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Rent a Car with Cash Only No Deposit or Credit card Near Me

Rent a car with cash only – There are many people, who find it affordable to rent a car rather than buying, because buying involves a lot of hassles like bank paper work, monthly installments etc. So, people want to know how they can rent a car and the best companies that provide a car on rent. Many people assume that they can rent a car with no credit cards, which is not possible. For renting a car you need either debit card, credit card, or you can use cash. All you need is to look for a car rent company that offers flexible payment options.

I need to rent a car with cash only

In this post we are going to guide you for your query of renting a car with cash only with no deposit, The most popular term for low income families, For taking a car on rent you need to have proper documents like valid driving license, insurance policy, clean driving record certificate, residence proof, and age proof, whether you use a card or cash to take a car on rent. This are the requirements of an authentic car rent company.

How to rent a car with cash only No Deposit or No Credit Card

One of the basic rules when you rent a car is that when you return the car you will have to pay for the damages if any. No matter you rent a car using credit card, debit card or cash. And many car rent companies will take security deposit first, before they hand over the car to you, whether it is a long term car rental or short-term. The deposit refund depends on the T&C of the car rent companies and also it includes deductions for damages and dents or scratches.

Car rent companies like EZ, Alamo, Sixt, Avis, and Fox have different pay criteria for providing the car on rent, which you can enquirer with them. And some of them even allow submitting the final bill using cash.

Difference Between Cash Payments & Payments Using Cards

Many car rental companies feel that cash deposits are not sufficient form of security deposits, especially in cases where the driver uses the car rashly damaging in either ways. And in such cases the cash deposit is less to compensate for the damage in the car. Insurance cover is not so helpful in such scenarios. Also, many car rental companies feel that people can run away with the car, so they have stricter T&C when renting a car to any person.

Credit Cards for Renting a Car 

Credit cards are accepted form of secure payment world-wide. Therefore, many car rental companies accept credit card and do not allow a car rental with a debit card because the companies feel that it is not a secure form of payment and there is no guarantee. You can search online for car rental companies that have easy payment methods allowing people to rent their car.

Requirements to Rent a Car

One of the basic requirements for renting a car is that you should be above 25 years of age. Different States have different policies and so is the case with different car rental companies.

Age Factor & Insurance Policy

In many States’ car rental companies provide the car on rent to people who have crossed the legal age i.e. 18 years. But the car rental agencies are also aware of the risk involved like if the minors don’t pay the installments or run away with the car or meet with an accident. So, it is difficult to get car rental companies in US that can provide car to minors. Valid driving license with a clean car driving record is must.

Next requirement is an insurance policy for which you can choose a cheap insurance company for college students. But you can expect change in the rules and policies according to the State and service provider. 19 to 21 is the proper age for drivers who want to take a car on rent.

10 Best Car Rental Companies in USA

1. Enterprise Car Rental 

Car Rental Company that doesn’t accepts cash and you can check their T&C for renting a car.

2. Ability Auto Rental or Car Rental 

This company provides car on rent till Houston and people can rent a car using debit card.

3. Dollar Auto Rental

This company allows people to rent a car by cash and you will need to fulfill the requirements i.e. security deposit, ID cards, and processing fee of $15. They will do a check of your documents which will take 30 days and then allow you to take a car on rent.

4. Rent a Wreck

This company provides neat and safe cars. It is working since last 40 years.

5. Rent a Car with Cash

People living in Austin and Texas can take car on rent from this company.

6. Thrifty Rent A Car 

This car companies accept cash deposit for renting a car & you will have to submit IDs, after which they follow a scrutiny which will take 30 days.

7. U Save Car and Truck Rental

This company accepts cash and the cost of rent is affordable.

8. Community Rental Car

This company mainly works in North Carolina and they accept both cash and debit cards.

9. Value Car Rental

This company offers affordable rates for renting a car and they don’t have any extra criteria before giving a car on rent.

10. Hertz Car Rental 

In this company if you want to apply for a car on rent, then the process will take 30 days and they need your IDs and also cash deposit.

Common Questions –

Can you rent a car with cash only

Yes, by using the above information, you can easily apply for a car rental service, you can enjoy a hassle free trip, vacation or your personal need with a rental car near you. we always recommend to prebook a car before you arrive on the destination.

Which are the best car companies to rent a car with cash?

Enterprise, Wreck, Thrifty and Dollar are some car rental companies that accept cash and cards. Check online for more information.

Which rental car company does not require a credit card?

This depend on the services offered by your car rental companies, some of the Car Rental Companies That Accept Debit Cards without a Credit Check where as some of them dont accept only cash car rental, it is always good to contact the car rental service provider and have a deep discussion regarding payment options.

Car rental companies that accept debit cards without a credit check

If you dont own a credit car there are car rental companies that accept debit cards some of the companies that accept debit cards are listed below

  1. Hertz rent a car
  2. Almo rent a car
  3. Dollar rent a car
  4. Avis rent a car
  5. Budget Rent a car
  6. Enterprise rent a car
  7. Sixth rent a car
  8. National Car Rental 
  9. Thrifty Car rental

But we recommend to go with a credit card, the reason behind it, the credit card providers have various offers and discount while you use your credit car for renting a car, more over they also offer rewards

Does Enterprise car Rental Company accept cash or only credit cards?

They don’t accept cash. But you can enquire about their branches if they accept the cash. And also they have some requirements like proof of residence, security deposits, and insurance papers.

Can i Use Prepaid Cards to book a car on rent?

Yes, you can book a rental car using your prepaid card, there are some of the car rental companies that accept car rental with prepaid card. car rental company called Hertz allow its user to pay via prepaid card at the time of final payment.

Does cash app works if you want to rent a car with cash only?

You can enquire with the car rental companies. But most of the companies may not allow because of guarantee reasons and risk etc.

Can I rent a car on cash with Hertz Company near me?

Yes they accept cash deposits. You can enquire with the company to know more details about the process.

Is it possible to rent a car without using credit card or with cash only?

Most of the car companies accept credit cards but you can enquire with them on the methods of payments.

What should i use to rent a car a credit card or debit card?

We would suggest you to use credit card until or unless you have no other options remaining, the debit card payment will require some security deposit and a lengthy process, where as credit card is easy mode of payment with offers and rewards.

Concluding Remark-

Different State & car rental companies will have different rules, eligibility criteria and also different methods of payments. You should enquire with the company. And one of the basic rules is that when you return the car you will have to pay for the damages and it will be deducted from their security deposits.

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