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Driving Without Insurance NJ – Driving Without Liability Insurance NJ

Driving Without Insurance NJ

What Will Happen After Driving Without Insurance NJ – Vehicle Insurance is required in almost every state in the United States to be able to drive and NJ is no exception. It is incorrect to drive without insurance and can get you into major trouble. As a driver, you are expected to insure your vehicle safely before driving. If you are wondering if you can escape the law and try and drive without insurance – ask yourself, do you want to be held liable in the case of an accident? Or do you want to risk going to jail? If you answered no to any of the above, then you must insure your vehicle before driving it.

One of the biggest advantages of insurance is that you are transferring the liability of payment onto your insurer in case of risk. This is one of the main factors as to why insurance is recommended in the first place – it helps the driver protect themselves against any unexpected liabilities that may occur on the road. However, if you have just purchased a car, and you find that insurance is expensive, fret not, because you can always choose dollar a day car insurance in New JerseyThese insurance policies usually provide the minimum coverage that is required to be able to drive your car with insurance at an extremely low cost. They usually cover the standard liability insurance protocols and factors. If you want any additional features added to your insurance plan, you can always discuss it and upgrade your plan. You should also check whether it provides insurance for a head-on collision.

What Are The Penalties With No Insurance? 

There are multiple penalties for different types of automobile accidents. Depending on the nature and the seriousness of the accident, a fine or a penalty can be levied. For instance, there may be one specific fine for speeding, while there may be another for breaking the signal. It is for these reasons that insurance helps tremendously.

In case of an accident or a traffic violation, insurance helps significantly, as it indicates to the authorities that you are a trustworthy, responsible, and dependable member of the community and fully intend to drive carefully. Furthermore, while you may get away easily if the penalties that you are committing are for the first time, the process gets more complicated if you are a repeat offender. Read on further to know what sort of penalties exist and how to be cautious while driving.  IF you are from California or Planing to have a ride in California you will love to read California Insurance license  driving without a license California

Penalty driving without insurance NJ – Penalties For The First Time 

If you are a resident of New Jersey, a first-time penalty can go from anywhere between $300 to $1000 in case you are not insured. To begin with, in case of a traffic violation or case of an accident, the officer on the scene will ask to examine your insurance papers – if you do not have any insurance, be prepared to shell out huge sums of money! Another potentially catastrophic consequence of not being able to produce insurance papers is that it is quite possible that your driving license can also be suspended for a year. In more serious circumstances, where you are not able to show any proof of your insurance even after the lapse of a day, you might risk having your car impounded, for which you will have to pay an additional sum of money to get your car back.

Penalty driving without insurance NJ – Penalties For Offences After The First Time 

As in the case of any law, in motor vehicle law as well, a second-time offense or a repeat offense is much more serious than the first. Here are some of the penalties that you may have to suffer in case of subsequent offenses:

  • The risk of your driving license being suspended for up to two years;
  • Possibility of imprisonment for up to 14 days
  • Fines/penalties up to $5000 plus an added administration cost of $250
  • The requirement to do community service to make up for the violation

One of the biggest advantages of auto insurance is that it reduces the liability on the driver to a great extent. However, you must ensure adequate cautiousness while driving in the future, or else, getting the insurance coverage may also be tremendously difficult. The more vehicular accidents you have, or the more the history of traffic violations you rack up, getting the good insurance coverage may be tougher. Furthermore, other aspects might affect you as well, such as suspension of your driver’s license, jail time of up to 14 days, the requirement to do community service, the need to pay a surcharge, an indication that you are an inexperienced driver, etc.

Cheap Auto Insurance In New Jersey

Now that you are appraised as to why auto insurance is important, you may be looking for a company that not only provides auto insurance but good coverage at a reasonable rate. Furthermore, you probably want the company to be trustworthy, fulfill any claims made, and have good customer testimonials. Read on to find out which are the companies in New Jersey which provide good coverage auto insurances at cheap rates.

Geico Auto Insurance

Geico (site) is one of the first companies that come to mind while thinking about auto insurance. They have established themselves as being a market leader in providing reasonably priced auto insurance, and have a 20% share of the market. One of the key focus points that Geico concentrates on is ensuring customer service, and ensuring that all the questions of their customers are answered adequately. Geico also has an A++ financial rating accreditation, which means that it has astounding financial strength and stability – meaning that your insurance premiums are likely to be safe. Furthermore, if you are unable to go to their physical locations, Geico also has an online platform for its customers.

Allstate Auto Insurance

Allstate (site) insurance is famous all across the US for being a good and well-rated insurance company, and they are famous in NJ as well. Not only do they provide full coverage insurances at reasonable prices, but they also provide a lot of discounts to eligible drivers. Similar to Geico, Allstate also has a great financial rating of A+. Therefore, if you are looking for a company that offers a good insurance policy, that is safe and reliable but does so at decent rates, then ideally, you should go in for Allstate.

StateFarm Auto Insurance

State Farm (site) is extremely popular and has established itself as one of the premium insurance providers in New Jersey, as well as in the United States. The average rate of insurance at State Farm is about $2000. One of the best things about State Farm is the fact that there are plenty of discounts that apply to those who want to avail insurance from them. Furthermore, they have a great track record of good customer service and are an extremely reliable insurance company.

Travelers Auto Insurance

Travelers (site) is one of the companies that has a long-standing track record of excellent service. They have been conducting operations since 1897, and have been going strong ever since. They have an A++ accreditation from A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating. This means that you can trust the company and the services that they are likely to provide. Travelers also provide discounts and rebates to certain categories of people. If you believe that you are entitled to a discount, enquire with a representative and they are more than willing to help you out!

Farmers Auto Insurance

Farmers (site) is also one of the premium companies that provide auto insurance. One of the best things about farmers is the extent and the range of discounts that they provide to their customers – depending on whether you can qualify for such discounts, they can substantially reduce the coverage costs that you may have to pay for your insurance. Farmers also have great customer testimonials, with all of their customers attesting to the fact that they provide incredible and great service. Therefore, if you are confused as to which insurance provider to go for, Farmers is an ideal and safe choice!


One of the worst things (whether in terms of prudence, financially, or in terms of safety) that you can do as a driver is a driver without insurance. Not only is it a hazard, but it can also result in you spending a lot of money to pay for fines and penalties that you can otherwise get off paying much smaller sums. While insurance is not a protection for bad driving, it is still helpful to have in case of any accidental mistakes that you may commit on the road – as no one can ever be a perfect driver. Read through this guide and pick an insurance company that you believe will be a good fit for you!

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