There are many different reasons for which the insurance companies will not pay compensation to the workers. But the most important point that you should note is that the insurance companies will try to find faults and errors in the information that you have provided and also the documents which you have submitted as a proof of your back injury. So, you should be careful about these things.

Late Filing

Suppose there is a worker who got a back injury and is for some or the other reason is made to wait for the treatment to start. Such a reason will be an inevitable one. But this can be one of the reasons for the insurance company to refuse the claim. Secondly, the injured worker should make the claim for the back injury as fast as possible without any kind of delay. And in case if the insurance company refuses the claim and there are people in the office who are witnesses of the back injury, and then you can go ahead and proceed with the court filing of the claim.

Not Severe to Take Medical Help

It’s an obvious thing if the injury is of serious nature then there are chances that the doctors might charge a high price. But if the injury is not so serious then there are chances that the insurance company will reject the compensation. But there is a point which you should note and that is even if the injury is not that serious still you should check out with your physicians properly. It may be possible that in the long run that injury can return back and cause you even more pain and suffering. So, if you are injured then it is advisable that you should check with your physician and see how serious it. And in case if the injury is of serious nature then better take the medical paper from the doctors and take your injury claim.

Injury Caused By Other Factors

One of the important points that you should always keep in the mind is that the insurance company will try hard to prove that the back injury which has been caused to the worker is not because of the workplace and it is because of other factors. And on this point, they may try to reject the claim. But if you can or the worker or the injured person can explain it in a proper manner that the injury has been caused in the workplace due to the sitting posture and constant stress then there are some changes that you could get the claim. So always define the workplace properly whenever filing the claim.

Fabrication of Injury

Plus, the injured worker should be able to explain the injury clearly and what had happened exactly. Any kind of hyperbole in the statement will not qualify the injured worker for the claim. And if the doctor has made a statement that the injury is not so severe then even in such cases you will not be qualified for the claim.

Preexisting Back Pain

The insurance company always does careful scrutiny of all the documents to make sure that the back pain or the injury is not pre-existing. If ever in your medical papers or the history they get to know that the back injury or pain existed previously also, then again your claim will be rejected. There are many people who have pre-existing back pain and yet they go for a claim.

What May Happen If Compensation Is Not Settled?

Firstly, there cannot be any kind of guarantee that the injured worker would get compensation until the time the case is not settled. There are many states where according to the law there are some instructions and guidelines that the insurance company will have to pay them till the time the case doesn’t get settled. On the type of injury, the compensation will depend. The insurance company will only pay till the time the injured worker needs to go for medication like treatment, surgery, and therapy, etc.

Get the Attorney’s Workers’ Comp Settlement Help

In most cases, the boss takes the steps to ensure that the injured worker gets compensation. Plus, they also keep track and pay for the medical treatments. It is the duty of the boss. But in many cases, the injured worker will not get a justified amount in the claim. The insurance companies always try to give little payment. And in other cases, the boss ignores the back injury case and it leads to disability of the injured worker which is of permanent nature.

Filing a case which is of 3rd party and going ahead with the claim will be a good option to get the compensation for the injury in the back. Additionally, there are attorneys who are ready to deal with your case. They will guide you with the correct advice no matter you delayed the case. The coincidence of getting the monetary benefit like surgery cost, chiropractic physical therapy will be more when you will take the help of a lawyer.


One of the gravest conditions is the back injury and if anyone is a victim of back injury then it is pivotal that they take immediate steps to ensure that the injured worker gets compensation. And if you make a delay of any kind then there are chances that you won’t get compensated.

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