How To Find Out Who Owns A Car

How To Find Out Who Owns A Car – One of the things that many people are curious to find out about is as to who the owner of the car is. However, it is not possible to ascertain who the owner of a car is solely based on looking at the car. With some types of identifying information, it may be possible to ascertain the ownership of a car. However, it must be kept in mind that the process of identifying who the owner of the car is must be done in a manner that is both acceptable and legal if you seek to procure this information from governmental agencies.

If you do not have any concrete reason to solicit information from the government pertaining to car ownership, you could consider hiring a private service that will enquire and present you with information pertaining to car ownership.

Steps  to find out who is the owner of the car

  • Step 1: If you have information pertaining to the Vehicle Identification Number, an easy method to ascertain the ownership of a car is to file a request form with your nearest DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles. It must however be remembered that the reason why you are requesting this information should not be violative of the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act. Usually, information pertaining to ownership of the vehicle is only released when there is a suspicion of theft, or if you are planning to take the title of the car.
  • Step 2: Another option that you can exercise to find out who the owner of the car is to get the license plate of the car and request your police department for information pertaining to the owner of the car. This is usually done only to confirm the title, in case there is an issue of security, or if the car (or the owner) has been involved in a criminal matter.
  • Step 3: Another thing you could do to find out who the owner of the car is, is to hire an investigator privately. There are various websites offering services to investigate and ascertain the ownership of the car for you. Make sure that the service of the investigator that you are choosing is a licensed service to ensure legality. Licensed investigators are empowered by law to look through public records and find out various pieces of information, such as who owns a car. You could also look through a public record yourself and find out who the owner of the car is yourself. While you might have to pay a small fee of about 25-50$ annually to be allowed to access these databases.

How to find to whom a car belongs

Without information such as the license plate or the vehicle identification number, it is usually not possible to identify who the owner of a car is. Therefore, it is important that you find some identifiable information that will assist you in your search for the owner of a car. With most databases, you can find the owner of their car and their contact information for a small fee, usually of about 50$.

  • Step 1: Ensure that you note down the Vehicle Identification Number or the License Plate Number in a secure and easy to access location that will not get lost or misplaced. A lot of people are under the impression that they will remember the number but often forget it, so do not rely on your memory completely. If the car in question has been involved in a crime, try and secure the requisite information without paying.
  • Step 2: The next step is to contact the local DMV or department of motor vehicles office, either in person or through a phone call. Inform the representatives of the DMV office as to the nature of the crime that you have been affected by and present them with all the relevant information that you have. You can also contact or visit your nearest police station as an alternative.
  • Step 3: Various websites such as (Link) also allow you to access their database to search for the owner’s information of a vehicle. You will have to pay a small fee, usually about 35$ and you will receive the information that you require if it is available.
  • Step 4: Other online companies that allow you to search for vehicle owner information also exist. The fee range is usually capped at about 50$ but varies depending on which website you choose to avail the services from.

If you do not have access to information such as the Owner Of A License Plate or the vehicle identification number, you can look for and request CCTV footage from the area that the crime occurred in to ascertain information about the Cars.


Remember, none of these websites are going to give you access to information that is not within the purview of what is legal. If you are a victim of a crime, the DMV office and the police may be helpful, but if you are seeking owner information for your own personal reasons, you are unlikely to succeed in your quest to find such information through official channels due to privacy laws and guidelines.

You will usually require the VIN or the Vehicle Identification Number, or the License Number of the car, a phone connection and the internet to find information pertaining to who the owner of the car is easily.

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