What should I not tell the insurance company?

What should I not tell the insurance company? It’s important to remember one thing: insurers will take any chance they get to not pay you. Saying the wrong things to the insurance company can result in you getting a reduced payout or no payout at all. The aftermath of an automobile accident can be scary and disorienting. Before dealing with unfriendly insurance companies who play on the weaknesses and shock, it’s best to focus on gathering evidence, composing yourself, and treating any injuries that may have occurred. Then when ready to talk to the insurance company, make sure one  knows what to say. Like after an accident, people are generally  most likely to be  in shock, confused, and stressed.

These conditions are not ideal for reporting an accident. Plus, if they have never been in an accident or not been in one for years and protocols may have changed then they will need to be ready to tackle the insurance company.As much as we like to think insurance companies are on our side, they are businesses and want to settle for as little as possible. In fact, they have legal teams that help them do just that. It’s tough to be the figurative little guy in a room full of big, scary guys.Avoid admitting any fault. Claims adjusters who investigate insurance companies record everything whatever is being  said and may inadvertently sign away those rights if they are at fault.   Do not disclose any injuries to the insurance company yet and never admit you are okay and uninjured. Injuries may take time to manifest, and are not immediately apparent. Unless one can make factual statements, say nothing. Do not speculate or offer an opinion. An opinion will not help the case, but it may hurt. Provide only the who, what, when, and where facts about the accident and nothing more.Never agree to an initial settlement from the insurance company.

The insurer will try to settle as quickly as possible with a figure that is low and favorable to them. Until an attorney has reviewed the case completely, they may not know all of the ways that can be claimed. Insurance companies are delighted if it is admitted that  the claimant does not have a lawyer, that is exactly why one should have a lawyer. Whilst they  have to be told the truth when representing the case to the insurance company, they  do not have to divulge everything, especially information that will negatively affect the claim.When going through stressful times, it’s natural to want things over and done with, but do not admit anything to the  insurance company.

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