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Best Ford Explorer Lease Deals | Review, Price, Special Offers

Best Ford Explorer Lease Deals Best Ford truck lease deals 0 down Taking a car on the rental is a very common thing, and there are many customers who are interested ones looking to search rent deals for their vehicles which are a favorite one. If you choose your best car as Ford, then you are lucky as there are many deals that you can get and that too especially on Ford Explorer lease deals. On various occasions, Ford offers huge cashback offers for the year 2020. And due to this reason, it has become the perfect choice of many people especially the rent deals. It’s just like other rental deals but the only thing is that in this it offers the customers with one option i.e. to buy the vehicle after the rent, with repayments and discounts which are additional. And this option has made it possible for many to afford an automobile.

Ford is the only one such manufacturer that you will find which offers appealing rental deals and other types of deals for their customer. For case in point, there are many dealers who offer a $99 car lease no money down for the customers who are interested. And one of the best parts about this deal is that it applies to both people with good credit history and also people with bad credit history. Plus, there are few dealers who will not do a credit check also in the rent deals.

Why To Consider the Ford Explorer?

It is one of the best SUVs which have a combination of both authorities as well as luxury. There are many manufacturers and dealers who provide the same deals for other SUVs such as the Chevy Truck lease deals and Chevy Cruze lease deals. Due to the difference, it may become tough for the customers who love SUV to make a choice in the model of the car, but Ford lovers will always choose their type of model. Customers may find it as better options for the automobile models. But what also the most important aspect that drives one customer into choosing a type of model is the need which is individual in nature.

Before taking a vehicle on rent there are many aspects which should be considered by you. To start with, the first and the foremost thing which you should do are to enquire if the dealers accept no money down lease deal. This will help the customer greatly as it will save the major expenses of the customer and also there will be increased monthly rentals. If the dealers do not offer any down payment option, the next thing that you can do is to identify the primary deposit amount which is needed for the approved rental deal. There are many experts who have opined that it is not good to pay a high amount of capital upfront. You should also think about the maintenance price and the monthly rentals that you will be paying before getting into a rental deal for cars.

Ford Explorer 2020 Overview

Prior to choosing for Ford Explore Rental deals for 2020, it is pivotal to know the primary features of the vehicle which you are about to get. The Ford Explorer 2020 comes with new rear wheels and there is much to explore in this. The 2019 model was there which came with a lot of trials and along with the security options and hi-tech features. Here in this guide, you will find about the different kinds of Ford Explorer models available. And it will also help you to know and compare with what you are expecting and what you will get.

Exterior and Interior Trim Options

One of the most selling and the best selling SUV models in Ford is the Explorer. It is also a very consistent vehicle. Its feature comprises of a front and all-wheel driving options. It can seat up to 7 people; wow now that’s amazing space which it offers. This can also make you wonder if the rental deals $199 is available or not. But there is nothing to worry as there are many dealers who have these options. The Ford Explorer model which is base features aluminum wheels which is of 18 inches. Plus other features includes the following –

  • Leather shift knob
  • Automatic headlights
  • Excellent infotainment system
  • Cloth seats
  • An eight-way power driver’s seat.

Ford Explorer 2020 Advertised Lease Deals

Ford Explorer 2020 Advertised Lease Deals vary from model to model. We are adding here some of the Ford Explorer 2020 Advertised Lease Deals below

2020 Ford Explorer ModelMSRPMonthly Payments
Ford Explorer XLT$39,870$442
Ford Explorer Sport$54,065$625
Ford Explorer Platinum$60, 340$701
Ford Explorer ST$58,320$715

Below are the main Ford Explorer sequels:

2020 Ford Explorer XLT

It offers the following –

  • 10-way power driver’s seat
  • Second armrest
  • Keyless entry
  • push-to-start button
  • Keypad entry
  • Six-way power passenger seat.

2020 Ford Explorer Limited

Some ad-on features include the following –

  • 10-way power passenger seat
  • Heated second-row seats
  • Heated and cooled front seats
  • Remote controlled windows
  • Power tilt
  • Telescoping steering wheel
  • 12 infotainment system
  • HD radio
  • Navigation

2020 Ford Explorer Sport

It is a sport version which is built on XLT trim and offers the following features –

  • Addsquad exhaust pipes
  • Hands-free power tailgate
  • Paddle shifters
  • 10-way passenger front seat
  • Power-folding third-row seat
  • Sport-tuned suspension
  • High gloss black exterior trim
  • Advanced connectivity features.

2020 Ford Explorer Platinum

It is the Explorer versions top trim and offers the following features –

  • Satin chrome exterior
  • A dual-pane sunroof
  • An all-digital instrument cluster
  • Active bolstering on front seats
  • Active parking assistant
  • Adjustable pedals with memory setting.

Ford Explorer Performance

It comes with 3 engine options. They are as follows –

  • 5-liter V6 engine with a 290hp torque.
  • turbocharged 2.3-liter with 280hp
  • Twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine with up to 365hp.

The above engines have an automatic transmission system with a 6 speed and a standard front-wheel drive. It drives at 3.5-liter models drive at 17mpg within the city and on the highway 16mpg. The turbocharged engine comes somewhere between 16 to 22mpg.

Ford Explorer Safety

Safety is one of the most important features when any customer is looking for any ford model. The Ford Explorer got a five-star rating from NHTSA. From the IIHS tests, it received the lowest rating due to the following reasons –

  • the small overlap of the front passenger from the side crash test
  • Poor on headlights
  • The average on the front driver-side small overlap

And it got the highest ratings in tests regarding the collision. Apart from all of this, the safety feature includes the following –

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Forward collision warning
  • Lane keeps assistant
  • Rain-sensing wipers
  • Automatic high-beams.

Ford Explorer Cargo Space and Interior Room

There is a 3rd-row seating in it which can easily accommodate up to 7 people. The legroom of the front, 2nd and 3rd row measures the following –

  • 9
  • 5
  • 3 inches

21 cubic feet is the cargo volume after the 3rd row. And this provides a lot of space for people who carry the stuffs and luggage including people with big families.

Ford Explorer Leasing Tips

After going through the above-mentioned features you should be more likely switching to rent this model of automobile. There are many Ford Explorer rent deals Michigan options which can make it a testing time for you to easily complete the process of the rent deal. Look for the following kind of handy renting tips –

1. Understand Leasing Language

The language of the rental deals is very complex due to which many people sign up for a bad rental deal. It is not like buying a vehicle or auto loans, the terms of the rental deal are pretty complicated. Below you can find the common terminologies which are used in the rental deals which you should know and will come across.

The capitalized cost

It can also be called as cap cost. It can be defined as the first price of the automobile. The rental deals of different states have a different capitalized cost which depends on many factors. Luckily, you can talk with the dealer for this amount and get some discounts.

Money factor

It can be defined as the interest rate which is accrued by the funds that finance the deal. You cannot compare it with the interest rates of the car loan. If you can inquire about the money factor it can help you to compare the rates of the different dealers and you can get the best.

Residual value

It can be defined as an approximation of the automobile’s worth after the rental period. This part of the approximation is calculated initially when the contract is made. The approximation could be high also. It can also be low. And the payments which you will make in the rental period will be the final outcome of the capitalized cost + fees and interest which will be less than the residual value.

Due at signing

It can be defined as an amount which you will have to pay at the starting of the rental deal to drive your rented vehicle home. It includes ford explorer incentives or the down payment.

Acquisition fee

It describes the administrative fee that is paid for the cost of preparing the lease deal. This includes registration fees and taxes at the beginning of the contract.

Buyout price

There are many dealers who put their explorer for sale after the rental period is over and they also encourage the people who rented the vehicle to purchase it. If you like to buy the vehicle after your rental contract has become invalid then the buyout price is the only thing that you will have to pay. It may be the residual value and it can vary also.

Disposition fee

It is a fee that you have to pay after the rental contract expires. It covers the cost of making and renovating the used vehicle prior to the dealer reselling or leasing it. It covers ad-on fees and extra mileage costs, plus the wear and tears cost.

2. Negotiate Where Possible

Above mentioned rental deals payments, there are some deals or payments which can be talked and some cannot be talked about. To identify a better deal it is important that you know what can be talked about and how discount can be availed. The payments about which you can talk about with the dealer and avail discount are as follows –

Capitalized cost

You can negotiate this price with the dealer. For that, you will have to study the cost which other dealers are offering. So, this will help you to bargain.

Money factor

If possible try to get some discounts on the interest rates which are being charged. Make sure your credit score is above average as there are many dealers who accept people with a good credit score.

Mileage cap

You have to talk and discuss about getting more mileage if your planning about the mileage is not proper. If you think that the mileage will exceed the cap provided by the dealer then you should talk about getting more mileage.

Buyout price

This is for those customers who want to buy the vehicle after the rental deal expires. You can talk about this price in the very beginning of the rental deal. Else you will lose the chance of talking or availing less price after the rental deal is over. Also, if you negotiate about this it will not affect your rental deal terms.

3. Look beyond Monthly Payments

Based on monthly premiums you should never take a car on rent. If you want to save capital when taking a car on rent, calculate the total amount you will experience during the rent. For this, you should calculate the down payment, taxes that will be levied and other fees. With the calculated total cost, you can compare the rental offers from other dealers.

While calculating, multiply the monthly premiums with the rental period and the down payment. Include the following such as –

  • Interests
  • Taxes
  • Fees charged

The total sum of all these will let you know the cost of the rental contract. Do it yourself as the agents can miss out on some hidden charges and also they will insist you to think that the deal is cheap.

4. Crosscheck Lease Documents

Prior to signing any rental contract; please see that you have double-checked the agreement. And know that the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement are the same as you have orally discussed with the dealer. There are many dealers who will, later on, add some hidden charges which will increase the total cost. And don’t sign any deals with errors or spaces.

Leasing the Ford Explorer Right for Me?

If you have a habit of changing cars then car leasing is the option for you but it’s for a new car and not everyone is suitable for the same option. You can look for other options if you don’t want to drive a new car. It depends on your decision individually whether leasing is correct for you or not. Only you can decide whether you have the proper budget to lease the Ford Explorer. Plus, you will also have to know whether you can maintain the vehicle and follow the terms of the agreement.

The Bottom Line

Ford Explorer is the best SUV and that too for the price. If you have bad credit then you should not think of purchasing it. And even if your credit history is very good still the loans can cost you a lot. If the usage of the vehicle for you is not long term then don’t buy it. You can also take on rent this model if you want to drive an expensive car. And it is also not a cheap car that you are taking on rent if you look from the point of engine performance to maintenance. There can be many appealing deals that can make you fall for it like the low monthly payment options. But you should always check your budget and your credit score and history before you sign up or go for any kind of rental deal.

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